Syama learns some about the Traveler as she studies in Atur.

The Traveler is a god of cunning, deception and travel. One of its tenets is to wrap everything in layers of deception and misdirection. It even does this about itself, to the extent that even its gender is not agreed upon, and the pronoun “it” is generally used in reference to the Traveler.

Often a bearer of gifts, those gifts are frequently double-edged. Or sometimes a bane which appears to be a boon, which (on further exploration) appears to be a bane, until further study appears to to reveal it to be a boon. (Unless it is actually a bane.)

It is also a god of transformation and invention, and sees a connection between the two. Is not the transformation of a disguise the invention of a new identity? Is not the art of invention the transformation of a lack of knowledge into a new idea?

In fact, in the past, some members of House Cannith, the dragonmarked house known for building and inventing things, secretly worshiped the Traveler. Despite being a chaotic deity, there are rumors that this worship persists today, even within the Hegemony.

Because of his interested in transformation, many shapeshifters worship the Traveler.

The information at this page is also accurate, except that the relationship with house Cannith is as described above.

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