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What the party has learned

Syama has learned information from her Star Chart.
Some of it is about Dragon Marks.
(Here are some Old Star Charts.)

Here are some libraries we know about!

The party learned some things at the Guiltspur Library.

The party learned information from the books in the library in the giant capitol.
Various information that the party has learned through knowledge checks. This is intended as a repository so that the GM does not have to remember what you know.

Ruins on the Strongly Chaotic Plane

The “puzzle” had these sayings on it:

  • Our strength derives from a firm foundation
  • Life is a powerful source and to be revered
  • Our work is based in the reality of this world
  • Observe and Report
Subject Source Knowledge
Atur constabulary Gilly The force is reasonably unafflicted by corruption or serious abuse of power, but does suffer from the lesser evil of nepotism. Outside of issues they consider important (to which their best people will be assigned), there is some chance of any particular constable being not particularly competent, but having the job via connections.
Ogres Gilly Ogres are strong but stupid. A clever plan will often work against them, even if there are somewhat obvious components. A smarter opponent might recognize what is happening and take steps to counter it, but an ogre will plow straight ahead, ignoring the warning signs.
Ogres are highly prone to bickering among themselves. They would be even more of a threat to the smaller races if they did not spend time so much time fighting amongst themselves.
While ogres usually carry javelins (and can attack at range) their ranged attacks are much less dangerous (and less accurate) than their melee attacks.
Felda Gorlinson House Tharashk She may have fled to a nearby swamp
Stirges Syama Stirges have darkvision, low-light vision and scent. Individually, they are easy to kill but tend to attack in groups. They insert their proboscis into gaps in armor and begin to draw blood, draining Constitution. They are difficult to remove once attached but will leave on their own once they are satiated.
Snakes Syama There are several types of snakes. Some prefer to constrict their prey, while others inject a Con-damaging poison with their bite. All types are good at stealth.
Leeches Syama Leeches are gross. (Sorry, 10 is not good enough)
Aghasura Victor Aghasura are Asura. These Huge monsters can teleport and are more melee focused than Adhukaits; even with standard buffs, they will reliably hit Maral and Dolg hard. Good weapons and spells are needed to overcome their DR and regeneration. Their weapons and bite transmit poison; their main combat spell is cloudkill.
Western Geography Victor The most significant mountain ranges in Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches are on the western borders with the Demon Wastes and the Shadow Marches. However, there are smaller mountains and hills that are large enough to support cave systems spread throughout the area. The nearest are less than 900 miles from the border of the Hegemony in Thrane.
Is Xoriat associated with prophecy or just madness Syama See Xoriat
In Cults of the Dragon Below, does the dragon have anything to do with dragon marks Syama There does not appear to be an association between the Cult and dragon marks. Advanced members of the cult seem to have an interest in Dragonshards, particularly Khyber dragonshard.
How old are dragonmarks Syama About 1500 years ago, there was the “”/wikis/war-of-the-mark" class=“wiki-page-link”>War of the Mark“. This pitted the dragonmarked houses against those with ”/wikis/aberrant-dragonmarks" class=“wiki-page-link”> aberrant dragonmarks. Dragonmarks must be significantly older than this, as the dragonmarked houses were already well established at this time.
Argonnesson Syama and Gilly On the shores of the continent live tribes of barbarians. They worship the dragons that live inland. Some people have attempted to negotiate passage inland with them, although it is unclear how much influence they have with the dragons.

Further inland, it is believed that the geography is varied, with dragons generally gravitating to the terrain most advantageous for their type.

Little is known about the interior, but it is certain that a place populated by dragons must be rich in treasure, magic and knowledge.

Books from Mimo’s party Party Mimo’s books
Mimo’s Alterations Mother of Oblivion Mimo’s Condition

Speak With Dead on Drow Anti-paladin:
*Did you believe that, if there were orders coming to your group of Drow, from outside your group of Drow or the demons you were working with in Atur, that you would be aware of them? – I expect so.
*Were there such orders from Drow? – Yes.
*Did you know, or believe, that the person giving your group orders was also giving orders to Drow with the Orc Army that approached Atur? – I don’t know.
*Did you know of any other groups of Drow, beside yours and the ones with the Orc Army, who were likely to be in the vicinity of Atur while you were in Atur? – no
*Is there an entrance to and/or exit from the Khyber within a week’s walk of Atur? – yes

Standard Daily Schedule

This table represents what the party is doing on a typical adventuring day. The players should update this as appropriate. Everyone is eating some of their rations as it occurs to them to be hungry. This works out to 2 people on watch at any given time, and watches containing Victor aimed for daylight hours, most focus on dusk and early night, when we have historically had most encounters. Everyone gets 8 hours sleep (or benefit of sleep in the case of Ring-of-Sustenance users), and sleep is in at most two chunks. If crafters have nothing to craft, they are on bonus watches. 13 hour schedule, being 2 light, 1 dusky, 6 night, 1 dawn, 3 light.

It is now summer, so it begins to get light at 3 am. Sunrise happens at about 4 am. Sunset is at 8 pm and full dark is at 9 pm.

Time Activity
Midnight Maral and Dolg on watch, Victor+Gilly crafts, Syama prepares spells, Mimo sleeps
1 Maral and Syama on watch, Victor+Gilly crafts, Dolg and Mimo sleep
2 Maral and Syama on watch, Victor prepares spells, Gilly crafts, Dolg and Mimo sleep
3 First light, Maral and Victor on watch, Syama+Gilly craft, Dolg and Mimo sleep
4 Sunrise, Maral, Gilly, Mimo, Victor on watch, Syama crafts, Dolg sleeps
5 Dolg, Gilly, Victor, Mimo on watch, Syama crafts, Maral sleeps
6 Dolg, Mimo, Victor on watch, Syama crafts, Gilly prepares spells, Maral sleeps
7 Break camp and adventure
5 (Locate decent camp site)
6 Make camp, Victor, Gilly, Mimo on watch, Syama and Dolg and Maral sleep
7 Victor, Gilly, Mimo on watch, Syama and Dolg and Maral sleep
8 Sunset, Gilly and Syama on watch; Dolg, Victor, Maral, Mimo sleep
9 Dark, Gilly and Syama on watch; Dolg, Victor, Maral, Mimo sleep
10 Syama and Dolg on watch, Victor crafts, Maral, Gilly, Mimo sleep
11 Syama and Dolg on watch, Victor crafts, Maral, Gilly, Mimo sleep

Minimal Daily Schedule

This table represents what the party is doing on an adventuring day where they strongly require minimal— night downtime, and therefore only have one person on watch at a time, not counting Victor who is unimpressive at watch duty, and no bonus crafting. Everyone is eating some of their rations as it occurs to them to be hungry.

Time Activity
Midnight Victor+Syama on watch, Gilly+others sleep
1 Gilly on watch, Syama prepares spells, Victor+others sleep
2 Syama+Gilly on watch, Victor+others sleep
3 First light, Syama+Gilly on watch, Victor prepares spells, others sleep
4 Sunrise, Victor+Syama on watch, Gilly prepares spells, others sleep
5 Break camp and adventure
7 (Locate decent camp site)
8 Sunset, (Locate decent camp site)
9 Dark, Victor+Gilly on watch, Syama+others sleep
10 Victor+Gilly on watch, Syama+others sleep
11 Victor+Syama on watch, Gilly+others sleep

City Daily Schedule

This table represents what the party is doing on an adventuring day where they have access to an inn, and therefore have Real Food, locked rooms to sleep in, and some comforts they lack while out adventuring. Crafters with Ring of Sustenance can get their extra crafting time as needed. Casters replace the appropriate hour of sleep with spell preparation.

Time Activity
Midnight Sleep
1 Sleep
2 Sleep
3 Sleep
4 First light, Sleep
5 Sunrise, breakfast
6 Adventure
Noon Lunch that isn’t trail rations, om nom
7 Sunset, Dinner at inn
8 Dark, Sleep
9 Sleep
10 Sleep
11 Sleep

Craft DC

Item DC Time Comments
Adamantine Weapon 24 8 days
Adamantine Armor 28 2 weeks Complex (8, 1 week), MW (4, 50%), adamantine (6, +50%)

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