Atur City Watch

Like many city watches, the city watch of Atur is composed of several types of officers.


Constables are your typical officer on the street. They usually patrol in pairs or fours (depending on how rough the neighborhood is). If someone starts shouting for the watch, it is almost certainly constables who will respond.


Detectives investigate crimes after the fact. They are trained in collecting evidence, analyzing crime scenes and building a chain of evidence to allow the watch to locate and then convict criminals who are not caught in the act.

Detectives are often promoted from the ranks of the constables, but it is possible to be hired directly into the ranks if you have relevant experience outside the force.


Professionally trained in persuading people to answer questions they would rather avoid, interrogators obtain information from suspects to confirm the conclusions of the detectives and obtain additional leads.

There is a complex legal code indicating what techniques the interrogators are and are not allowed to use. While interrogators faithfully abide by the code, the code still allows them a wide range of options in their techniques.

Atur City Watch

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