Aberrant Dragonmarks

Sometimes dragonmarks appear that are not one of the standard shapes. These are known as aberrant dragonmarks. Both the shape and the associated spell-like ability vary greatly.

Within the Hegemony, aberrant dragonmarks are strongly suppressed. While not actually illegal (since the appearance is not under the control of the individual), they are interpreted as a chaotic influence that works outside of the usual structures of society.

Bearers of an aberrant dragonmark usually attempt to conceal it if possible. (If the mark manifests on their face, this is difficult.) Known bearers of an aberrant dragonmark are often the victim of severe discrimination, against which they have no legal recourse. It is suspected than many bearers either become criminals or leave for the Chaotic Lands. While a reasonable course of action for such individuals, it does little to help the reputation of those who attempt to remain in mainstream society.

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Aberrant Dragonmarks

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