Helm of Garlek

Helm devoted to saving Garlek


Alignment: NG
Abilities: Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10, Ego 8
Senses: Darkvision 30 ft, empathy
Purpose: Defend Garlek from ogres

Languages: Common, Dwarven
Healing: Cure Moderate Wounds, 1/day CL 3
Protecting: When fulfilling its purpose, negate a crtical hit 1/day.
Slaying: All weapon attacks from the wielder are considered to have the bane(orge) quality.


This worn, battered helm belonged to Obak Anvilcaster, a famous dwarven adventurer from Garlek about 200 years ago. Throughout his career, Obak repeated encountered many ogres and learned many techniques to excel while fighting them. After what should have been a crushing blow was stopped by his helm, he declared that helm was lucky and never replaced it as he adventured. Despite many challenges, he always survived, which he attributed to his lucky helm.

Obak deeply loved his hometown and the people who lived there and would return whenever possible, aiding the townfolk in whatever manner he could.

After Obak retired to Garlek, the town was attacked by ogres. Obak was killed in the fighting, but during a lull between waves, the leader of the defense felt drawn to don Obak’s helm. After putting it on, he felt Obak’s knowledge of ogre fighting and his love for the town flow through him. Using that knowledge, he was able to defeat the next wave of ogre’s attacking the town.

Since that time, the helm has been considered town property and has aided the town in fighting any ogres that attack the town.

Helm of Garlek

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