The Broken Staff

A fragment recovered after the Fulcrum


While returning from the fulcrum, the party encountered an old man. After an interesting night, one item left with the party was a fragment of a staff.

Made of wood, it had been broken off at both ends. Arcane runes are inscribed on the staff, but are clearly only a fragment of the original set. Too many of them are missing to give even a vague idea of what they indicate.

The staff does not radiate magic.

After finding the Star of Eternity, the star attached itself to the staff and they both moved to Syama’s belongings. It now grants her +1 oracle level for the effects of revelations. The staff now radiates dim magic.

While on another planar adventure, the party defeated an ancient giant. After the battle, he was found to be carrying a second fragment of the staff. During the adventure, the staff also gained (released?) (revealed?) the ability to cast Plane Shift as a typical staff. During that adventure, Syama was able to charge the staff (at a physical cost to herself) using only a third level spell slot. Once the adventure finished, she lost that ability. Presumably, once the party has access to fifth level spells, they will be able to recharge it again.

The Broken Staff

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