The Polyracial Hegemony

The Polyracial Hegemony (often called just the Hegemony) was formed during the War of Law and Order. It started as an alliance among the forces focused on order, eventually evolving into a political force with a scope well beyond what was intended by the original members of the alliance.

Once the war was over, the leaders of the alliance formed a government ruling the lands that they claimed. This was a vast area, covering most of the civilized world. As time went on, regional differences arose and power devolved from the central authority to local regions. While all of the members give lip service to the idea of a single hegemony, in practice it is a loose federation of independent nations.

In the Hegemony:

Not in the Hegemony:

  • Mror Holds
  • Lhaza Principalities
  • Aundair
  • Eldeen Reaches
  • Demon Wastes
  • Shadow Marches
  • Talenta Plains
  • Breland


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