Guilds form an important part of most cities. They are responsible for training new members of their professions. Additionally, they help enforce order, ensuring that their members don’t explore unacceptable areas of the guild’s responsibility.

Every adult who lives openly in society is a member of a guild, but there is not a strict mapping between guilds and classes.

Most guilds have a Jobs Board at the guild hall, where messages about potential jobs were posted. For example, the Mercenary’s Guild would usually have several posts by people looking to hire guards for a journey. The Rogue’s or Wizard’s guild might have a notice from a group of adventures, looking for additional skills to round out their party.

Membership in multiple guilds was allowed, but required the permission of the new member’s current guilds. This is usually granted. Exceptions included when the guild’s had similar areas, and compromise of the guild’s secrets were a concern. Permission might also be refused if there was a political feud between the guilds or opposing purposes. (Attempting to join the Mercenary’s Guild while being a member of the Healer’s Guild could be difficult.)

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