All spells from the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide are allowed, except as described below.

Spell Status Details
Accelerate Poison Restricted The Hegemony has banned the use of this spell.
Bull’s Strength and other stat boosters Modified Use the 3.0 version of these spells (1d4+1 enhancement bonus for 1 hour/level). The spells to boost Int, Wis and Cha do not grant bonus spells.
Challenge Evil Clarified The Will save and SR apply only to the foe being sickened, not to the sacred bonus
Comprehend Languages Modified This spell does not allow you to read any language. Instead, it grants a bonus of 5+caster level/2 to Linguistics attempts to read an unknown or unfamiliar language. You may also use Linguistics as a trained skill for this purpose, even if you have no ranks in it.
Dispel Magic Clarified When targeting a spell, caster may target by an aura (seen perhaps by Detect Magic) or by spell name. Spells with Mass or Communal in their names are the same for this identification as the regular form, spells with a Greater form are distinct. For a spell with multiple targets, targeting the spell ends it entirely, targeting a creature/object only ends the effect on them.
Freedom of Movement Modified This spell does not make you immune to effects that restrict movement. Instead, you gain a bonus of 10+caster level to the roll to avoid the effect. If you succeed, you may move normally even if a save normally only allows a partial effect. If the effect does not allow a save (or other roll), you may instead make a Reflex save with bonus of caster level to avoid the effect. A natural 20 on an attack roll is not an automatic success, but calculated as usual.
Permanency Modified See Permanency page for modifications related to the IP system
Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Wall, etc. Clarified A failed save results in death. A successful save results in the character being affected by the poison as described
Summon Monster Modified As described in Shifting Magic, some casters summon monsters that are lawful or chaotic instead of celestial/fiendish. The GM will tell you which version your character is, although if you feel strongly about it, it will probably be the version that you want.
Weapon of Awe Clarified Against a mind-immune or fear-immune opponent, the +2 damage works but the shaken on crit does not.

The following spells from other books are allowed/disallowed/modified as described:

Spell Status Details
Ablative Barrier Allowed
Abundant Ammunition Allowed
Acute Senses Allowed
Anticipate Peril Allowed
Bestow Insight Restricted Illegal in the Hegemony
Blood Money Restricted Illegal in the Hegemony
Burst of Glory Allowed
Charitable Impulse Allowed
Constricting Coils Modified is Cle 6 / Sor/Wiz 6
Contingent Action Disallowed
Contingent Scroll Disallowed
Crusader’s Edge Disallowed
Cushioning Bands Allowed
Delay Poison, Communal Allowed
Distracting Cacophonyl Allowed
Ear-Piercing Scream Modified Is 2nd lvl for all listed classes
Embrace Destiny Disallowed
Enhance Water Allowed
Enlarge Tail Disallowed
Ether Step Allowed
Exquisite Accompaniment Disallowed
False Future Allowed Note, it works vs. Commune, and diviner always gets the save
False Vision Allowed Note, if the area is altered, it won’t work as Teleport target
Focused Scrutiny Allowed
Gloomblind Bolts Allowed
Glue Seal Allowed
Grand Destiny Allowed
Greensight Disallowed
Heightened Awareness Modified The initiative bonus is insight
Human Potential Allowed
Hypercognition Allowed
Investigative Mind Allowed
Invigorating Repose Disallowed
Icy Prison Allowed
Ironbeard Clarified May only be cast by a dwarf
Lay of the Land Allowed
Legendary Proortions Disallowed
Liberating Command Modified Is 2nd lvl for all listed classes
Life Shield Disallowed
Litany of Eloquence Allowed
Litany of Escape Allowed
Litany of Sloth Allowed
Long Arm Disallowed
Mage’s Decree Allowed
Moment of Greatness Clarified Using the effect ends all other MoG effects (if any) on the subject as well
Music of the Spheres Allowed
Nature’s Paths Modified Only upgrades trackless to trail, not road; no limit on people in group
Nereid’s Grace Disallowed
Nine Lives Allowed
Obsidian Flow Allowed
Pavalli of Nirvana’s Blossoming Modified As is, except standard 4th level light effect
Perfect Placement Allowed
Piercing Shriek Allowed
Piercing Spell Allowed
Planeslayer’s Call Allowed
Protection from Energy, Communal Allowed
Protection from [Evil], Communal Allowed
Rain of Frogs Allowed
Recentering Drone Disallowed
Resist Energy, Communal Allowed
Rift of Ruin Restricted Illegal in the Hegemony
Rune of Ruin Allowed
Shield of Fortification Modified Is Cle 3 / Inq 2 / Pal 2
Shield of Fortification, Greater Allowed
Sickening Entanglement Modified As is, except it is 3rd level (for all classes)
Silent Table Allowed
Siphon Magic Modified If the caster could not have targeted you (generally, a Personal range) then only dispel not siphon
Song of Healing Allowed
Splinter Spell Resistance Disallowed
Stone Discus Allowed
Stoneskin, Communal Allowed
Swarm of Fangs Allowed
Tactical Acumen Disallowed
Tap Inner Beauty Disallowed
Tar Ball Modified School is Conjuration
Tar Pool Allowed
Tears to Wine Disallowed
Telepathic Censure Disallowed
Telepathy Allowed
Toilsome Chant Modified One cast affects one inspire competence performance of any length, making it only spend performance rounds on rounds where a benefit was applied
Touch of Mercy Modified School is transmutation, it does not have tags good or mind-affecting
--| "Trace Teleport":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/t/trace-teleport | Disallowed | | | "Triggered Suggestion":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/t/triggered-suggestion | Disallowed | | | "Umbral Strike":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/u/umbral-strike | Allowed | | | "Unbreakable Heart":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/u/unbreakable-heart | Disallowed | | | "Unerring Weapon":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/u/unerring-weapon | Modified | The extra +1 is per 8 lvls instead of 4 | | "Virtuoso Performance":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/v/virtuoso-performance | Modified | If ending one performance and not the other, Lingering Performance may not be applied | | "Vision of Hell":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/v/vision-of-hell | Allowed | | | "Wall of Nausea":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/w/wall-of-nausea | Allowed | Note you cannot affect people immediately| | "Ward Shield":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/w/ward-shield | Disallowed | | | "Windy Escape":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/w/windy-escape | Allowed | | | "Witness":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/w/witness | Restricted | Illegal in the Hegemony |

The effect of using spells and spell-like abilities on a creature with Spell Resistance is modified, that the creature may (not requiring any action) choose to allow a spell that has SR with the harmless descriptor, as they can with saving throws. Any circumstance that would require the creature to attempt a save if the spell had a ‘harmless’ save also requires that the SR applies and attempts to resist the spell.

Some magic has a ‘feel’ in the mage’s head — casting a spell with a Will save, the caster will generally know whether there was a save. Also, when divinations (at least Star Chart) are blocked or resisted by anti-divination magic, the caster will have an idea if the resistance was weak/moderate/strong/overwhelming. Having a spell of yours dispelled will be noticed by you if you are magically attentive to it, for instance a spell on your person, or on the Alarm you put around the campsite you are in, but not an Alarm you put in the mountain pass over that way to sound if people came through. Casting Dispel Magic on a spell you don’t know whether it is present or not does not give an indication of whether it was there or whether it was dispelled. In Scrying, if the factors you believe you are working with are not accurate, the act of scrying will not inform you that it is actually easier or harder.

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