For the love of order

24-Mar-2016 (Thomas)

A Poem for Laraellien

Composition notes: new form, to call it… Intensification? Rhyming poetic, stanzas must relate similar theme, intensifying each time, with the last line strongly echoing but not identical. Known superlative on penultimate to indirectly praise the final stanza. Last line must rhyme across stanzas? Same last word? Stanza form (many cross-outs) A5i A5i B4i C5i C5i B4i D4i D4i

I find my smile whenever I alight
Beneath the blazing sun or starry night
From trammeled track to untilled land
Lush wild greenery grows rampant there
Above, leaves rustle, birdsong fills the air
There life is lived, not merely planned
So many miss it, thus I ween
This beauty is not always seen.

Brushing aside one graceful curving frond
One day my travels showed a hidden pond
Where trees bent gently down to trees
A deer drank there, relaxed within that place
Formed ripples spreading at a leisured pace
And all the world then seemed at ease
Such bliss to gaze upon that scene
True beauty that’s most rarely seen.

A voice! I turned, then felled by lightning bolt
A radiant goddess frowning, finding fault
That I intrude on sacred ground
Then vanished deer betwixt bush, shrubs and trees
Before this searing perfect form, I fell to knees
My heart I lost, but she I found.
This awesome radiating sheen
Such beauty I had never seen.

She spoke! and after lightning, thunder rolled
All she demanded, swiftly it was told
She knew my love for nature’s way.
She bid my words would freedom serve
Swear wilderness to cherish and preserve
Of plants and beasts we spoke all day
Her words of wisdom pearls to glean
Their beauty none had ever seen.

[Session note: Laraellien was given the choice that this poem would be performed far and wide, that many would know of her awesomeness; or that it would never be performed for any one, that it would be hers alone forever. She opted for the latter.]


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