przywrócenie niszczyciel

While in Iron Town, a local mad women came up to Syama and began ranting at her. It appears that she thought Syama was the “przywrócenie niszczyciel”. No one in the party was certain what the term meant. The phrase is Infernal, but, due to the complexities of the language, could have many diverse meanings, such as “destroyer of order”, “one who restores the proper order” and “protector of octopii”.

The canonical pronunciation of the term is PREHZ-wroh-CHEH-nee neh-ZIH-shee-ehl.

The party asked Kalzan to investigate the meaning of the phrase. His findings are detailed in the adventure log.

Study at University of Wynarn

Standard queries after the przywrócenie niszczyciel do not yield an infomation, so Syama and Dolg start looking through ancient histories. Dolg finds several neglected books about unusual events of ancient times, including one written in Infernal. They have references to catastrophic events about 10,000 years ago. At that time, apparently something called The Daelkyr invaded. There was also a significant shift in the planes, although it is unclear what the relation between the shift and the invasion was. The text in Infernal uses przywrócenie and niszczyciel several times, but never together. It seems that the author knows that the two words go together but is avoiding placing them together in context.

przywrócenie niszczyciel

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