Giant familiar with tales of ancient magic


Kylon is a cyclops, reported to be rather mean tempered. He has an alligator companion and is believed to have stories of ancient Giant magic.

When the party talks with him, he suggests that if ancient magic is still practiced, it would be near where the capital was. He does not know that, but offers two kennings which clearly refer to it. Their meaning is unclear.

  • Time’s forgotten trove of uncut thread, ruled by shadows on sky candles, now all dwellers of Urwaer.
  • Able to spy on the home of the peace-givers’s daughters at Ralic’s lover’s road’s terminus.

Urwaer and Ralic appear to be names, but neither the party nor Kylon know to what/whom they refer.

  • Aegir: ancient giant goddess of the sea.
  • Just as Aegir always made peace between Halfur’s sword and Hadrin’s bow
  • As pale as Ralic’s lover
  • As beautiful as Ralic’s lover swimming on the lake

From the second village:

  • Halfur and Hadrin were minor giant gods. Their domains included infantrymen and archers, respectively.


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