For the love of order

Guiltspur Visions

Sights and sounds under the lava

Maral in the Library

Maral enters the room after passing through the layer of fog visible from above and has a startling vision. He sees the library as it was during the city’s height — a vast repository of knowledge stretching from floor to ceiling, its shelves holding thousands of books, scrolls, maps, and grimoires. Eager students and wizards mill about the floor below or float up to replace or retrieve books, when suddenly, the dozens of men and women stop and turn to stare hatefully at the Maral — and the closest face is Maral’s! The books in the room suddenly writhe and fly off the shelves, opening up and spilling forth foul black mists and coils of corrupt secrets that should never be known. The mist and coils engulf the wizards and students and crush them to pulp. An instant later, the vision passes and the room appears as it actually does.

Gilly and the Sphinx

As Gilly approaches the shelves, she suddenly feels as if the room were spinning around her while the sphinx statue grinds to life and turns to faces her. She feels the faceless gaze hold her motionless while the world crumbles away to be replaced by the vastness of space. The certainty of a singular malevolence looming behind the stars themselves, a darker dark amid the blackness, fills her mind, along with a myriad of strange and horrific secrets. An instant later, the room returns to normal, and she remembers only that she stood before an entity known as the Crawling Chaos.

Vi at the Altar

As Vi steps up onto the raised pulpit area, she suddenly feels dizzy. An instant later, the two faceless gargoyles suddenly animate and lurch forward. A low, rumbling chanting in an unknown language fills the room as the gargoyles move up to snatch Vi into the air between them. As they do, the room itself crumbles away, revealing that the other party members are held aloft by the two monsters several miles tall, over a strange frozen mountain plateau below. As the gargoyles drop their captive, she snaps out of the vision.

Syama and the Idyllic WIndow

As Syama approaches the foot of the illusory window, the scene depicted suddenly shifts from an idyllic noon-time hillside to a nightmare vista of frozen Dal Quor aglow under the gibbous light of a bloated moon. The landscape appears cracked and desolate, and in the medium distance a troop of pallid froglike monsters leads a line of chained captives. A jagged mountain range cuts the horizon, while beyond this range the head of an immense jackal-like leviathan slowly turns, as if to peer back through the window.

To be continued?


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