After a stressful event, people will sometimes develop a mark on their body that resembles a dragon. Called dragonmarks, they are thought to be somehow related to dragons, although (at least in common knowledge) no details of the relationship are known. These are usually one of a few standard shapes, although other shapes do sometimes appear. Bearers of dragonmarks always have spell-like abilities that are tied to the specific shape of the mark.

Dragonmarks are hereditary, although it is unpredictable if a dragonmark will appear in a specific individual. It is also uncertain when it will appear. While most appear during puberty or early adulthood, they can also appear late in life.

Specific dragonmarks are also tied with specific races. In generally, hybrid races (such as half-elves) do not develop a dragonmark associated with their parent race, although there are a few dragon marks that are associated only with hybrid races.

There are a several organizations known as Dragonmarked Houses whose members have or are related to people who have dragonmarks. These are long standing organizations who focus in an area where their associated dragonmark is helpful.

Dragonmark Race House
Mark of Making Human House Cannith
Mark of Sentinel Human House Deneith
Mark of Hospitality Halfling House Ghallanda
Mark of Healing Halfling House Jorasco
Mark of Warding Dwarf House Kundarak
Mark of Passage Human House Orien
Mark of Scribing Gnome House Sivis
Mark of Finding Human and Half-Orc House Tharashk
Mark of Handling Human House Vadalis

Here is some info about Maral’s dragonmark:

Just after killing Garlikson (12/19/13)

Is there someone in Atur who has studied Dragon marks and would be willing to talk to someone in our group? – no If Maral’s Dragon mark has the potential to grow stronger or give him new abilities, would he need study and/or practice to achieve this potential, as one would study new skills (such as when he learns new tricks with his shield? – unclear If Maral decided to improve his Dragon mark instead of removing it, would he need to get information about how to do so, in order to do it? – unclear Is there a person in the Hegemony who knows about improving Dragon marks? – yes Is there a person in a Hegemony city at least as big as Atur who knows how to remove Dragon marks? – yes

Inside Kirkata (10/3/13)

Is there a person in Kirkata who knows how to remove dragon marks? – no Does the Cult of the Dragon Below, or someone in it, know how to remove dragon marks? – yes Does the dragon mark that Maral bears have the ability or potential abilty to do things other than the stabilization effect he knows about? – unclear Was Maral chosen deliberately to bear this dragon mark? – unclear

First day of travel back to Atur (2/5/13)

Is there anyone living in, or otherwise based in, Atur who knows how to remove dragonmarks? – No. Is removing Maral’s dragonmark (including acquiring any necessary information and/or objects) within our current capabilities as a party? – No.

Third day at the University (2/4/13)

Could Maral’s dragonmark grow larger or stronger in any circumstance not involving the direct intervention of a god or dragon? – Unclear Could it do so (without god or dragon) without Maral willing it? – Unclear

Second day at the University (2/3/13)

If Maral uses his Dragonmark, will it grow larger or stronger? – Unclear. Will use or non-use change it or change the removal process in any way? – No Will removal of a Dragonmark kill the marked person outright (not including doing physical damage which could kill someone if they weren’t tough enough)? – No

Leaving Eldeen Reaches 1/24/13

Does any person in the Hegemony know how to remove a dragon mark – yes Does one need cooperation of a dragon to remove a dragonmark – yes Will removing a dragonmark harm the person beyond removing the power – yes

Leaving cave with staff fragment (1/17/13)

Is it theoretically possible to remove a dragonmark from a person without the direct action of a god – yes Main Page Society


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