For the love of order

23-Sep-2014 (Gilly)

A Dream of Inbupenita

I < dreamed > again, Inbupenita and I exploring, soaring over crags and cliffs to snow-capped peaks beyond the realm of safety, where hidden riches lie guarded by uncounted weight on stone. Places neither had seen nor dreamed, limitless possibility. So glorious these times together, these dreams, and no drugs needed to know < her/myself >, my journey, my wings, my claws.

Did that contentment breed familiarity, presumption, hunger? Or warmth, closeness, togetherness? Was I trying to use Inbupenita to further selfish ends, or was I trying to know < her/myself > more, to < self-improve > and immanitize a higher unity? Even now, I cannot assuredly answer.

But I < know/remember > what happened then, when on rocky ledge we lay exhausted. Brushing travel’s dust from her < beautifully-shining > scales, < Beloved >, I spoke, < those others, the green, the black, whom I had burned to ash for my love of you, they proffered me gifts of magic to tempt my unlearned heart. Would not you do as much, who does love me far greater than ever they did? >

Inbupenita turned, full sinuous glory, fixing me with eyes of limitless depths. I could not know if this gaze was inquiring, damning, loving, testing; only inscrutable. I knew though, that if I averted my gaze I would < lose a great treasure >. I did not look away.

< Dear One >, Inbupenita spoke after what seemed ages, < My gifts are yours always, and never held back once you are ready for them. They are forever mightier than those others’. But you must first understand Sacrifice and Willworking. >

< Willworking I understand as much as any can, thanking our ally’s aid, and… Sacrifice, Beloved? I risk my life for my friends, for Syama’s cause even though she hates/fears me… I lay my very soul on the line, and you sp- >

< ENOUGH, Dear One. I will send dreams, when you are True but alone, to illumine the way when you are ready. Until then, do not speak of this to me again. >

< I… I will seek to understand, Beloved. >

< Now… we are rested enough. Let us descend to the East, I see waterfalls and interesting cave systems. >

Wings spread, we took to the air.


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