For the love of order

11-Apr-2014 (Maral)

Letters to Kirkata

“Yer lucky to be heading out now, and by the West Gate.”

‘No kidding, the demons were bad enough, but they say there’s an army attacking this evening? I’d rather be pretty much anywhere. Any last-minute mail?’

“Ayup, got one for Fenwick, one for Littleton, and two for Kirkata. Here you go.”

‘Right, thanks. Good luck tonight on the wall, you live through it and I’ll buy you beer when I’m back in town.’

“I’ll be holding you to that.”

’You’d better.’

In two sealed letters in the mail, in formal Dwarven:

From: Maral Glorgirn
To: Thosun Glorgirn, and To: Elric Glorgirn

Honored Elder, here do I, faithful member of the Glorgirn clan, send greeting.

As we share an interest in a certain shape, I have made certain discreet inquiries, and have found some information that I think you will find most edifying. The sigil on p. 2 should be of especial interest. I entreat you to study the enclosed at your earliest convenience, and await word of your opinion of the effect of this information on arrangements. If your reply is by post, I would suggest sending it to Atur. While we travel frequently, we visit there from time to time, and have arrangements that letters may be held with the post.

In other news, yesterday evening we managed to defeat, though at considerable cost and after much destruction, an attempted invasion of Atur by a powerful force of demons. We learned only after the final victory that they had the help of a substantial group of Drow. Garlek, a nearby town, was recently assaulted by a force of orcs and ogres, which our group was also intrumental in repelling. I am further given to understand that a large orcish army is en route from the east, and will be arriving this evening, at which point our services will again be required. Accordingly, I hope to still be alive when you receive this missive. Having secured the city walls, we expect to repulse the army, though we are likely to suffer numerous casualties. Accordingly, you may consider sending east with all due speed such materiel as medical supplies, arms and armor of ordinary quality, building supplies, and the like, which are likely to be needed or having been depleted, command a good price.

Maral Glorgirn

By my hand, Thomas Cooper, scribe to Lavinia Hilltopple, Sanctified of the Structured Light, Priestess of Abadar, a true copy attest: from Variations on a Theme: A History of Sects, Denominations, Heresies, and Orders of Abadar and related Minor Dieties, author Olga Andirsdottir, p. 244-247 thereof…


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