Xoriat is known as the Realm of Madness. On this plane, Mind Flayers are among the least unusual and least threatening things to be encountered.

Syama learns at the library

When Xoriat was last coterminous, there was an increase in the number of “prophets”. However, this appears to have been nothing more than what would be expected when the world was apparently ending. Notably, there was a lack of prophets who were not distinctly crazy or who were accurate beyond obvious things like “the world is going crazy”.

What does appear to be real was a type of creature called the daelkyr. These creatures were apparently the masters of Xoriat and some crossed over to the Material Plane as part of the effort to conquer it. Although only a few dozen crossed over, defeating them required an organized effort among a vast number of druids. This appears to the origin of the Gatekeeper sect of druids in the west of Khovaire.

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