Army Sharpshooter

Allied sharpshooter from the army


Rifle (10 cold iron bullets)

  • +13/+8 1d10+4 x4
  • +10/+5 1d10+10 (Deadly Aim)
  • +14/+9 1d10+5 within 30 feet
    • +11/+6 1d10+11 within 30 feat and Deadly Aim
  • Natural 1 is a misfire. Weapon becomes broken. Misfire range increases by 2.
  • Range increment is 80’

Initiative +6
Hit points: 72

Grit (sort of like Ki)

  • 1/day
  • Covering Shot: Entangle a missed for for 1 round. Uses 1 grit. Must try to hit the target.
  • Dead Shot: As full round action, make single shot. Roll all attack rolls. For each extra hit, extra 1d10 damage. Uses 1 grit.
  • Quick Clear: If have grit, remove broken condition as a standard action. Or spend 1 grit and remove as a move action.
  • Startling Shot: Deliberately miss a target as a standard action. Target is flat-footed until start of next turn. Must have grit but uses none.
  • Stop Bleeding: Make an attack and then press the hot barrel against self or adjecent creature. Stops a bleeding condition. Must have grit but uses none.
  • Confirming a critical hit or killing a foe restores 1 grit, up to the maximum.


  • Can make a ranged attack once in the middle of a move action. This uses the standard action (Shot on the Run)
  • Reload as a free action


  • 19/17 touch/12 Flat footed
  • 23/21/12 vs AoO from movement


  • Perception +12
  • Acrobatics +15
  • Athletics +11
  • Heal +12

Not all of the character details are included here, but the omitted information is not relevant against incorporeal, undead foes.


These men wear tough leather jackets (that count as leather armor) and carry rifles and revolvers. They only have regular bullets for the revolvers.

Army Sharpshooter

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