Star Chart

For clarity, “blocked” means the question is related to the staff fragment and Syama failed to even manage to ask the question. “Unclear” means the question was asked, but the star chart effectively said “maybe yes, maybe no”.

  1. Is the Darguun repository in Rhukann Draal? -

After talking to Kirkata faction (3/2/17)

  1. Is there useful-to-me information that I don’t have about Adella’s Heirs in a library? – y
  2. In a library we’ve been to? – y
  3. How about a library we haven’t been to? – y
  4. Is there more in this library? – n
  5. In Morgrave? – y
  6. Is there a repository of Abadar in Karrnath? – y
  7. In Thrane? – n
  8. In Darguun? – y
  9. Is there such a repository in Karrnath in a major city? – y
  10. Are we powerful enough at this time to travel through the Demon Wastes to the Keepers of Knowledge there without major risk? – unclear
  11. Is there anyone currently in Wynarn who has traveled in the Demon Wastes and would be likely to be willing to talk about it? – y
  12. Do the librarians know of this person and their travels? – n
  13. Does the library have useful Demon Waste travel info? – y
  14. 2 to Maral.

Still Wynarn (3/2/17)

  1. Are there Analogous Artifacts for other races as well? – y
  2. Do the Keepers of Knowledge have knowledge about multiple of these artifacts? – y
  3. Do they have knowledge of all these artifacts? – n
  4. Do they know how the Dragon Sword can be destroyed? – n
  5. Do they know how to find any of the artifacts? – n
  6. Do they have knowledge of Adella’s Gloves which would be useful to me? – n
  7. Would they be likely to talk to us rather than trying to kill us, if we came to them peacefully in our true forms? – y
  8. Rest of questions to Maral.

Still in Wynarn (2/23/17)

  1. There ancient contracts that bound things, are any of these currently out of whack (Abadar’s side is not being followed) – blocked
  2. Is at least one of the three described here not having its obligations fulfilled – blocked
  3. Contract A – No
  4. B – Blocked
  5. C – Blocked
  6. Finding information about a contract out of whack, is it Abadar’s will that Maral should do something personally to fulfill the obligations – probably not
  7. … is it the will of Abadar that Maral should cause somebody else to do something to fullfil the obligations – probably
  8. Is there action that this group could take in this city that would materially improve our chances of knowing if any of these contracts are out of whack – no
  9. Is it possible to try to create a spell to affect the mournland portal – blocked
  10. Is it possible to build up a extremely powerful spell from smaller pieces – yes
  11. Is searching Wynarn a good place to learn how to do that – unclear
  12. Is searching Korrenberg library a good place to learn how to do that – no
  13. Morgrave – unclear
  14. Are the keepers of knowledge rakshasa? – n
  15. Do they live in an area of the Demon Wastes which contains a bunch of rakshasa? – y

Back in Wynarn (2/2/17)

  1. Is there more info on Adella’s Gloves in this library? – y
  2. In the History section? – n
  3. Arcane? – y
  4. Other section? – n
  5. The source of Dragon Sword info: Is it a book or books? – n
  6. Is it a mind or group of minds? – y
  7. Are they known to be keepers of knowledge? – y
  8. Are they Elves? – n
  9. Are they a usually evil race? – y
  10. Do they have a living place which is well known for knowledge? – n
  11. Are they known by the elves to be keepers of knowledge? – y
  12. Are they in Breland? – n
  13. The Eldeen Reaches? – n
  14. Valenar? – n
  15. The Demon Wastes? – y

In Morgrave (2/2/17)

  1. Have we gotten all the info here on the Analogous Artifact? – y
  2. Is the Analogous Artifact worn in a slot? – y
  3. Is there info on PNs here which would be useful to us? – n
  4. Does Story A contain the AA? – n
  5. Story B? – y
  6. Story C? – n
  7. Is there more info about Story B, or the characters thereof, in Wynarn? – y
  8. Are the details of Story B which are specifically about the AA, accurate enough to facilitate research? – y
  9. Are the details pertaining to characters, also accurate enough? – sometimes
  10. Are any of the names of the characters attached to the info in Wynarn? – y
  11. Five questions to Maral.

Still in Morgrave. (1/26/17)

  1. When I saw the Skull wizard, had the events I saw happened within the past day? – no
  2. Week? – n
  3. Had they happened? – y
  4. Have we gotten the info that’s here that would be useful to Maral, on his research topic, from the history section? – y
  5. Is there knowledge here yet to be found, useful to Maral on his research topic, in Religion? – n
  6. Elsewhere in this library? – n
  7. Is there information on these Ancient Contracts in Wynarn, that he doesn’t already know? – y
  8. The Analogous Artifact: Is it a weapon? – n
  9. Armour? – n
  10. Wondrous item? – y
  11. Would it be easily visible to bystanders if someone were using it? – y
  12. Would it likely be easily visible to bystanders if someone were carrying it as a thing they used from time to time, but not using it at the moment? – y
  13. Are at least some of the effects this item can produce, noticeably nonstandard magic to someone not particularly knowledgeable in arcana? – y
  14. Is it race-oriented? – y
  15. Does it have other orientations that would influence research on it? – n

We went to Morgrave! (1/26/17)

  1. Staying here, the possibility of being attacked by something dangerous to us, is it because of a thing we might do? – y
  2. Is it related to any of our research? – n
  3. Would we likely know before doing the thing that it was likely to be dangerous? – n
  4. Is it something someone outside the party would ask of us specifically? – n
  5. Is it because of a cultural difference? – y
  6. Is it because of a cultural difference that at least one of the party members is aware of? – y
  7. If we sit down and discuss this issue as a party, would that make it less likely that we’d do the thing? – y
  8. Is there information in the library here, which is not in the Wynarn Library, which would be specifically useful to us, which is not in any of the topics we came here to research? – y
  9. Seven questions to Maral.

More research (1/26/17)

  1. If we stay around here, are we likely to be attacked in the next week by anything that’s dangerous to us? – n
  2. If we go visit Morgrave U, via teleport, to do research, are we likely to be attacked in the next week by anything that’s a danger to us? – unclear
  3. Is anyone specifically making plans to kill us (as a group)? – n
  4. Are there any Rakshasa currently on this plane who are hostile to us particularly? – n
  5. Is the Skull Wizard likely to attack us if he sees us? – n
  6. In Morgrave U, is the Analogous Artifact info in the History section? – y
  7. Is it also anywhere else? – n
  8. Is the Skull Wizard about to leave a party? – n
  9. Did he just join one? – n
  10. Does he have goals he believes to be antithetical to people he travels with? – Had.
  11. Did he die within the past day? – no
  12. Week? – n
  13. Last three for Maral.

Still researching (1/19/17)

  1. Is Maral’s theory about gizdium being for making firearms and/or ammunition that can be enchanted correct? – y
  2. Is his theory about gizdium being for making firearms that work better or for longer in this plane correct? – n
  3. Is the non-Magic U Dragon Sword info in the Hegemony? – n
  4. Southwestern big library? – n
  5. Is the Analogous Artifact info in the Hegemony? – n
  6. Southwestern big library? – y
  7. Is there info on the Abadari Athanasii which would be useful to Maral in libraries other than this one? – y
  8. In the Southwestern big library? – y
  9. In the Hegemony? – y
  10. In the same place as the Dragon Sword info? – n
  11. Is the Dragon Sword info in a library which is public, or semi-public, on this continent? – n
  12. Is it in a library owned by a living person? – n
  13. Is it in a ruin or abandoned place? – n
  14. Is it owned by a group of living people? – n
  15. Is it owned by an undead person? – n

Still researching (1/19/17)

  1. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? -
  2. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? -
  3. Who’s got the bounty out for Aramus, from a list? – We get a faction identifier.
  4. Is there a source, of information not in this library, on the Dragon Sword, which is useful to us, on this continent, and might be likely to give us the information if we could find the source? – y
  5. Is there such a source south of the Hegemony? – n
  6. In the Chaotic Lands? – y
  7. In the Confederation of Freedom? – n
  8. Elsewhere on this continent? – n
  9. If we inform Thosun Glorgirn that we have gizdium and wish to deliver it to him, will he be of friendly disposition to us (not interfere with us delivering it, and respond positively to smaller requests for help)? – y
  10. Is there information on this plane about the Analogous Artifact? – y
  11. Is there such information in a library? – y
  12. Is there also such information in a living person who might be willing to talk to us? – n
  13. Is it in multiple libraries? – n
  14. The library it’s in, is it in the Confederation of Freedom? – n
  15. Is it south of the Hegemony? – n

While researching in the Magic U (1/12/17)

  1. Does Victor’s new acquaintance plan on taking any action against us aside from what they discussed? – y
  2. Are these plans contingent-only? – n
  3. Are these plans likely to put any of us in danger? – n
  4. Are these plans solely informational in nature? – y
  5. Would casting Protection from Evil on the dominated mage endanger him or us? – n
  6. Is there information in the Magic U library about the Analogous Artifact? – n
  7. Is there such information in another library on this continent? – n
  8. In another library on this plane? – n
  9. Is there information here about other PN-linked artifacts? – y
  10. Is it under history? – y
  11. Is it under religion? – n
  12. Is there information in the MU Library about where they are? – n
  13. Has anyone ever researched and written a book about PN phenomena, and the book ended up on this plane? – n
  14. Is there a person alive on this continent who knows things about these artifacts, and isn’t aligned with any PN candidate already? – y
  15. Are they known in this city? – n

Between quests (1/12/17)

  1. Can we find good information in the Magic University about the Sect of Abaddar and their goals? – y
  2. Is it in the history section? – y
  3. Is it in the religion section? – y
  4. Anywhere else (within Magic U library)? – n
  5. Is there useful info on the destruction of the dragon sword in the history section? – n
  6. In the Artifact section? – n
  7. In the Dragon section? – y
  8. In the theory section? – y
  9. In the DIY section? – n
  10. Filed under the creator of the sword? – n
  11. In other sections? – n
  12. Is there information about the dragon sword in the Magic U which we would find useful, which is not about its destruction? – PN block
  13. Is there an analogous powerful magic item which I could use? – y
  14. Is anyone looking for ways to destroy it? – n
  15. Is it on this plane? – n

Searching for gizdium (1/5/17)

  1. Which cave for gizdium?
  2. Which cave for gizdium?
  3. Which cave for gizdium?
  4. Which cave for gizdium? – Got it!
  5. If we poke around in the cave looking for gizdium, are we likely to run into anything dangerous to us? – n
  6. If we just search and search, will it take us more than a day to find enough gizdium for now? – n
  7. Is the gizdium in a mostly refined state? – n
  8. Is it basically an ore? – y
  9. Is it still in the walls? – somewhat
  10. Is this mine a self-contained, defined space? – y
  11. The unknown source of info on destroying the dragon sword, is it on this continent? – y
  12. Is there more than one such source? – y
  13. Is there such a source within the Hegemony? – n
  14. Is there such a source in the lands on this continent that we’ve visited? – n
  15. Is there one in the lands south of the Hegemony? – y

Star Chart

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