Star Chart

For clarity, “blocked” means the question is related to the staff fragment and Syama failed to even manage to ask the question. “Unclear” means the question was asked, but the star chart effectively said “maybe yes, maybe no”.

After the Kasatha attempt to observe and report (10/12/17)

  1. Was the Kasathas’ attempt to Observe And Report successful? – n
  2. Is there any member of the Circle to whom Reporting individually is sufficient? – blocked (really hard)
  3. Is there a method for Reporting to the entire group? – n
  4. Is there a correct method for Reporting? – y
  5. Does the Circle need more members to function? – blocked
  6. Is adding to the Circle part of our task? – n
  7. Do the Kasathas (collectively) have knowledge of how Reporting is done? – n
  8. To find the knowledge we need and make the connections we need, are we likely to benefit from talking to members of other goblinoid races? – unclear
  9. Does one need a particular talent to Report? – n
  10. A particular skill? – n
  11. Can one Report through Commune? – n
  12. Does one need to be in a particular place to Report? – sort of
  13. Does the method for Reporting alter in some way where one is? – n
  14. Is there an object one needs to Report? – n
  15. Does one need to be in a particular type of place to Report? – y
  16. Is it a temple? – technically, no
  17. Is it an observatory? – n

After meeting the Kasatha (9/14/17)

  1. Is the Kasatha’s legend about relocating a city relevant to the ruined city we found? – y
  2. Is there information within this legend useful to our task? – not really
  3. Is Bargrivyek (the Kasatha’s god) supposed to be getting reports from the Observatory? – n
  4. Is Bargrivyek involved in Abaddar’s Ancient Contracts? – blocked (godlike block)
  5. Is it the case that a ritual of the type of the Kad’a K’yiel could use any of our party as a secondary, for questions related to this task? – y
  6. Would any of us be suitable as a focus? – y
  7. More than one of us? – y
  8. All of us? – n
  9. Am I one? – y
  10. Is Maral one? – y
  11. Are there others? – n
  12. Do the Kasatha have any written records which give information about the collective to be reported to? – n
  13. Do they have oral tradition with such knowledge? – y
  14. In the oral tradition, are the individuals within the collective known to be associated as a group? – y
  15. Are they known as a group to whom one might bring a difficult problem? – n

After killing the worms (9/14/17)

  1. If we say to the descendants, ‘this is a great opportunity!’ will they likely agree? – n
  2. Are they open to persuasion by talking about the mystical power that they could have access to? – y
  3. Are they open to persuasion by talking about their legendary history of greatness? – unclear
  4. By talking about a sense of duty? – y
  5. To the multiverse? – n
  6. To their history? – y
  7. To the collective they’re supposed to Report to? – n
  8. To their deity? – y
  9. Is there a leader or small set of leaders it is most important to convince? – y
  10. Does this group involve religious leader(s)? – y
  11. Intellectual leader(s)? – y
  12. Military leader(s)? – n
  13. Civil leader(s)? – n
  14. Would it likely help us with one faction to talk about what they might gain over another faction? – n
  15. Would it offend the religious leader(s) if we went in and requested first to speak with the intellectual leader(s)? – unclear

Down in the tunnels (9/7/17)

  1. Does this task involve the Ancient Contracts? – n
  2. Do these passages that we are in lead to the section of Khyber we’re trying to get to? – y
  3. Is there more than one group of goblinoids down from the tollkeepers? – y
  4. Is there more than one group of a goblinoid type we don’t know? – n
  5. Does our task require more than getting the Observatory into its proper Observing and Reporting state? – n
  6. Is more knowledge of the Reporting necessary than the descendants have? – y
  7. Do the descendants have information about how to find the missing information? – y
  8. Are the tollkeepers likely to attack us on sight? – n
  9. Are we likely to run into creatures significantly more dangerous than the tunnel worms before we find the tollkeepers? – n
  10. Are the descendants likely to attack us on sight? – n
  11. Are the descendants likely to, in general, be interested in helping get the Observatory running? – y
  12. At the important designated branch, do we go to the right to get to the section of Khyber we’re looking for? – n
  13. Is it possible to tell a Divination block that I am using my divination on behalf of a person who has legitimate access, and thereby get the access? – rarely
  14. Is the Darguun repository in Rhukann Draal? – y
  15. If one were to investigate Rhukann Draal, would it be fairly obvious where the repository is? – y

Fixing is Finished! Go to Charn! (8/31/17)

  1. Would our task be furthered by telling the descendants about the Observatory? – y
  2. Would our goals be harmed by it? – n
  3. Does our task involve the stirring cyst? – n
  4. Does the cyst contain a Daelkyr? – blocked
  5. Does our task involve the missing item? – n
  6. Are all the monitors looking at places in Khyber? – blocked
  7. Are some of them? – blocked
  8. Do the descendants know where the cysts are? – n
  9. Would people other than the descendants be able to man the Observatory, with information we could get from the descendants? – y
  10. If we were to do a task as toll, could we likely negotiate a task which would be fairly quick, not too perilous, and not objectionable to us? – y
  11. If we sent just a couple of people to go through, could they get a smaller fee or easier task, and set a teleport beyond? – y
  12. If we found the entrance, would the professor likely trade this knowledge for his entry knowledge? – y
  13. Would the toll-keepers be likely to catch us if we tried to sneak through? – unclear
  14. Does the professor’s entry go to a place which would be useful to us in finding the descendants without paying a toll? – n
  15. If we get the descendants to man the Observatory, would that complete our task? – n

Day After That (8/17/17)

  1. Toll could be significant money (at least 10k) or a task, Morgrave doesn’t know where it is, it’s near a specific settlement we can find.

Day After (8/17/17)

  1. Several days NE of Charn (and down), 1st layer wants a toll, or could force our way through. Descendants could man the Observatory, and have a little knowledge of the reporting.

Next Day (8/17/17)

  1. Descendants underground, somewhere under Brelend (second layer, have to go through one other group to get there), goblinoids, but a type of goblinoid we don’t know.

Repairing the Observatory (8/17/17)

  1. The intellectual descendants of the city-builders: are they on Khorvaire? – y
  2. Are they in the Eldeen Reaches? – n
  3. Are they living within any political unit larger than themselves? – y
  4. Are there more than 100 of them? – n
  5. Are they integrated into the larger political unit (they have contact with people who aren’t them)? – y
  6. Are there more than 20 of them? – y
  7. Do they live in or near a city? – y
  8. Are they known to be a group? – n
  9. Are at least some of them (some can be one) known to be scholars? – y
  10. Do they live in or near a collection of scholars which is not the same as the collection of them? – n
  11. Is the city they live in or near, on our maps? – n
  12. Are they east of Hegemony? – n
  13. Are they in Aundair? – n
  14. Breland? – n
  15. Droaam? – n
  16. The Shadow Marches? – n
  17. Are they living on an island? – n

After disposing of the demilich (8/17/17)

  1. Is our task directly to do with fixing the Observatory? – y
  2. Does our task involve the Report function as well? – unclear
  3. Is there a Problem which exists in the set of things the Observatory was designed to observe? – blocked
  4. When it was working properly, did the Observatory observe on multiple planes? – blocked
  5. Is our task also do to with using the Observatory? – n
  6. Does our task have to directly with Caedan Cailleaen? – n
  7. Is our task likely to become more clear to us, as we proceed in it? – unclear
  8. When the Observatory is functioning normally, is there within it a sign of who the reports were supposed to go to? – n (blocked)
  9. Are there any surviving intellectual descendants of the people who built the city before it was ruined? – y
  10. Are they relevant to our task? – y
  11. Are they on the same plane as the ruins? – n
  12. Are they on our Prime? – y
  13. Are they human? – n
  14. Are they in the Hegemony? – n
  15. Can they be found near any of the major libraries we know of? – n
  16. Are they in the Demon Wastes? – n
  17. Is there information about them that we might recognize in any of the major libraries we know of? – n

After defeating the demilich (7/27/17)

  1. We believe that fixing and powering these transponders is necessary to our task. Is this true? – y (blocked)
  2. If Stone Shape is used with Fiona’s understanding of what is important and where it is, to expose these three boxes, will the Stone Shape damage anything the Observatory needs for proper functioning? – blocked
  3. If these three boxes are fixed, will the observatory be up and running? – blocked
  4. Will the demilich be active again three days from now? – blocked
  5. Five days? – n
  6. Is there an active source of power here for the Observatory (as distinct from the circle)? – y
  7. Will this Observatory be more functional, once it’s functioning, with the demi-lich around? – blocked
  8. Is the Observatory capable of Reporting without being manned? – n
  9. Can it be usefully manned by a demi-lich? – not really
  10. Is the collective the observatory reports to, in existence? – blocked
  11. Is the collective partly or wholly made up of gods? – blocked
  12. Is the collective partly or wholly made up of beings from a Prime Material Plane? – blocked
  13. Is the collective partly or wholly made up of beings who are aware of me as a PN candidate? – n
  14. Is the collective a scholarly group? – blocked
  15. Is this divination block on the observatory itself, rather than the collective? – blocked
  16. If we get this place running, will our task be complete? – blocked
  17. If we get this place running, will be collective become aware that it’s been fixed with no further action on our part? – n

After we start fixing the transmitter (7/20/17)

  1. Did the writer of the journal become immortal before going to the observatory circle for the last time? – y
  2. Did he become undead? – y
  3. Did he become a lich? – y
  4. Did he have plans to alter the observatory? – n
  5. Is our task counter to the intentions he had when he left this plane? – n
  6. Is it counter to the intentions he has now? – blocked
  7. Was the cube designed to also give information about something within the design of the observatory, which is different from the way the cube reacts to the powered magical devices in this plane? – n
  8. Is the cube operating as it was designed to do? – y
  9. Was the observatory designed to change anything, rather than merely observing and reporting? – n
  10. Is the Reporting referring to reporting to a being other than the people who once lived here? – y
  11. Was it designed to report to a god? – n
  12. Was it designed to report to a collective? – y
  13. Is this relevant to our task (the question of who it was designed to report to)? – y

After we figure how to fix the box (7/13/17)

  1. Does the act of manipulating this cube have an effect outside the cube other than the sound? – no
  2. We think we know how to fix the box. Are we correct? – yes
  3. Do we have enough skill and knowledge that we aren’t risking additional damage to the box? – yes
  4. Once Circle 1 is powered, will a person be transported merely by stepping into it? – yes
  5. Can we all go together? – yes
  6. Would stepping into Circle 2 take us somewhere else? – yes
  7. Does Circle 2 go to someplace we either need for our task, or would benefit significantly from going? – no
  8. Is the Circle 2 location dangerous? – somewhat
  9. Are there any living or otherwise active creatures in the observatory? – blocked
  10. Does the observatory contain traps? – blocked
  11. Is our task within the observatory something we will likely be able to do with our current supplies, skill, and knowledge plus any of these things found in the observatory? – blocked
  12. Is there breathable air in the observatory? – blocked
  13. Does the observatory contain transport back here? – yes

After running away (7/6/17)

  1. Is this cube itself a puzzle to be solved? – n
  2. Is this cube meant to be used in conjunction with another object or location? – n
  3. Is there information behind any of the doors about this cube? – n
  4. Is this cube potentially useful before we get to the observatory? – y
  5. Is there another door hiding something specifically useful? – n
  6. Is there a relay to get power from the Source to Circle A, which is not operational? – y
  7. Will making (the correct) one relay operational be sufficient to get power to the Circle? – y
  8. Is there a wire running unbroken from the Source to the necessary relay? – n
  9. Should there be? – n
  10. Is there another relay involved? – y
  11. Is the non-operational relay within the strip of land 500 feet wide and running directly between the Source and the Circle? – y
  12. Is it within one mile of the Circle? – n
  13. One and a half? – y
  14. One and a quarter? – n
  15. Is it farther than 40 feet from the surface? – y

After opening the Important Door (6/29/17)

  1. Is there another of these doors hiding anything which is specifically useful to our task, beyond what we have, and which isn’t behind other doors)? – y
  2. Are there more broken doors than the one we know of? – y
  3. Is door A both specifically useful, and non-broken? – y
  4. Do we need, for this task, to go to an observatory? – y
  5. Does either of the circles take us to the observatory if it works? – y
  6. Would Circle 1 (the observerish phrase one) take us where we need to go if we get it to work? – y
  7. Does it need power from the reactor, that it doesn’t currently have, to work? – y
  8. Is it intended to pick up broadcast power from the reactor (as opposed to having a direct connection)? – y
  9. If we get to the observatory, are we likely to be in immediate danger? – blocked
  10. Once the appropriate circle has power, do we need to cast a spell into it to travel? – n
  11. Is the lack of broadcast power, a problem with hardware within the dirt zone which is hard to move accurately in? – n
  12. Is the lack of broadcast power, a problem within the poison zone? – n
  13. Is it a problem with the circle and its attachments? – n
  14. Is it a problem with wires or things which are attached to wires? – y
  15. Are the problematic wires or attachments closer to the reactor than to the circles? – n

After opening the first door (6/22/17)

  1. Did the thing that went wrong with the second door go wrong because we didn’t time the spells well enough? – n
  2. Was the problem with the pattern? – n
  3. Was the problem due to existing damage to the door? – y
  4. Would two of Gilly’s top level spells, chained as she did yesterday, open a door? – y
  5. Does our task necessitate going through more than one door which we have not gone through yet? – n
  6. When we open a door we need to open for the task, will it be obvious at least by the time we step through and look around briefly, that this door is needed for the task (no identification or translation being necessary)? – n
  7. Are there any powered wires close enough to these doors that the wire we found would reach? – n
  8. Are we likely to find objects or information of significant use to us, through doors which are not necessary for the task? – y
  9. Is there a door, which contains what we need for the task, which is unbroken? – y
  10. Is a door answering this description down corridor A? – y
  11. Is it one of the closer doors to the intersection with corridor B? – n
  12. Is there another door answering this description? – n
  13. Is it possible, with knowledge we are likely to have or gain from these rooms, and materials we have reasonable access to, to fix a door broken in the manner of the second one we tried? – y

After the dragon sees the sphere (6/8/17)

  1. Is it possible, given the materials present in these ruins and the knowledge we are likely to be able to find, to connect a wire from the sphere to the door? – n
  2. Would missing materials be findable in any reasonable length of time somewhere else we have access to and knowledge of? – y
  3. If wire were run of a connected wire at the sphere, to the door we are using, such the the wire touched the back of the door, would that adequately transmit power to make the door work? – y
  4. Is it dangerous to hold the ends of an unpowered wire and a powered wire and stick them together, if there is a powerable thing on the other end of the unpowered wire? – n
  5. If we brought in additional wire of the right metal, would it then be possible, with the materials and knowledge at hand, to power the door with the sphere? – y
  6. Do we (party, summons, dragon) have the ability to power the door without use of the sphere? – y
  7. Do successive spells cast at the door stack? – n
  8. Could Arcane Blast be used to power the door? – y
  9. Does the door stay open after it is not being fed power? – y
  10. Does the door need Conjuration, if a spell is powering it? – n
  11. Have we now learned all the things we could learn about the sphere which would help us once we’re done with this task, that we couldn’t easily learn in the libraries we know of? – y
  12. Would it be significantly safer and more likely that we’d complete our task well, if we enter the door well rested, once it’s open? – n
  13. Is the place through the door relatively safe for us before we start poking things? – y

After first swamp reconnaissance (5/18/17)

  1. Is Transmutation in the far right of the pattern? – n
  2. Is Necromancy immediately above Evocation? – y
  3. Is Divination on the top? – y
  4. We think the pattern is this, is that correct? – y
  5. Is the creature who can help us still useful now that we know the pattern? – y
  6. Is the creature who can help us a dragon? – y
  7. Is it a black one? – y
  8. Is learning more about the sphere necessary to our task? – n
  9. Once we are able to go through the door, are there actions or knowledge which we haven’t yet done or known which, having done or known them before going through the door would make our task significantly easier and/or safer? – n
  10. Will learning more about the sphere at this point, make our task significantly easier and/or safer, in a way unrelated to the current danger of spellcasting? – n
  11. Will learning more about the sphere be likely to give us knowledge which would help us once we’re done with this task? – y
  12. Does the creature who can help us know useful things about the sphere? – y
  13. Is this task time-sensitive? – n

After hearing there’s someone in the swamp (5/11/17)

  1. Is Gilly’s idea about the shape of the pattern correct? – y
  2. Are Transmutation and Necromancy directly above Evocation? – n
  3. Is Transmutation the highest rune? – n
  4. Is Transmutation immediately above Evocation? – n
  5. Is the helpful creature a creature we would recognize as a speaking creature? – y
  6. Can it fly? – y
  7. Is it active during the day? – y
  8. Would its dwelling place likely be noticeable to us from the air, during the day? – n
  9. If we go into the swamp and tromp around, is it likely to come find us? – y
  10. Is it likely, when it knows we’re there, to be hostile if we are not threatening it other than by being in the swamp? – y
  11. Is it reasonably likely that we can convince it to talk to us without magic? – y
  12. Does it live in the southernmost quarter of the swamp? – n
  13. Is it likely to respond better to a show of force than to Diplomacy? – n

After Vi’s solo planeshift (5/11/17)

  1. Do the shapes of the runes have a relationship to the pattern to open the runedoor, in a way that isn’t within the aphorisms? – y
  2. Does the pattern exist in larger (or different) part than we have in a reasonably findable location on this plane? – n
  3. Does the pattern need to be in a specific place on the door? – n
  4. If we asked villagers in the villages we visited before, about a ‘powerful creature’ living nearby, who might have knowledge beyond the ken of the villagers, would we likely get any clues towards finding a creature who could help us? – y
  5. Would any of the local apex predators likely be aware of this creature as a powerful and respected creature? – y
  6. Are there runes in the pattern below the fragment we have? – y
  7. Above? – y
  8. To the right? – y
  9. To the left? – n
  10. When the aphorisms were written, were the relative strengths of the schools the same as they are now? – y
  11. Does ‘foundation’ correspond to the lowest rune(s) in the pattern? – y
  12. Is there one or more ‘revered’ rune occupying the top of the pattern? – n
  13. Is the placement of the runes in the pattern one which would appear to us to fit in a grid of some sort (rhomboid, hexagonal, etc.)? – n

After deciphering sayings (5/4/17)

  1. Is there a person who could be useful to our quest known for a connection to magic of some sort, to the villagers we know of? – n
  2. To other villagers we could easily find? – n
  3. Is there such a person, known instead for knowledge of history? – n
  4. Is there such a person known for knowledge of religion? – n
  5. Have we now found all the information useful to our mission within these ruins, excepting within the area of the sphere (and not requiring that we’ve recognized or understood all the information)? – y
  6. Do the 4 sayings correspond to the 8 runes? – sort of
  7. (if yes) Do the sayings help indicate the rune pattern? – y
  8. If we moved the runes into the correct pattern, without doing whatever else is necessary to open the runedoor, would we be able to tell that it was the correct pattern? – y
  9. Is the rune pattern in the form of some sort of cross? – n
  10. How about a circle? – n
  11. Is there a person who could be useful to our task, known to anyone in any of the easily findable villages in this area? – not really
  12. Is a person who could help us a creature which would not ordinarily be identified as a ‘person’ by the villagers? – y
  13. Are the villagers of at least one easily findable village in the area generally aware of the existence of this creature? – sort of

h4 After finding the power source (5/4/17)

  1. When we open the runedoor, are we likely to find a hostile environment? – n
  2. When we go through the runedoor, are we likely to find hostile creatures dangerous to us? – n
  3. Have we found everything of use to us in our mission on/near the floor areas of the buildings we’ve explored? – y
  4. Do we need to fix the power source to complete our mission? – n
  5. Would it be helpful to our mission to find out more about the power source? – y
  6. Is there anything on this plane outside the redirection field which we haven’t found yet, which would be helpful in our task? – y
  7. Is there anything useful to us inside the inner sphere? – n
  8. Is the Illusion/Evocation/Abjuration pattern part of a pattern to open a door? – y
  9. Does this pattern use all the symbols? – y
  10. Are other parts of this pattern recorded elsewhere in these ruins where we might potentially find them? – n
  11. Are there, in these ruins, other clues which could help us figure out the pattern? – y
  12. Have we seen any of these clues? – y
  13. Are the helpful things we haven’t found yet within the buried buildings that we’ve explored? – n

Now we have jigsaw puzzles! (4/6/17)

  1. Are there useful things to find in the second building? – y
  2. The third building? – n
  3. Are there pieces big enough to be useful left to find in the first building, which would help fill in useful information (for our mission)? – n
  4. Is there useful information to be found in the first building other than the jigsaw puzzles? – n
  5. Will the doors stay open behind us if we all go through? – y
  6. Would figuring out where we need to go (through a door) and/or what we need to do there, be both possible and significantly helpful to us? – n
  7. When we go through a runedoor, is there anything from this plane which we could bring, to ease this mission? – n
  8. If we go through a runedoor without sufficient understanding, or otherwise not completing whatever needs to be done there, is it likely that we would need to open a second runedoor with the same pattern? – n
  9. Was the purple worm summon a random planar reaction to magic? – y
  10. Is there anything useful to find in these buildings above the height from the floor that Fiona explored in the base of the first building? – n
  11. Does our task involve altering this plane? – n
  12. Is there more than one pattern which will open a runedoor? – n
  13. Is the correct pattern sufficient to open the runedoor? – n

The Wild Plane has goblinoids! (4/6/17)

  1. Would me leaving the plane count as abandoning the mission? – n
  2. Is the plane summoning stronger creatures associated with the casting of higher level magic? – y
  3. Is it still possible to get high powered summons from the plane using low level spells? – y
  4. The places noticeable to FIona underground, are these places she could notice earthgliding by at 10 feet? – n
  5. Do the metal objects we found contain any clues about the runedoors? – n
  6. Things or places we’ve seen but haven’t realized they’re important: are there any aboveground? – n
  7. Are there any in the tunnels we’ve explored? – n
  8. Are there more tunnels? – n
  9. Are any of the buried walls (which are not on the inside of clear tunnels) important?- n
  10. Are the areas around the floors of any of the buildings Fiona explored potentially useful? – y
  11. Is there anything potentially useful to us for this mission which is not in the floor area of the buildings Fiona explored (and isn’t the rune doors)? – n
  12. The things which would be noticeable to Fiona underground: would they be noticed as remarkable by a real earth elemental moving by at 10 feet? – n
  13. Would a real earth elemental be able to move the useful things to the surface, if they knew what to move? – y

Still the Wild Plane (3/23/17)

  1. Is there anyone within a day’s walk of these ruins who could provide us with information about the ruins? – n
  2. Are there any sentient permanent residents on this plane? – y
  3. Is the writing on the metal objects we found useful to us in our task? – not really
  4. Are there places within these ruins which we have not explored, which contain anything helpful to our task? – y
  5. Are there such places aboveground? – n
  6. Are there such places belowground, but accessible to the party as a whole, given reasonable amounts of effort? – n
  7. Would these places be noticeable to Fiona exploring underground in earth elemental form? – y
  8. Is there anyone other than us on this plane, who could be useful to us in this task? – y
  9. Is there anything important to our task, in a place we’ve explored, that we haven’t realized might be useful? – y
  10. Do the metal objects we found have a use to us in our task which is not giving us clues about the rune-doors? – n
  11. Can any door be opened by one rune? – n
  12. Do we need any items or knowledge from these ruins on the other side of the doors? – n
  13. Do the doors lead different places depending on the rune pattern (a single door, given a different pattern, opening to a different place)? – n

On the Wild Plane (3/23/17)

  1. Is our task on this plane connected to the glowing runes? – indirectly
  2. Does our task involve moving these runes into specific patterns? – y
  3. Do the existing runes need to end up in other chambers from where they are? – n
  4. Are the coffin-shaped niches connected to our task? – n
  5. Are there places within these ruins which we have not explored, which contain anything helpful to our task? – y
  6. Are there creatures on this plane which are critical to the successful completion of our task? – n
  7. Are there places on this plane, but not in these ruins, which are important to our task? – n
  8. Do we need, in order to complete our task, to manipulate the runes in multiple chambers? – probably
  9. Are there any creatures on this plane which want to prevent us from completing this task? – n
  10. Does this plane conjure things on its own? – y
  11. Do the runes open doors? – y
  12. Is there at least one place within these ruins which contains clues we could find about the desired rune-patterns, which we can get to without opening any of these doors? – y
  13. Is there more than one? – y

After talking to Kirkata faction (3/2/17)

  1. Is there useful-to-me information that I don’t have about Adella’s Heirs in a library? – y
  2. In a library we’ve been to? – y
  3. How about a library we haven’t been to? – y
  4. Is there more in this library? – n
  5. In Morgrave? – y
  6. Is there a repository of Abadar in Karrnath? – y
  7. In Thrane? – n
  8. In Darguun? – y
  9. Is there such a repository in Karrnath in a major city? – y
  10. Are we powerful enough at this time to travel through the Demon Wastes to the Keepers of Knowledge there without major risk? – unclear
  11. Is there anyone currently in Wynarn who has traveled in the Demon Wastes and would be likely to be willing to talk about it? – y
  12. Do the librarians know of this person and their travels? – n
  13. Does the library have useful Demon Waste travel info? – y
  14. 2 to Maral.

Still Wynarn (3/2/17)

  1. Are there Analogous Artifacts for other races as well? – y
  2. Do the Keepers of Knowledge have knowledge about multiple of these artifacts? – y
  3. Do they have knowledge of all these artifacts? – n
  4. Do they know how the Dragon Sword can be destroyed? – n
  5. Do they know how to find any of the artifacts? – n
  6. Do they have knowledge of Adella’s Gloves which would be useful to me? – n
  7. Would they be likely to talk to us rather than trying to kill us, if we came to them peacefully in our true forms? – y
  8. Rest of questions to Maral.

Still in Wynarn (2/23/17)

  1. There ancient contracts that bound things, are any of these currently out of whack (Abadar’s side is not being followed) – blocked
  2. Is at least one of the three described here not having its obligations fulfilled – blocked
  3. Contract A – No
  4. B – Blocked
  5. C – Blocked
  6. Finding information about a contract out of whack, is it Abadar’s will that Maral should do something personally to fulfill the obligations – probably not
  7. … is it the will of Abadar that Maral should cause somebody else to do something to fullfil the obligations – probably
  8. Is there action that this group could take in this city that would materially improve our chances of knowing if any of these contracts are out of whack – no
  9. Is it possible to try to create a spell to affect the mournland portal – blocked
  10. Is it possible to build up a extremely powerful spell from smaller pieces – yes
  11. Is searching Wynarn a good place to learn how to do that – unclear
  12. Is searching Korrenberg library a good place to learn how to do that – no
  13. Morgrave – unclear
  14. Are the keepers of knowledge rakshasa? – n
  15. Do they live in an area of the Demon Wastes which contains a bunch of rakshasa? – y

Back in Wynarn (2/2/17)

  1. Is there more info on Adella’s Gloves in this library? – y
  2. In the History section? – n
  3. Arcane? – y
  4. Other section? – n
  5. The source of Dragon Sword info: Is it a book or books? – n
  6. Is it a mind or group of minds? – y
  7. Are they known to be keepers of knowledge? – y
  8. Are they Elves? – n
  9. Are they a usually evil race? – y
  10. Do they have a living place which is well known for knowledge? – n
  11. Are they known by the elves to be keepers of knowledge? – y
  12. Are they in Breland? – n
  13. The Eldeen Reaches? – n
  14. Valenar? – n
  15. The Demon Wastes? – y

In Morgrave (2/2/17)

  1. Have we gotten all the info here on the Analogous Artifact? – y
  2. Is the Analogous Artifact worn in a slot? – y
  3. Is there info on PNs here which would be useful to us? – n
  4. Does Story A contain the AA? – n
  5. Story B? – y
  6. Story C? – n
  7. Is there more info about Story B, or the characters thereof, in Wynarn? – y
  8. Are the details of Story B which are specifically about the AA, accurate enough to facilitate research? – y
  9. Are the details pertaining to characters, also accurate enough? – sometimes
  10. Are any of the names of the characters attached to the info in Wynarn? – y
  11. Five questions to Maral.

Still in Morgrave. (1/26/17)

  1. When I saw the Skull wizard, had the events I saw happened within the past day? – no
  2. Week? – n
  3. Had they happened? – y
  4. Have we gotten the info that’s here that would be useful to Maral, on his research topic, from the history section? – y
  5. Is there knowledge here yet to be found, useful to Maral on his research topic, in Religion? – n
  6. Elsewhere in this library? – n
  7. Is there information on these Ancient Contracts in Wynarn, that he doesn’t already know? – y
  8. The Analogous Artifact: Is it a weapon? – n
  9. Armour? – n
  10. Wondrous item? – y
  11. Would it be easily visible to bystanders if someone were using it? – y
  12. Would it likely be easily visible to bystanders if someone were carrying it as a thing they used from time to time, but not using it at the moment? – y
  13. Are at least some of the effects this item can produce, noticeably nonstandard magic to someone not particularly knowledgeable in arcana? – y
  14. Is it race-oriented? – y
  15. Does it have other orientations that would influence research on it? – n

We went to Morgrave! (1/26/17)

  1. Staying here, the possibility of being attacked by something dangerous to us, is it because of a thing we might do? – y
  2. Is it related to any of our research? – n
  3. Would we likely know before doing the thing that it was likely to be dangerous? – n
  4. Is it something someone outside the party would ask of us specifically? – n
  5. Is it because of a cultural difference? – y
  6. Is it because of a cultural difference that at least one of the party members is aware of? – y
  7. If we sit down and discuss this issue as a party, would that make it less likely that we’d do the thing? – y
  8. Is there information in the library here, which is not in the Wynarn Library, which would be specifically useful to us, which is not in any of the topics we came here to research? – y
  9. Seven questions to Maral.

More research (1/26/17)

  1. If we stay around here, are we likely to be attacked in the next week by anything that’s dangerous to us? – n
  2. If we go visit Morgrave U, via teleport, to do research, are we likely to be attacked in the next week by anything that’s a danger to us? – unclear
  3. Is anyone specifically making plans to kill us (as a group)? – n
  4. Are there any Rakshasa currently on this plane who are hostile to us particularly? – n
  5. Is the Skull Wizard likely to attack us if he sees us? – n
  6. In Morgrave U, is the Analogous Artifact info in the History section? – y
  7. Is it also anywhere else? – n
  8. Is the Skull Wizard about to leave a party? – n
  9. Did he just join one? – n
  10. Does he have goals he believes to be antithetical to people he travels with? – Had.
  11. Did he die within the past day? – no
  12. Week? – n
  13. Last three for Maral.

Still researching (1/19/17)

  1. Is Maral’s theory about gizdium being for making firearms and/or ammunition that can be enchanted correct? – y
  2. Is his theory about gizdium being for making firearms that work better or for longer in this plane correct? – n
  3. Is the non-Magic U Dragon Sword info in the Hegemony? – n
  4. Southwestern big library? – n
  5. Is the Analogous Artifact info in the Hegemony? – n
  6. Southwestern big library? – y
  7. Is there info on the Abadari Athanasii which would be useful to Maral in libraries other than this one? – y
  8. In the Southwestern big library? – y
  9. In the Hegemony? – y
  10. In the same place as the Dragon Sword info? – n
  11. Is the Dragon Sword info in a library which is public, or semi-public, on this continent? – n
  12. Is it in a library owned by a living person? – n
  13. Is it in a ruin or abandoned place? – n
  14. Is it owned by a group of living people? – n
  15. Is it owned by an undead person? – n

Still researching (1/19/17)

  1. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? -
  2. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? -
  3. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? – We get a faction identifier.
  4. Is there a source, of information not in this library, on the Dragon Sword, which is useful to us, on this continent, and might be likely to give us the information if we could find the source? – y
  5. Is there such a source south of the Hegemony? – n
  6. In the Chaotic Lands? – y
  7. In the Confederation of Freedom? – n
  8. Elsewhere on this continent? – n
  9. If we inform Thosun Glorgirn that we have gizdium and wish to deliver it to him, will he be of friendly disposition to us (not interfere with us delivering it, and respond positively to smaller requests for help)? – y
  10. Is there information on this plane about the Analogous Artifact? – y
  11. Is there such information in a library? – y
  12. Is there also such information in a living person who might be willing to talk to us? – n
  13. Is it in multiple libraries? – n
  14. The library it’s in, is it in the Confederation of Freedom? – n
  15. Is it south of the Hegemony? – n

While researching in the Magic U (1/12/17)

  1. Does Victor’s new acquaintance plan on taking any action against us aside from what they discussed? – y
  2. Are these plans contingent-only? – n
  3. Are these plans likely to put any of us in danger? – n
  4. Are these plans solely informational in nature? – y
  5. Would casting Protection from Evil on the dominated mage endanger him or us? – n
  6. Is there information in the Magic U library about the Analogous Artifact? – n
  7. Is there such information in another library on this continent? – n
  8. In another library on this plane? – n
  9. Is there information here about other PN-linked artifacts? – y
  10. Is it under history? – y
  11. Is it under religion? – n
  12. Is there information in the MU Library about where they are? – n
  13. Has anyone ever researched and written a book about PN phenomena, and the book ended up on this plane? – n
  14. Is there a person alive on this continent who knows things about these artifacts, and isn’t aligned with any PN candidate already? – y
  15. Are they known in this city? – n

Between quests (1/12/17)

  1. Can we find good information in the Magic University about the Sect of Abaddar and their goals? – y
  2. Is it in the history section? – y
  3. Is it in the religion section? – y
  4. Anywhere else (within Magic U library)? – n
  5. Is there useful info on the destruction of the dragon sword in the history section? – n
  6. In the Artifact section? – n
  7. In the Dragon section? – y
  8. In the theory section? – y
  9. In the DIY section? – n
  10. Filed under the creator of the sword? – n
  11. In other sections? – n
  12. Is there information about the dragon sword in the Magic U which we would find useful, which is not about its destruction? – PN block
  13. Is there an analogous powerful magic item which I could use? – y
  14. Is anyone looking for ways to destroy it? – n
  15. Is it on this plane? – n

Searching for gizdium (1/5/17)

  1. Which cave for gizdium?
  2. Which cave for gizdium?
  3. Which cave for gizdium?
  4. Which cave for gizdium? – Got it!
  5. If we poke around in the cave looking for gizdium, are we likely to run into anything dangerous to us? – n
  6. If we just search and search, will it take us more than a day to find enough gizdium for now? – n
  7. Is the gizdium in a mostly refined state? – n
  8. Is it basically an ore? – y
  9. Is it still in the walls? – somewhat
  10. Is this mine a self-contained, defined space? – y
  11. The unknown source of info on destroying the dragon sword, is it on this continent? – y
  12. Is there more than one such source? – y
  13. Is there such a source within the Hegemony? – n
  14. Is there such a source in the lands on this continent that we’ve visited? – n
  15. Is there one in the lands south of the Hegemony? – y

Star Chart

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