Anders Heller

Prostitution Kingpin


Human male. Member of the Rogue’s guild in Kirkata.


Anders lives in a large mansion in a respected part of town. There are outer walls that are 50+ feet from the residence (depending on which part of the walls you are at).

During the night, he is most likely to be in his bedroom. This room is 20×20 and features a 5×10 bed. The bed has drapes which block sight into the bed. The drapes are many independent pieces of fabric, so someone in the bed can often peek out while remaining concealed.

His is likely to be in bed with his wife. There is something special about his wife, but the necromancer is uncertain what it is. She is rarely seen in public, working mostly behind the scenes. While they are asleep, a cleric and a human witch wait in the corners of the room.

The method they used to determine this did not allow them to cast detect magic, so they are uncertain of what magic might be in the room.

The bedroom is on the second floor and has a window on two walls. This is a viable escape route, assuming one is willing to fall/jump 10 feet. There is also a trapdoor next to the bed. This opens to a slide that leads to the basement, where there is another trapdoor. This leads to another slide that leads to an underground passage. In the second slide, there are loosely attached spikes that hang down and hinder reverse movement. The passage branches. One branch leads to the sewer system. The other branch leads to an underground cave system.

Outside the bedroom is a 10×80 hallway. The bedroom is at the end of the hallway. Across from the bedroom is a second bedroom, although this one is clearly not designed for sleeping.

Next to the main bedroom is a sitting room with a variety of chairs and tables.

You also know the layout of the remainder of the house, should this be relevant.

Anders Heller

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