Tag: Dwarf


  • Garn Redaxe

    Garn has ruled [[Garlek]] for the last 40 years. During that time, he has gained the admiration of the people of Garlek, both for his ability in administrating the town and his skill in dealing with the ongoing threat from the ogres. His most striking …

  • Drokki Glorgirn

    Drokki Glorgirn is [[:thosun-glorgirn|Thosun Glorgirn]]‘s son, and [[:maral-glorgirn|Maral]]’s cousin. He disappeared twenty years ago while adventuring, and was recently discovered and rescued from Aboleth slavery by the party.

  • Thosun Glorgirn

    Thosun Glorgirn lives in [[Kirkata]]. He is [[:maral-glorgirn|Maral]]'s uncle, and [[:drokki-glorgirn|Drokki]]'s father. He hired [[:gilly-tealeaf|Gilly]] to travel with [[:maral-glorgirn|Maral]] after his graduation from [[Thorgir Stonecutter's Academy …