University of Wynarn

Situated on the island in the Central Sea, the University of Wynarn is an ancient center of learning. It is less well known that Morgrave University, where Victor studied. However, among those who know of it, it was definitely more respected at the time of the War of Law and Order. Whether it has been able to maintain superiority while in the Chaotic Lands is unclear.

Regardless, it is still a thriving location. There are plenty of students of various levels. There is also a clear interest in Xendrik. A land of giants in times past, there appears to be semi-continuous stream of expeditions going there.

There are a variety of magical items not available in the Hegemony. The spellcasters also appear to know spells that even Victor is not aware of. Elves, half-elves and humans are common at the university. There are also some halflings and half-orcs, as well as a few members of other races. There is also a small subset who, while clearly recognizable as the race they belong to, appear to have some sort of magical modifications made to their bodies.

There is a small temple/large shrine to Iomedae. There are no other members of Vi’s order at the temple.

University of Wynarn

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