For the love of order

That guy in Iron Town

When the party returns to Iron Town, they find that Firkul has found two possible allies. One decides that ogres sound too dangerous, but Gilly persuades Errol Winthrop that he should come to help the village.

Errol is considered rather eccentric by everyone who knows him. Fun-loving and adventure seeking, he is currently travelling alone during his Wanderjahr because none of his friends are willing to take on the risks that he actively seeks out.

When the PC’s met him, he was debating between accepting their offer and another offer to capture giant spiders.

Errol is a short but solidly built human, with flaming red hair. His skin is shockingly dark for a red head. Even more startling is the gear that he carries. Various jars, flasks, tubes and bottles hang off of him, attached at every conceivable point. Every time he sits down, it is slightly surprising that there is not the sound of glass breaking.

As the party travelled with him from Atur to Garlek, they were attacked by some giant spiders. While Error carries a crossbow, he did not use it during the battle. Instead, he poured the contents of a vial into a bottle and threw it at one of the spiders. The bottle shattered when it hit the spider and its contents burst into flame. A bit of it even splashed onto the neighboring spider.

After the battle was finished, he went down and examined the spider corpses. He extracted part of one and put it into one of his many containers. He mentions that he might have time before the ogres strike to convert into a poison adequate for applying to a weapon. He also has some Terinav root that is almost finished. It is a contact poison and could be applied to the palisade. He does note that it is slower acting than the spider poison.

He has also brewed a few concoctions that could be useful for Maral and Dolg. He has two droughts that will make them larger and stronger, although somewhat less nimble. He also has an oil that can be applied to a weapon that makes it more effective against chaotic opponents. While some of the benefits are not likely to matter when fighting ogres, it does grant the ability to automatically confirm a critical hit.


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