Espen Lalagos

Scout from Garlek


Gnome, studded leather armor, crossbow, greataxe


Epsen has spent his entire life in Garlek. Free-spirited during his youth, he freqeuently terrified his parents by wandering outside of the town. While perhaps not the wisest of ativities, it did give him experience in surviving outside the relative safety of the village.

Having survived to adulthood, he continued his expeditions into the neighboring wilds. On some trips, he returns with trapped animals to provide both food and fur to the village. Other times, he returns with a more valuable commodity: information about the ogres activites.

While happy to go on scouting missions by himself, he does not object to working with a group. Being rather smaller and slower than an ogre, he usually focuses on stealth and avoiding contact and would prefer that any group he works with can operate similarly.

Demons in Atur

While Atur was under attack from demons, he brought a message to the Lord’s keep via hawk with the following message:

Garlek is under attack by ogres and orcs. We are holding for now, but cannot last long. Any aid would be appreciated. Waiting at gate in Magic District until noon for a response, then will attempt to enter city and reach Lord’s Keep. I am a gnome in studded leather armor, crossbow and greataxe. Guards here also request reinforcements, supplies and orders. -Espen Lalagos

Espen Lalagos

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