Dragon Sword

While on the plane where magic was difficult to use, the party found an artifact: a sword that wants to be wielded by a dragon PN candidate. Gilly attempted to talk with it. It ended poorly.

The party is currently attempting to find how to destroy it while it lies (hopefully) unfound on the low magic plane.

The giants give the party some kennings, possibly about destroying the sword.

  • The acid sword – Dra’Kanda Ka’Dirnum
    • “The wakeful sleeper of the sword will bring the blood worm to Dol’s brother”
    • “The depths of the swan road hold the key to the release”
    • “Pharasma watches over a crossroad keeping the knowledge of destruction”
  • Confusing sword
    • “The word of the true owner will sail the icycle of blood to port”
    • “Rings of rings disperse the power of the wound-hoe”

Dragon Sword

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