Atur Temple District

The center of the city’s religious life, the temple district is where established faiths vie for worshipers. PCs can often find healing and other clerical magic here. The most famous temple is the Crimson Monastery, where The Blood of Vol has daily services.

Buildings: Temples/shrines (The Blood of Vol, Asmodeus, Boccob, Pelor, Norgorber, Erastil), upscale lodging (1), average lodging (3), upscale food (3), average food (7), exotic trades (5), upscale trades (5), average trades (10), upscale services (10), average services (25), upscale residences (5), average residences (20).

Temple of Pelor has a Hallowed space.
Temple of Asmodeus has an Unhallowed space.

First Impression: Each temple’s architecture reflects the faith of its builders. Periodically, the doors of a temple open, and a throng of worshipers spills out into the street.

Social Class: Middle class.

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Atur Temple District

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