Star Chart

For clarity, “blocked” means the question is related to the staff fragment and Syama failed to even manage to ask the question. “Unclear” means the question was asked, but the star chart effectively said “maybe yes, maybe no”.

  1. guiltspur, xendrick, atur, korth, rekkenmark, wynarn, morgrave

Rescuing the delver kids!! (1/25/18)

  1. Are the delver kids in the city? – y
  2. Questions on where within city to find the kids – 6 questions
  3. Are they guarded by more than 4 guards at a time? – y
  4. More than 10? – y
  5. More than 20? – n
  6. Are the guards all Drow? – y
  7. Are more than 4 of the guards skilled enough to provide significant challenge to us (say, as skilled as Fiona)? – n
  8. Are the more skilled guards identifiable by sight? – y
  9. If some of the guards sound the alarm, will reinforcements arrive with 4 rounds? – y
  10. Is there an alarm that will work in Silence? – y
  11. Will the delver kids likely fight us if the drow are fighting us? – y

More divinations! (1/25/18)

  1. These potential allies for the other city: when they’re not moving through the tunnels, do they move significantly frequently by earthgliding? – n
  2. By dimensional travel? – n
  3. By tunneling? – y
  4. Are they all the same type? – y
  5. Is that type monstrous humanoid? – n
  6. Are they outsiders? – n
  7. Dragon(s)? – n
  8. Aberrations? – y
  9. Are they x
  10. Are they y
  11. Are they z
  12. Are they Delvers? – y
  13. 4 questions to get an idea of the area they hang out in

After that… (1/25/18)

  1. Would it be less expensive in time, effort, and/or money, to get Roberta and friends from the mercenaries instead of the military? – n
  2. If we asked for Roberta and friends from the military in payment for services rendered, would that be feasible for them to do? – y
  3. Would they likely be amenable to it if we’d done enough? – y
  4. If they agreed to it, would they actually be able to carry it out, to the satisfaction of both us and the mercenary company? – unclear
  5. If the mercenary company were not satisfied with this, would they likely be unsatisfied in a way which would be dangerous to Roberta and friends? – n
  6. If we were given payment in Roberta and friends, would it then be easier to get the collars off with less danger to them? – n
  7. If we did another successful (non-divinatory) mission for them, would that be enough? – n
  8. If we were to somehow resolve the power struggle in the other city, would that be sufficient to get the military to wrangle us getting these slaves? – y
  9. Local allies for ruling families of other city: are they drow or other humanoid? – n
  10. Are the mercenaries likely to remain loyal to this city’s payment? – y
  11. Are any of the mercenaries likely to betray this city in any way that doesn’t directly involve us? – n
  12. If we were to scuttle this potential ally business, would that be enough to resolve the power struggle in the other city? – n
  13. Would it help us resolve the power struggle, enough to justify the effort it would likely take? – y
  14. Are these potential allies a group known to the military of this city? – n
  15. Do they live in some sort of fixed settlement? – n
  16. Do they use the existing tunnels to move around? – sometimes

Contacted Roberta (1/11/18)

  1. Slave collar: if we just cut the slave collar off, with no other preparations, can we just repair the damage afterwards and Roberta will be ok, and we won’t need to bring her back from the dead? – n
  2. If we try to remove the collars using Gilly’s Use Magic Device to convince them that she’s the owner, is that likely to work? – n
  3. If we used Greater Dispel Magic to deactivate it, could we then remove it without permanent harm? – n
  4. Would Break Enchantment do the trick? – n
  5. Does her owner get notified if it’s deactivated in a way that doesn’t involve her death? – n
  6. If it does involve her death? – n
  7. If we try to get these 3 people by asking DaGussy for a mercenary who can do stuff with small animals to help a mission succeed, and also some Enchantment backup, and then afterthought-like, mention a rogue would come in handy, and could the animal person point out a rogue as well, will this be likely to succeed? – unclear
  8. Do the collars cast Harm when activated? – not quite
  9. Do they do a death effect? – n
  10. Do they do a modified Harm? – y
  11. Is it possible to counterspell the Harm with Greater Dispel Magic? – n
  12. Would an Anti-Magic Field deactivate the collar such that it could be removed without Harm? – y
  13. If we prepped Roberta and her friends with extra hp and Con and stood by with Breath of Life and healing and whatnot, such that we believed they’d be safe even from 150 hps of Harm, would be work, if we couldn’t prevent the Harm from going off? – y
  14. If we succeed in getting the right 3 people for a mission, and succeed in the mission, but claim that the 3 people died, will the drow be content with that? – y
  15. Are we more likely to be able to get the right 3 people, if it’s not the first mission that we’re asking for them for? – n
  16. If the mission fails, and we also say the mercenaries died, will the drow accept that with enough grace to not become homicidal? – n

Underground still (1/11/18)

  1. With our current relationship with DaGussy, would we be likely to be able to get Roberta if we asked for a loan of troops including rangers, for a mission? – y
  2. Will DaGussy likely contact us within the next couple of days to ask us to do a mission? – y
  3. If we got Roberta, would she likely be part of a set including her friends and her owner? – n
  4. Would her owner likely be coming on the mission as well? – n
  5. Is Roberta likely to insist on (strongly argue for) a rescue including both of her friends? – y
  6. Are all three of them owned by the same person? – y
  7. If we asked for a ranger, and that the ranger bring some others they were used to working with, would that likely get us Roberta and both friends? – probably not
  8. If we just abscond with Roberta and her friends. are we likely to gain enemies who could materially harm us or our goals? – possibly
  9. Are they likely to gain enemies who could materially harm them or their goals? – y
  10. If we do the mission and then abscond, are we and/or they still likely to make such enemies? – y
  11. If we claim that they died would the drow likely both investigate and care? – n
  12. Do Roberta and her friends ever get to leave the barracks (staying within the city) all at once? – y
  13. If we cast Sending to Roberta, is that likely to be noticed? – n
  14. Is her owner powerful enough to be a danger to us (either personally or in connections)? – y
  15. If we asked for (plural) rangers, and some others the rangers were used to working with, is that likely to get us Roberta and her friends? – n
  16. Is there a Tavern, or the like, where she and her friends hang out regularly? – n

Still here! (11/30/17)

  1. Is it more likely that DaGussy will ask us to do a mission involving several of the aspects I asked about yesterday, than that she’d ask us to do a mission involving one? – n
  2. Is the scouting mission more amenable than the others to bringing mooks? – y
  3. If we ask to choose mooks from their rank and file, will Roberta and her friends likely be in the group? – n
  4. Would her owner be in the group? – n
  5. Are there many rangers in the military here? – n
  6. If we said we would like at least one ranger in the group, would we likely be able to get Roberta if DaGussy agreed to loan us people at all? – unclear
  7. Do they see her as a ranger? – y
  8. Is the scouting mission likely to put us in unreasonable danger? – n
  9. Would we likely be more able to convince DaGussy to lend us people if we’d already completed a mission? – y
  10. Is the spying mission likely to put us in unreasonable danger? – unclear
  11. How about the misinformation? – n
  12. 5 questions to black onyx merchanting

In Karsoouthiyl (11/30/17)

  1. Is Lady Dagussy likely to want our help with sabotage? – y
  2. With scouting? – y
  3. With spying? – y
  4. With misinformation? – y
  5. With killing people? – n
  6. Is she likely to offer us a mission where taking some mooks would be a reasonable suggestion? – y
  7. If we suggest that at a reasonable juncture, is she likely to agree? – unclear
  8. If this city doesn’t attack the other city, will the other city attack it soon anyway? – unclear
  9. Are there currently plans for this city to attack the other city (including smaller attacks likely to escalate quickly)? – n
  10. If we suggest choosing the mooks, is that likely to make Lady Dagussy more suspicious of us? – somewhat
  11. If we are choosing mooks, is Roberta likely to be able to not give the game away if she recognizes Thomas? – y
  12. Would Lady Dagussy be likely to suggest a mission which would be unreasonably dangerous for us? – n
  13. If we offered our services (for exchange) to Dagussy the day after tomorrow, would that be soon enough to raise suspicions? – n
  14. Is there a pressing reason to talk to her sooner than that? – n
  15. Is the mission we’re likely to be offered dependent on when we talk to DaGussy, within the next several days? – n
  16. Is Dagussy more likely to agree to lend us mooks if we make it clear that we’d not be taking their best, but rather choosing for skill sets within the more expendable set? – y

Down in Kibbur (11/2/17)

  1. Is Roberta held by one of the major houses? – n
  2. Is Lady Dagussy likely to want our help, and be willing to offer terms we think worth it? – y
  3. Would helping be too dangerous to be worth the price? – unclear
  4. Is Roberta being used by her owners as a ranger? – y
  5. Is she sent outside of the city sometimes? – rarely
  6. Is she held in the residential district? – n
  7. Is she held by Lady Dagussy? – n
  8. Is she held by someone of a military bent? – y
  9. Is she being used as part of the army? – y
  10. Are there a bunch of slaves used this way? – n
  11. Are the other members of her party used this way? – y
  12. Does she sleep with the army? – y
  13. Is she part of a unit with Drow members? – y
  14. Are her party members part of the same unit? – y
  15. Do they live in the barracks? – y
  16. Is she commanded, on a day-to-day basis, by the command structure of the army, rather than by her owner? – n

Still in Wynarn (11/2/17)

  1. Would we likely be able to Shadow Walk through (medium city)? – y
  2. Are there other members of Roberta’s party enslaved in the same city? – y
  3. Are all the members of her party as it was when they were captured enslaved in this city? – y
  4. Are there more than 4 of them? – n
  5. Are there 4 of them? -
  6. 3?- y
  7. Are their current owners likely to be willing to sell them to us if we appear to have Drow in our party? – unclear
  8. Was the party attempting something which would harm or steal from this city or the people of it, when they were captured? – n
  9. Is their legal standing as slaves dependent upon something other than being not-Drow and being captured? – n
  10. If we then capture them back, does that legally make them our property? – eventually
  11. If we capture back Roberta and her party, and leave Kibbur with them, are they and/or we likely to be hunted by the Drow? – unclear
  12. Are they owned by the same person or group? – y
  13. Are they held together, when not working? – n
  14. Does Roberta know where the others are held? – y
  15. Is eventually longer than a year? – unclear
  16. If we could convince the owner(s) to sell them, could we likely buy them for 3k or less? – n

Wynarn (10/26/17)

  1. Is Roberta in one of the major cities we heard about? – y
  2. Is she in Sshamath? – n
  3. Is she in Karsoluthiyl? – y
  4. Will the most obvious path on our rough map likely get us there without danger above and beyond the danger of a secondary path? – y
  5. If we arrived, looking like we do, saying that we were exploring the possibilities of the black onyx trade, would we likely be allowed to stay free in the city for a while? – unclear
  6. If we arrived with one or two of our party seeming to be Drow, would that make this plan more likely to work? – y
  7. Would adopting that plan be Dumb?- n
  8. Is there a significant number of assorted non-drow, not usual Kibbur residents in the city? – n
  9. Is Roberta in the possession of a family/individual? – y
  10. Is she kept with other slaves? – n
  11. Is the path through Sshamath notably less dangerous for us than the other path? -
  12. Would the medium city en route be likely to let us through if we said we were going to Karsoluthiyl? – n
  13. Would Sshamath likely let us through to get to Karsoluthiyl? – n
  14. Are there side roads leading around either of these cities, which we could use without too much extra danger? – y
  15. Are there such side roads around the medium city? – y
  16. If we head down there with no further knowledge of these side roads, and go until we’re almost at the city, before trying to find a way around by mapping tunnels, will that likely add more than a day to our journey? – y

Atur again (10/19/17)
Roberta is close to Wynarn, except way down. Diplomacy and/or trading favors might work? Approaching won’t automatically put her in danger.

Still Atur (10/19/17)

  1. Is there useful information we don’t have about Adella’s Heirs in Morgrave? – y
  2. Is there (indirectly) useful information about Adella’s Gloves in a library we know of other than Morgrave? – n
  3. Is there useful information we don’t have about the Dragon Sword in a library we know of? – n
  4. About destroying the Dragon sword? – n
  5. Are we powerful enough to likely survive looking for stuff in the Demon Wastes? – y
  6. How about fighting the Necromancer? – unclear
  7. Is there useful information which we don’t have related to Maral’s Purpose in some other repository that we don’t know about? – n
  8. How about in a normal library that we know of? – n
  9. Is there anything that I could do to become more likely to be the actual PN, aside from staying alive, getting more powerful, doing the suggested tasks, finding Adella’s gloves, and learning more about the Dragon Sword and other Analogous Artifacts? – PN block
  10. Is there information about any other Analogous Artifacts in any of the libraries we know of, findable with the search terms we are currently aware of? – n
  11. Is there any in these libraries which would potentially be findable if we knew other relevant search terms? – y
  12. The Keepers of Knowledge in the Demon Wastes, do they know about some of these search terms? – n
  13. Are the elves who know the Keepers of Knowledge to be Keepers of Knowledge, living outside the Demon Wastes but near the border? – y
  14. Do the Keepers also live near the border? – n
  15. Do the elves know where the Keepers live? – y
  16. Is anyone actively making plans to try to kill Aramus specifically? – n

Back in Atur (10/19/17)

  1. Do the Ancient Contracts involve the Circle of Preservation? – n
  2. Is there information useful to Maral’s Purpose that we do not have, to be found in the repository in Zelargo? – y
  3. The one in Karrnath? – n
  4. The one in Dargun? – y
  5. Is the one in Dargun in a major city? – y
  6. Is it in Rhukann Draal? – y
  7. Is Thomas’s sister still in a reasonably safe and stable situation? – y
  8. Is she likely to remain that way for the next month if we do not go looking for her? – unclear
  9. Is there useful information we don’t have about Adella’s Gloves in a library we know of? – indirectly
  10. Is there useful information we don’t have about Adella’s Heirs in a library we know of? – y
  11. Is there such information in Guiltspur? – n
  12. In Xen’drik? – n
  13. In Atur? – n
  14. In Korth? – n
  15. In Rekkenmark? – n
  16. In Wynarn? – n

Star Chart

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