Abadari Athanasii

The Abadari Athanasii were a sect of followers of Abadar, founded 680 years ago (in the early part of the War of Law and Order). They advocated within the church for closer ties to Asmodeus and his followers, citing a number of points of commonality. Their efforts enjoyed only a little success: outside of their own actions, the broader church proved only a small amount more accommodating to Asmodeus. The sect flourished for over a hundred years, then faced declining membership as other groups in the church rose to prominence. 524 years ago, following several years of negotiations, the members of the Abadari Athanasii agreed to dissolve the sect and fully join the main line of the Abadar church.

Their sigil, which once hung above the doors of the Athanasii-affiliated houses of worship has reappeared on Maral. Originally mistaken for an Aberrant Dragonmark, it has since been found to be a sign that Abadar has a purpose for Maral. What exactly this is has yet to be determined.

Research into the sect has found that members were referred as the Ancient Ones, which was confusing as they were not old, nor claiming ancient wisdom, nor being the latest incarnation of something that had come before, or anything similar. Eventually it was figured that in the Lawful tongue, this might be thought of as Ancient Contracts, which made various tidbits make more sense. What contracts exactly remains a mystery; it is believed not to be a contract between deities, as these are rare and generally well-known-of.

Ancient Contracts

Thomas, on thinking deeply about what the physical form of such a contract a contract would be, realizes that there are several possibilities

  • A copy of the contract was likely left with the church of Abadar, and would likely be in the important central storage.
  • If the contract is associated with a specific location, it might be magically inscribed at the location.
  • On rare occasions, a Kolyarut will agree to have the contract inscribed on it

When Thomas thinks about the location of the central vault of Abadar, he realizes that it has moved several times over the centuries, as the center of Abadar’s power and politics changed. It is generally agreed that the decision to move the vault to Brenly 432 years ago was a particularly bad idea.

Abadari Athanasii

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