Star Chart

For clarity, “blocked” means the question is related to the staff fragment and Syama failed to even manage to ask the question. “Unclear” means the question was asked, but the star chart effectively said “maybe yes, maybe no”.

  1. guiltspur, xendrick, atur, korth, rekkenmark, wynarn, morgrave

Death’s forge? (11/18/21)
is it right, where, how to find, how deadly, what plane, library research

  1. Is Death’s Forge the forbidden place we need information from? – y
  2. Is it in a fixed location on the positive energy plane? – y
  3. With the knowledge we now have, could we find it the same way we found the crystal cube? – y
  4. If we went there with only our standard positive energy plane protections, would the environment be dangerous to us? – n
  5. Would we likely be attacked? – y
  6. Would there likely be dangers to us other than being attacked? – y
  7. Could we potentially learn about those dangers in this library? – n
  8. Is there further information in this library which would be useful to us in this mission? – n
  9. Could we potentially learn about those dangers in another library we know? – n
  10. Are those dangers known to anyone outside of Death’s Forge on the positive energy plane? – n
  11. Do those dangers involve danger to our very souls? – n
  12. Do they involve physical health? – n
  13. Do they involve mental health? – n
  14. Would there be dangers to the functioning of the plane and its cycles that we might cause if we weren’t careful to avoid them? – n
  15. Would our mission be helped by doing something at Deaths Forge other than collecting information? – y
  16. Would that something include anything we ought to do before bringing the information to the Jyoti who can use it? – n
  17. Do the dangers other than being attacked involve information that someone else might get? – n
  18. Would it add significant risk to our mission, to go to Death’s Forge without know what these dangers are? – n
  19. Would we likely need to finish combat with those who attacked us, in order to figure out the information we need? – n
  20. Are at least some of those who are likely to attack us, possessed of enough power to be significantly dangerous to us? – y
  21. Are we likely to want details about what’s wrong there, beyond what’s blatantly obvious? – n

still searching for clue (11/18/21)

  1. If ‘naturally’ souls don’t mature outside the cities but can leave the plane outside the cities, does that mean they would leave the plane as immature souls? – y
  2. Does this happen? – y
  3. Do the immature souls which leave the plane end up in bodies, in general? – n
  4. Does not ending up in a body, tend to cause them not to exist, in a fairly short timeframe? – y
  5. Does the way the Jyoti help souls to mature, influence how personalities develop once they’re in a body, as compared to the methods of the Denava? – y
  6. Does the way that the Jyoti help souls to mature, influence how societies develop, as compared to how they developed when souls were handled by the Denava? – y
  7. Are these two differences caused by the same difference in maturation? – y
  8. Do these differences affect alignment? – y
  9. Do these differences affect ability? – n
  10. If the Jyoti no longer did their jobs, is it likely that a new system would be installed to aid the maturation of the souls? – blocked
  11. The gods who installed the Jyoti, do their followers believe that they are as influential as they ever were? – y
  12. When the Jyoti replaced the Denava, was there a period of unpleasantness while the change happened and the Jyoti learned their jobs? – y
  13. Did this unpleasant period last long enough to significantly disrupt societies? – y
  14. Do any of the people working on the project we’re trying to disrupt, believe that they will change the nature of souls, by their project? – blocked
  15. Does the forbidden place relevant to us, have to do with the process of soul maturation? – sort of
  16. Does it have a current function? – y
  17. Does its function directly act upon the souls? – yes and no
  18. Does its function directly act upon the Jyoti? – n
  19. Does its function directly act upon the plane? – y
  20. If the project we’re trying to disrupt were allowed to continue as is, would it significantly disrupt this function? – no and yes
  21. Does the forbidden place have multiple functions? – y

what’s with these souls anyway? (11/11/21)

  1. Does it matter to the souls’ development how long it takes them to get to a city? – n
  2. Are there souls that never reach a city because something naturally happens that prevents them from doing so? – y
  3. Do the souls normally leave the city before leaving the plane according to the natural plan? – n
  4. Is it possible for the souls leave the plane in their natural way outside of the cities? – y
  5. Do the souls mature inside the cities? – y
  6. Can the souls mature outside of the cities? – n
  7. Is it primarily the singing and/or tending that the Jyoti do that causes the souls to be able to mature in than the city? – y
  8. Are there also other factors in the city which help mature them, for example physical surroundings? – y
  9. If the Jyoti suddenly stopped doing their jobs, would the souls cease to mature? – y
  10. If the souls did not mature, would they end up in bodies anyway? – n
  11. Is there sorting done either by Jyoti or by the nature of the plan itself, influencing which souls never get to a city? – n
  12. Is the end result of the tending done by the Jyoti similar to the end result of whatever the Denava used to do with the souls? – n
  13. Was the plan deliberately designed to create the difference that exists? – n
  14. Was it designed to create a difference? – n
  15. Has this difference caused a change in the way people are, and/or the way societies are? – y
  16. If I knew what this change was, would I approve more of the way things are now, than the way they used to be? – y
  17. Would Maral? – unclear
  18. The thing being done which causes the antimagic zones, if that thing keeps being done, will it likely influence the maturing of the souls? – y
  19. Will it do this by interfering with the souls themselves, rather than, for example, the Jyoti’s ability to do their jobs? – n
  20. Will it interfere with the physical surroundings in the cities? – n
  21. Will it interfere with the efficacy of the things which the Jyoti do for the souls? – n

more looking for forbidden place (11/4/21)

  1. Is the forbidden place which it would be useful for us to go, one of the 5 sites that we know of where other temple-building was attempted? – n
  2. Is it substantially useful to our mission to go to one of those 5 places anyway? – n
  3. Do the wizards have enough information about the anti-magic zones to figure out what to do about them eventually? – n
  4. Will bringing them to additional anti-magic zones give them enough information? – n
  5. Do the need information from the forbidden place? – y
  6. Has anyone that we know and are on decent speaking terms with encountered a party within the last week such that if we described the dragon party to them as best we could, they would likely believe it was likely that we were describing the party they’d encountered? – n
  7. Has anyone we know and are on decent speaking terms with encountered a party such that if we described the dragon party to them as best we could, they would likely believe it was likely that we were describing the party they’d encountered, and also believe they had additional information about the party that we’d find materially useful? – n
  8. Are there dead magic zones on this plane strong enough to prevent us from using Greater Teleport? – y
  9. Gate? – y
  10. Are these magics blocked in these zones via the power level that the zone prevents? – y
  11. Do any of the zones also specifically prevent dimensional travel? – n
  12. Are there other manus that it’s worthwhile to us to approach for mission-relevant information? – y
  13. For other purposes? – n
  14. Is there more than one manu with mission-relevant information for us? – n
  15. Does a human manu have this information? – y
  16. Would this manu be relevant to any human in this party? – y
  17. Is this manu known to scholars that we have access to? – n
  18. Is this manu accessible from a location on our prime that’s familiar to us? – y
  19. Is this location in or near Atur? – n
  20. In or near Wynarn? – n
  21. In or near the Mournlands? – n

what now? (10/28/21)

  1. Is the forbidden place where the primary effect is detectable, a site of attempted temple building? – n
  2. Is it Creation’s Forge? – n
  3. Is it on this plane? – y
  4. Is it a location of historical importance? – y
  5. Is it near a place where the people of this plane go? – n
  6. Is its historical importance related to any of the stories we’ve been collecting about this plane? – somewhat
  7. The giant crystal box we visited, can we reasonably learn anything from it to help us in our mission? – a little
  8. Would attempting to get inside the box be a Bad Idea? – n
  9. Is/are there temple(s)/ruins of temples to the traveler on this plane? – n
  10. Are there any more of these boxes on this plane? – n
  11. Is there only one of the Forbidden Place? – y
  12. Is there only one forbidden place? – y
  13. Is The Forbidden Place on this plane, a unique enough identifier to pull the same trick we used to find the box? – n
  14. Do the wizards of a different city on this plane know about it? – n
  15. Is it written of in any of the libraries we know? – n
  16. To learn from the box, would we need to get inside the box? – y
  17. Would normal dimensional travel work for getting inside the box, if we knew where inside the box? – n
  18. Would damaging the box cause trouble related to what the box was meant to seal? – unclear
  19. Would we need to damage the box to the the relevant information? – y
  20. Is the information in question, not attainable by the visual inspection that Bertram can do magically? – y (yes it is not attainable)
  21. Are the keepers of the shore relevant to our current mission? – [tree block]


  1. is the Dragon Sword still relevant to us? – oak
  2. have we found everything relevant to our current research in the giants library? – n
  3. if the original titans return, will the world end? – unclear
  4. is there anyone currently working on returning them, whether or not they’re aware that that’s their project? – blocked
  5. 10 questions for narrowing down what to research
  6. 2
  7. 3
  8. 4 got the titans
  9. 5
  10. 6 more info on other end of the world
  11. 7
  12. 8
  13. 9
  14. 10
  15. Are there other useful avenues of research on this topic in this library? – n
  16. in sharn, where are things filed? – 6 questions
  17. info about titans
  18. not other end of world

after manu (10/14/21)

  1. Would telling Jonyotim about our trip to Creation’s Forge likely make him react badly? – y
  2. Is it foreordained which of Mark’s prophecies will apply to us? – y
  3. Will the first one apply to us? – hyacinth
  4. The second one? – eucalyptus
  5. Third? – beech
  6. Fourth? – elderberry
  7. Does the library in Wynarn have information about these prophecies that would likely be useful to us? – n
  8. Do any of the libraries we’re familiar with? – y
  9. Zilargo? – n
  10. Sharn? – y
  11. Any others? – y
  12. The giants’ library? – y
  13. Guiltspur? – n
  14. Have we met an original titan as the prophecy intends the phrase? – n
  15. Do the keepers of the shore currently exist? – y
  16. Is ‘the other end of the world’ literally a place on our prime material? – n
  17. Are the peasants of the prophecy literal peasants of our prime? – magnolia
  18. Does ‘that which cannot be’ involve Rovogug? – cedar
  19. Are titans gods? – sycamore
  20. In Sharn, is at least some of the potentially useful information, actually filed under information about these prophecies? – n
  21. In the giants’ library? – y

more information (9/30/21)

  1. Are there any dragons on this plane, in a group, with similar power level to ours? – blocked
  2. The place forbidden to Jyoti, where the primary effect is detectable, is it on this plane? – y
  3. Is it in a crystal city (or more than one)? – n
  4. Is it a place where the plane is less pure? – n
  5. Is it a place the average Jyoti might know about? – n
  6. Is it a place Jonyotim has ever heard of? – n
  7. Is it known by any Jyoti in the city Jonyotim is from? – n
  8. Would Jonyotim know who might know of this place and where to find them? – n
  9. Is it known to people/creatures in creation’s forge? – y
  10. If we are transported to near but outside creation’s forge, do we already need the extra protections in place to survive at least 4 rounds? – n
  11. If we do that, with only our usual this-plane protections, are we likely to want to leave before preparing and coming back? – n
  12. Would polymorphing into constructs prevent the environment from damaging us? – y
  13. Would polymorphing into Inevitables do the same? – y
  14. As Inevitables, would we need other protections in place in order to survive our trip, excluding anything that happened because we got attacked? – n
  15. The beings we need to talk to at creation’s forge, are they the Kumara? – y
  16. Are they likely to be willing to talk to us, if we are polite? – barely
  17. Would explaining that we are not in fact Inevitables, help them be more willing to talk to us? – n
  18. Is it advisable for us to also pretend to them, to have nothing to do with gods? – n
  19. Do they already know about the problem? – y
  20. Are the Kumara likely to approve of us helping with the problem, and deliberately assist us? – y
  21. Will we need different protections to (relatively) safely visit the forbidden place? – y

creation’s forge (9/23/21)

  1. Is it useful to our mission, for us to visit Creation’s Forge more or less right away? – y
  2. Would we need more protections than we’ve been using on this plane to visit without danger from the area itself? – y
  3. If we go to creation’s forge, will that put us in danger other than environmental danger? – n
  4. If we talk to natives of this plane about the possibility of us wanting to go to creation’s forge, are they likely to freak out? – possibly
  5. How about the wizard specifically? – n
  6. If I use my special planeshift, would that be able to get us to close to but outside of creation’s forge? – y
  7. Would Jonyotim be able and willing to help us figure out how to protect ourself from creation’s forge, if we explained that we thought it was involved? – y
  8. Would knowing that it’s the target, if it is, give him useful information so the Jyoti can figure out what needs to be done? – n
  9. If we go into creation’s forge, would we need to be careful, to avoid doing accidental damage to the area or any souls there? – n
  10. Is the intent of this effect to do with this plane? – y
  11. Are there effects on other planes aside from whatever plane is at the other end of this? – n
  12. Is there a temple being built (or recently built) which is affecting this? – n
  13. Are these things (partially or wholly) caused by people believing they’re acting on behalf of another? – blocked
  14. Should there currently be souls in creation’s forge? – y
  15. Are there? – y
  16. Is either the Tale of Rovogug or the Tale of the Traveler relevant to this current issue? – y
  17. Is there currently an incursion on this plane, not counting us, which is relevent to this issue? – blocked
  18. Do we currently possess magic other than wish or miracle, which is appropriate to and capable of, keeping us safe from the environment of creation’s forge? – y
  19. Is it important to figure out who’s behind this, in order to fix the problem? – n
  20. Would the wizard coming with us to creation’s forge be more effective in getting the information we need, than us going without him? – n
  21. Is there also another place on this plane, which it would behoove us to visit for purposes of gathering information about this problem? – y

much energy (9/23/21)

  1. Is the primary effect of the zones detectable on this plane? – y
  2. Is the primary effect aimed at this plane? – y
  3. Is the primary effect detectable outside the zones on this plane? – y
  4. Is it detectable everywhere on this plane? – n
  5. Is it detectable in certain place(s) important to the Jyoti? – y
  6. Is it being caused by a group of people? – strong block
  7. Does the group feel it’s advancing the interests of a specific deity? – strong block
  8. The sub-group involved with the spherical portal chambers, are they involved with this mess as well? – n
  9. Does anyone from the Cult of the Dragon Below know about this scheme, excepting Gilly? – n
  10. The places where the primary effect is detectable, are they places where the souls are gathered? – not now
  11. Are they places where souls are going to be gathered in the reasonably near future? – unclear
  12. Are they places where some Jyoti regularly gather? – n
  13. Are they places where some Jyoti go from time to time? – n
  14. Are they places where souls originate? – n
  15. Are they places frequented by people other than Jyoti? – n
  16. Are they places where the Jyoti are forbidden to go? – y
  17. Are we capable of detecting this effect? – y
  18. Are the Jyoti capable of detecting it? – y
  19. If we asked Jonyotim what places were important and forbidden, would he be likely to tell us? – n
  20. If we told him that the effect was detectable in important forbidden places, would he likely be willing to investigate himself, in an effective manner? – unclear
  21. If we figured out where these places were, and snuck in, would our sneaking in either cause damage of some kind, or alert people of intruders even if we snuck well? – unclear

so positive (9/23/21)

  1. Is this phenomenon related to any intrinsic magic of the way planes work? – n
  2. Is this related to the actions, direct or indirect, of a very powerful entity or group? – blocked (very strong)
  3. Is this related to those stories about previous attempts at temples here? – y
  4. Are any of the Traveler’s followers involved? – n
  5. Did we give the wizards enough information for them to figure out what to do in a reasonable timeframe? – y
  6. To fix this problem, are we likely to need to participate in a ritual? – n
  7. Are we likely to need to counter any deliberate actions by others? – strong block
  8. To defeat active resistance to the fix by others? – y
  9. Is there likely to be resistance to the fix from any Jyoti? – n
  10. Once we know what to do, will it be significantly easier to do it with the Jyoti’s help? – n
  11. Do we have access to the knowledge necessary to figure out what to do, from sources other than the Jyoti? – y
  12. Would knowing the location of a zone for the next day be useful to our mission? – n
  13. Do we have access to a way to detect zones without entering them? – n
  14. Do we have access to a way to mark the zone rather than the location, so that the mark moves with the zone? – n
  15. If we just hang around, are we likely to be attacked within the next day? – n
  16. Are the Jyoti likely to get back in touch with us within the next day? – y
  17. Aside from our group, are there any clerics within 100 miles of the city? – n
  18. Are the weird magic zones themselves the primary effect of whatever is being done to create them? – n
  19. Is the primary effect currently detectable on this plane? – y
  20. Is the primary effect detectable within the zones, more than elsewhere? – n
  21. Is the primary effect detectable within the city? – n

more positive (9/16/21)

  1. The wizards who would know what might cause such a problem, to know that would they need to visit an active anomaly zone? – y
  2. Would they need more than one? – n
  3. Are the zones more likely to happen in one place than another, on this plane? – y
  4. Are the zones more likely to pop up in places they’ve already been, than otherwise? – n
  5. Are they more likely to pop up in places they haven’t been, than otherwise? – n
  6. Are they as likely to pop up within the city, as in some similar-sized space outside the city? – n
  7. Are they more likely to pop up in some directions from the city than others? – n
  8. Are the more likely to pop up at certain distances from the city than others? – n
  9. Do they tend to last more than an hour? – y
  10. Do they tend to vary, over the course of their existence? – y
  11. Within the next 6 hours, would we be more likely to find an anomaly zone by searching to the north side of the city than the south, if we are searching within an hour’s travel of the city by windwalk and falling? – n
  12. Would we be more likely to find one to the south? – y
  13. Within that southern side, would we be more likely to find one to the east than to the west? – y
  14. Would we be likely to find more than one in that area in that timeframe, assuming we keep looking past the first? – unclear
  15. Do they tend to last more than 4 hours? – y
  16. The variation over time of a single zone, does it often involve size of the zone? – n
  17. Does it often involve change in location? – y
  18. Does the change in location often move it faster than the speed of an average walking person? – n
  19. Does this travel tend to happen in predictable directions? – y
  20. Do different zones tend to travel in the same direction, where that could be a direction more easily describes by either the compass points or a particular focal location? – n
  21. Do they tend to vary in strength? – y

positive energy mission (9/9/21)

  1. Does the magic suppression have to do with our mission? – y
  2. Is it fairly widespread on the plane? – y
  3. Would magic suppression in certain areas make caring for the souls more difficult? – y
  4. If we try to talk to the patrol, will they try to kill us immediately? – probably
  5. If they try to kill us and we fight back enough to stop them, would they talk to us after? – probably
  6. Are the local wizards aware of the problem we’re sent to solve (as a group)? – n
  7. Is there a Head Wizard? – n
  8. Is there a wizard who is perceived by the non-wizards as the head wizard? – n
  9. Is there a local wizard who is aware of the problem? – n
  10. Does the problem threaten the wellness of the unborn souls or their birth in any way? – y
  11. Will the problem threaten these things more, if it increases? – y
  12. Does it threaten the Jyoti themselves in any way (can be longterm)? – y
  13. If the wizards knew we were here and what we wanted to talk about, would they talk to us? – unclear
  14. Does this partly depend on which wizard is approached? – n
  15. Is this plane drifting closer to another plane, in a way that produces the magic suppression? – n
  16. Is the suppression influenced by something any of the Jyoti is or are doing on purpose? – n
  17. If the wizards knew about the problem, would they be likely to have information about what might cause such a problem? – y
  18. Would the patrol be more likely to talk to us if we convincingly told them that there was a problem with their very plane, which their wizards were not aware of yet, since it hadn’t struck close enough to home? – y
  19. Was this problem caused, influenced, or exacerbated by the actions of any gods? – blocked
  20. Can the problem be fixed in a way that does not directly involve divine magic? – y
  21. Is there a wizard known for being less xenophobic than others? – y

after begging help from gods (5/27/21)

  1. is it safe to raid 314 – no
  2. are the forces we heard about last time, the forces we’re likeyl to actually face when things go down
  3. do they have an actual spellcaster casting spells who knows disintegrate, and is it only one

after killing more demons (5/20/21)

  1. The balor that left the combat, did they leave to report (directly or indirectly) to K-lord? – y
  2. Did they get a response which made them believe K-lord would get personally involved as soon as there’s more fighting with us? – y
  3. Do they believe K-lord will bring any other significant demon reinforcements aside from himself and the others we’ve seen already? – n
  4. Do they believe he’ll bring any other significant non-demon reinforcements that we haven’t met yet? – y
  5. Are these non-demon reinforcements likely to be similar in power to the non-demon allies we were aware of? – y
  6. Will there likely be more than 2 additional non-demon significant allies? – n
  7. Will all of the said allies likely be spell-casters? – y
  8. Will there likely be both divine and arcane ability involved? – n
  9. Will there be arcane ability involved? – n
  10. Do the demon lieutenants believe the same things they did before about responses and timing of responses to someone messing with the rift? – y
  11. Is asking the hierarchy of Iomedae for allies for this coming battle likely to be useful to us? – blocked
  12. How about Abadar? – no
  13. How about Asmodeus? – no
  14. Cayden Caillean? – yes
  15. The divine ability likely to be added to the forces arrayed against us, is that divine ability drawing on a CE power? – y
  16. Is it K-lord? – y
  17. is this new caster likely to have the same special pact with K-lord that made the other guy icy? – n
  18. Would Iomedae prefer a direct request to a longer and more visible approach through the ranks of the hierarchy, when we ask for allies in this crusade? – y
  19. Is our plan for creating a bottleneck situation around the rift theoretically sound? – y
  20. Do the demon lieutenants believe that K-lord is likely to lead (or close to lead) the charge, when it comes to defending the rift? – unclear

we made a temple! (5/6/21)

  1. If we sit around here, are we likely to be attacked within the hour (by forces we’d care about)? – blocked
  2. Would entering this rift be dangerous to us (significant damage, inconvenient status damage, mental health issues)? – yes
  3. Does traversing the rift involve significant time, either from the perspective of the traverser, or from that of the world (at least an hour)? – n
  4. More than a round? – usually
  5. More than 4 rounds? – not usually
  6. If people go through in a group, can they stay grouped by touching? – n
  7. Does traversing the rift have the potential to do significant physical damage? – n
  8. Status effects? – y
  9. Mental health issues? – n
  10. Does it do status effects which can be countered by freedom of movement? – n
  11. Does it do ability damage or drain? – n
  12. Does it do things that prevent one from acting? – y
  13. Does it do this while one is still inside, in a way that makes it harder to stop being inside? – n
  14. Does it stun? – sometimes
  15. Does it do things that might ordinarily be countered by freedom of movement but in this case they aren’t? – n
  16. Does it make people unconscious in any way? – n
  17. Does it stagger? – n
  18. Does it affect everyone equally, apart from their ability to save? – n
  19. Are Lawful people affected more then Chaotic people? – y
  20. Are Good people affected more than Evil people? – y

Big Battle?!?! (4/29/21)

  1. If we killed forces on 314, in reasonable quantity, do the demons believe that a later fight at the tower would have a materially weaker force on their side? – y
  2. Are the forces at the temple of a total strength we would consider overwhelming? – n
  3. Would the forces at the temple near the rift in 314 expect reinforcements if a raid or series of raids was successful in dropping their numbers? – n
  4. Would a Balor [or whatever] killed near the temple be replaced in 7 days or less? – n
  5. Do the minions believe that K-lord will show up to defend the rift if they keep losing? – y
  6. Would the psy-ops work (make our victory significantly easier or more likely)? [possibly split between ‘this is all fine really’ and ‘we’ll crush k-lord if he tries’] – unclear
  7. Do the demons believe they have some way to get to the tower en masse that is not the rift? – n
  8. Do the demons expect that they would know, if anyone started trying to tamper with the rift? – y
  9. Do they expect that they would know right away when someone started messing with it? – n
  10. Do they expect to know what type of thing is being done to the rift (change vs destruction)? – n
  11. Do they expect that they would know if interlopers merely showed up right next to the rift inside the bubble) and killed everything in the area? – unclear
  12. Do they expect that they would only know someone was messing with the rift when the rift started being significantly affected by it? – y
  13. If they did know that someone had merely showed up near the rift and started killing stuff, would they likely respond immediately to that as a threat? – y
  14. Do the lieutenants expect that if someone is attempting to destroy the rift, they would have definite knowledge of this, for themselves, before it’s nearly accomplished? – y
  15. If the demons feel that we are too much for whatever is left of them to handle, and they don’t want to fight us, will the threat of immanent destruction of the rift cause them to fight us anyway? – y
  16. If we ask the powers we’ve been discussing as allies, for assistance with this conflict, is it likely we’d get enough assistance to make our job materially easier, without paying a hefty price for it? – y
  17. Would knowing before we started the ritual, that we were going to do this ritual, change the demons’ response materially? – n
  18. Do the demons believe they have any cross-plane communication between the 314 and the tower side of the rift, other than someone going through the rift? – n
  19. Do they have any pre-arranged check-ins such that a lack of anyone going through the rift also constitutes information? – y
  20. Are these check-ins at intervals less than 30 minutes? – y

what now? (4/22/21)

  1. Are we correct that the demons are not aware our goal is destroy the rift? -
  2. if we start the ritual will they know it’s for destroying the rift
  3. if they didn’t know woud they hate us
  4. is there dissension of power demons
  5. restrict gte
  6. bring army
  7. angel&devil at entrance

more whittling (4/22/21)

  1. Are the numbers of powerful demons (not including DIC) here likely to remain the same, if no one kills any of them? -
  2. Are the powerful demons here (not including the DIC) expecting reinforcements? – n
  3. Are these demons sticking together at least most of the time now? – blocked
  4. Are the still-living non-demons on this side of the rift? – n
  5. Are the powerful demons we know and don’t love currently here? – n
  6. Did these powerful demons excluding the DIC, expect help from the non-demons if combat happens? – y
  7. If we started messing with the rift, would we be attacked in force, soon? – y
  8. Are there 2 Balors here, 3 Vrolokai, and 4 Marilith and no others of those? – yes and no
  9. Would we be able to Discern Location on an appropriate target for attacking? – y
  10. Would we be able to teleport to that location? – n
  11. Are the powerful demons in the Iron Tower? – n
  12. In the city? – n
  13. In and extradimensional doohickey? – n
  14. Are there powerful demons in the Iron Tower? – n
  15. If we go to the Iron tower and stay there for a while, are we likely to be attacked soon? – n
  16. Are the demons hanging out kinda in the rift sorta? -
  17. Can more than one demon go through the rift at a time? – y
  18. More than 2? – y
  19. Can the rift-closing ritual work on a gate surrounded by ice? – n
  20. If we show up and hang out by the rift without actually starting the ritual yet, will we still be attacked as quickly? – unclear
  21. If we start the ritual, are we likely to be attacked within 3 rounds? – n

after 314 raid (4/1/21)

  1. On the timescale of our current mission, is the demon in charge always in the tower? – blocked
  2. Does the DIC usually leave its hangout spot during a normal day? – blocked
  3. Do the Balors who hang out in the Tower, believe the the DIC and K-lord are one and the same? – y
  4. Do they believe that the DIC will proactively come find us, if we kill enough of the other demons in the tower? – unclear
  5. Will any of the powerful demons and people killed so far return within a week? – n
  6. Is it possible to beat the demon forces down sufficiently low that they will stop attacking us if we arrive in the tower and do not try to engage them, only considering the Balor, Marilith, etc forces we have seen so far? – y
  7. Are the non-demons in the tower now? – n
  8. Do they often come into the tower even if not called to battle by a raid? – n
  9. Would discern location on a tower Balor give us enough information to teleport to its location? – blocked
  10. Is the Balor we’ve seen and not killed currently or likely to be in the next 30 minutes with other Balors or Vrolokai? – y (resisted)
  11. Is it, or is it likely to be, with more than 3 other Balors and Vrolokai? – y (resisted)
  12. Is it with any of the the non-demon allies? – blocked
  13. Would teleporting to the Balor be Dumb? – blocked
  14. Does the Balor believe that, were it to suddenly find itself in combat right now, it would have an ally in the combat significantly more powerful than it is? – blocked
  15. Would the Balor likely flee on its first round if we attacked in this manner? – y
  16. Is it possible to complete our tower mission without ever facing or directly overcoming / dealing with K-lord? – blocked
  17. If we tried to lock down and defend a single room, as we did on our last tower adventure, would be tactics of our opponents significantly differ from those they used last time? – y
  18. If we did this, would we likely be attacked as quickly or more quickly than before? – y
  19. Do the Vrolokai we’ve seen expect that currently they will generally be hanging out with demons more powerful than they are? – y
  20. Do they expect that, if we attack again, we will face at least one stronger opponent than we faced last time we tried? – n

what…? (3/25/21)

  1. did the ice guy die – y
  2. is he dead now – y
  3. is he likely to be out of commission for at least a week? – y
  4. at least a month? – y
  5. do any others of the non-demons invested in the iron tower nonsense have that ice deal? – y
  6. all of them? – y
  7. is the ice bit from K-lord? – blocked
  8. would the demon village stop being on high alert within the next 2 days? – n
  9. within the next week? – n
  10. is it useful to attack the village, as it is now, in order to make attacking the iron tower easier? – n
  11. is it easier to close the rift from the demon side? – n
  12. are the demons choosing to not frequently go through the rift because of their own personal desires – n
  13. are they prevented in some magical way? – n
  14. are they prevented in some physical way? – n
  15. are they prevented by orders and/or threats? – y
  16. with the village on high alert, are the non-demons still likely to respond as quickly to a request for help from the other side of the rift? – nearly
  17. does the ice bit work, while not on the same plane as K-lord? – y
  18. are there at least 3 powerful non-demons in the group remaining? – n
  19. are there 2? – y
  20. is one of them mostly fighty? – y

more questions about abyss (3/18/21)

  1. Do we have to defeat the power to execute our plan for the tower? – n (resisted)
  2. Is the power one that is local within the plane (as opposed to controlling the whole plane)? – blocked
  3. With our current plan, Would it be likely that we complete our raid without directly encountering this power? – y (resisted)
  4. or its main forces? – n
  5. Are its forces able to converge into overwhelming numbers within 1 minute? – y
  6. 30 seconds? – y
  7. 2 rounds? – y
  8. Are the raid targets typically able to escape via magic if caught unexpectedly under the conditions of this raid? – y
  9. Do they have unusual means of avoiding dimensional blocks? – n
  10. Are the raid targets typically grouped into overwhelming force sizes without an alert? – sort of
  11. Would our plan as currently devised likely get to us to our targets? – y
  12. Would we need to search for more than a few rounds to find our targets? – n
  13. Is there anything of value in the area that our targets would not want or be able to leave behind if they wanted to run away? – n
  14. Would a raid as envisaged cause the forces to be substantially better prepared if we tried it again within 5 days? – y
  15. within 2 days? – unclear
  16. Would we be likely to find our targets within 1 round of arriving on the plane? – y
  17. Would more than 2 major demons arrive within 2 rounds or already be there? – y
  18. Would more than 2 more major demons arrive or be there within another 2 rounds? – y
  19. Following this plan, would our targets likely be significantly buffed when we got there? – n
  20. Do our targets, under these circumstances, have particularly great initiative, or abilities that would give them a major advantage in trying to go before us? – somewhat

outside bubble questions (3/18/21)

  1. Is it dumb to travel to the area near where the rift near where the non-demon allies are? – n
  2. Is the “area where the non-demon allies are” controlled by a stronger power that has an interest in protecting the non-demon allies? – y
  3. Is the power one that opposes our current plans at the tower anyway? – y
  4. Is the power one that we need to deal with to greatly help our plan with the tower? – y
  5. Can the non-demon allies call a roughly equal amount of support from their side of the rift as (our understanding of what they can get) in the tower? – n
  6. Is the area near the non-demon allies an open area? – y
  7. is it buildings / tower / dungeon?
  8. If we defeat / kill the non-demon allies on their side of the rift, does that prevent them from joining new fights on our plane for at least a week? – blocked
  9. If we defeat / kill the demon on their side of the rift, does that prevent them from joining new fights on our plane for at least a week?
  10. Do strong demons normally occupy the area where the non-demon allies are? – y
  11. Do strong demons often travel through the rift where the non-demon allies are? – n
  12. Can we plane shift back to the prime material normally from the area where the non-demon allies are? – y
  13. Is the most effective way that is within our power to stop the non-demon allies from aiding the demons, violent in nature? – y
    political / deal making / diplomacy?
    (remaining questions to get an estimate of the size and composition of our opposing force)

After first assault (3/11/21)

  1. how many of different demon types are left
  2. is there a way to keep the non-demons out

Planning the assault (3/4/21)

  1. Would a group of demons wandering around the tower be plausible? – y
  2. If it were a group as large as our party? – less so
  3. If we were a smaller group, would it be more plausible to be less dangerous ones, as opposed to more dangerous, or mixed? – y
  4. Do the non-demons hang out in the city? – n
  5. is the minotaur thing a minotaur with template(s)? – y
  6. does it have the half-fiend template? – y
  7. does it have others? – n
  8. are there ‘permanent’ mariliths? – y
  9. vrolikai? – y
  10. Are there more than 4 permanent mariliths? – y
  11. More than 4 permanent vrolikai? – y
  12. Have the non-demons had a stake in this area for more than 100 years? – n
  13. Do the non-demons hang out in a place that we would be able to get to, if we knew where it was? – blocked
  14. do they go to the edge of the city-bubble, when they intend to go to their own space? – n
  15. do the non-demons, when they intend to go to their own space, make use of the planar weirdness in this location? – y
  16. Is their own space in the Abyss? – blocked
  17. When the demons are prepping for an encounter with us, do they tend to do any summoning? – n
  18. When the non-demons are resting, are the demons able to contact them via telepathy (including possibility of demon telepathic companion)? – y
  19. If we set up a defensive setup in the tower, with victor in trance, is it likely to be at least a few minutes before dangerous opponents show up in force? – y
  20. Is it likely to be more than 10 minutes? – n

Finding non-demons (2/25/21)

  1. Do the non-demons tend to spend their time up in the tower when there is not an emergency – no
  2. While the current holders of the tower believe that we are likely to come back, do any of the ones that Gilly has seen spend significant time away from the others – yes
  3. Do any of the non-demons spend significant time alone when they believe we are not there – no
  4. Do the non-demons spend significant time away from the demons when they think we are not there – yes
  5. Do they have a location they tend to use for hanging out separately from the demons – blocked
  6. When hanging out separately from the demons, do they do it in a space that is physically in the tower – no
  7. Do they hang out on a private mini plane? – blocked
  8. Do they hang out in a Mansion or similar spell? – no (not resisted)
  9. Is there, within the tower, a permanent or semi-permanent entrance to where they hang out? – no (not resisted)
  10. Do they cast a spell to get to their hangout spot? – blocked
  11. Do at least some of the demons spend time alone in the tower when they believe we’re not there? – n
  12. Do at least some of them spend time (in the tower, when they believe we’re not there) in smaller groups? – n
  13. If they believe we’re in the tower, but we have not yet come down to their level, are they currently likely to come find us within the amount of time Victor would need to understand his trance-thing, if he is in a trance, but no demons have seen this? – y
  14. Do multiple Dimensional Locks in the same part of the tower, make it more difficult to teleport, than a single Dimensional Lock? – no
  15. If we kill some mariliths who were here, are they likely to be replaced within 2 days? – n
  16. If we stay in one spot in the tower, with a Dim Lock, and shut in as much as we can reinforce walls and stuff, are we likely to be attacked by approximately all the force we found together last time, more or less at once? – y
  17. Would any of the worrisome demons currently in the tower be replaced within a week if we killed them? – n
  18. If we stay in one spot in the tower, with appropriate defensive measures and get attacked in force, would the Big Scary Demon likely be in that force, or close behind it? – unclear (resisted)
  19. Would staying in one spot in the tower with Dim Lock and lots of walls and Victor not in a trance, be Dumb? – n
  20. Would doing the same, only with Victor protected and in a trance, be Dumb? – n

More Iron Tower (2/18/21)

  1. That Balor Gilly noticed, is it a standard Balor? – y
  2. Is it the Demon In Charge? – n
  3. Are there more Balors in the tower? – y
  4. The non-demons, have they moved to Down (as a general thing)? -n
  5. Were the non-demons pretty much right behind the Balor (when we met the Balor)? – y
  6. Will the Balor and the non-demons tend to keep these positions for the next day? – n
  7. Were other Balor(s) also pretty much right behind the one Balor? – y
  8. Will the Balors and the non-demons tend to meet up quickly whenever we’re noticed in the tower? – y
  9. Are there more than 2 non-demons? – y
  10. Are the non-demons also invisible (or do they try to be that way when they think we’re coming)? – y
  11. When Victor spends time in a trance, does he keep that information, so that multiple trances add up? – n
  12. Are we likely to encounter a lot of buffing (themselves) from the non-demons? – y
  13. A lot of elemental damage? – n
  14. A lot of death magic? – n
  15. A lot of healing/restoring? – y
  16. A lot of mind affecting magic? – y
  17. Are they likely to try to prevent dimensional travel? – n
  18. Are there three or more Balors in the tower? – y
  19. Would a group of 4 Balors fear combat with the Demon In Charge? – y
  20. If we kill a Balor, will it be replaced by another Balor within a week? – n
  21. If we kill opponents in the tower, are they likely to be resurrected? – n

More Iron Tower (2/18/21)

  1. Is there at least as much tower down as up? – y
  2. Is there also significant amount of tower up (at least half what there is down)? – n
  3. Is there stuff or information to the up that would be significantly useful to us claiming the tower or fighting for it? – n
  4. Is there useful stuff or information to the down, for claiming or fighting for the tower? – n
  5. Are there fewer than 100 floors of tower? – y
  6. If we go down, rather than up, and are trying to take control of the tower, will the non-demons likely come find us? – y
  7. Is there a significant benefit to us, to going up in the tower, aside from questions of which opponents we might meet when? – n
  8. Are there more than 10 floors up (above the ground)? – n
  9. More than 5? – y
  10. Are there more than 25 floors down? – y
  11. As we travel through the tower, are we likely to meet fewer opponents per floor by going quickly? – n
  12. If we beat the non-demons, would they come back (within the time we’re trying to take the tower)? – n
  13. If we Just Go down the tower, are we likely to find demons already on some floors, rather than teleporting in? – y
  14. Once a demon notices us, are they likely to keep trying to follow and attack us until we defeat them? – unclear
  15. Does the Demon In Charge tend to hang out in one particular location? – y (resisted)
  16. Is that location within 10 floors of the door? – blocked
  17. Do the other demons expect that they know whether the Demon In Charge is still around? – n
  18. Do the demons get messages to go places and attack people when that’s relevant? – y
  19. Do they get these messages through a chain of command? – sometimes
  20. Does the Demon In Charge tend to hang out within 5 floors of the bottom of the tower? – blocked

More Iron Tower (2/18/21)

  1. If Victor goes into the Tower with his ring on his person but not worn, would he or we suffer adverse effects? – n
  2. If Victor enters the Tower not wearing his ring, will he go into the trance? – y
  3. If someone else in the party were holding his ring, would there be adverse effects on anyone involved from entering the tower? – n
  4. If someone other than Victor had Victor’s ring, would Victor go into a trance in the tower? – n
  5. Would the other person? – n
  6. If we went into the tower with someone else holding Victor’s ring, and then later, that person gave the ring back, would Victor then go into the trance and learn the special things? – y
  7. If Victor is in the trance, and someone in our party takes his ring from him, will either of them be harmed by this action? – n
  8. Would taking Victor’s ring from him while he’s in the trance make him come out of the trance? – n
  9. if we get to floor 3 of the tower, can we teleport to floor 3 later, from outside the tower? – y
  10. Is the Big Demon that, if we beat him others would attack less, a Balor? – blocked
  11. Is he at least as scary is a Balor? – blocked
  12. Are the non-demons we’re iikely to run into in the tower, adventuring classes? – y
  13. Do they have a relation to a claim on the tower? – n
  14. Do they plan to defend the tower from intruders? – y
  15. Are they friendly with at least one Big Scary Demon? – y
  16. Do they tend to hang out with at least one Big Scary Demon while defending the tower? – y
  17. Do they believe that they hang out with the Scariest Most Important Demon around here? – n
  18. Is going up a good way to find the Big Important Demon? – blocked
  19. Is going up a good way to find the non-demons? – y
  20. Is going down a good way to find the Big Important Demon? – blocked

More Iron Tower (2/18/21)

  1. Does Dim Lock work in the Tower as normal except against some particular creature or individual creatures? – n
  2. Does Dim lock in the Tower provide resistance to dimensional magic rather than a ban? – y
  3. Is the resistance it provides likely to significantly slow our more worrisome opponents? – n
  4. Would it significantly slow the less worrisome but more plentiful opponents? – y
  5. Does the Tower currently have an Owner? – n
  6. Is there a creature associated with the Tower, such that beating them in combat would mean that others stopped attacking us? – y (resisted)
  7. Is that creature likely to attack us once we enter the Tower, with significantly more force than we’d likely find them with if we sought them out? – y (resisted)
  8. Is this creature a demon? – y (resisted)
  9. Are the non-demon opponents we’re likely to face in the Tower native to the Abyss? – n
  10. Are they native to the Prime? – y
  11. Are they a group accustomed to fighting together? – n
  12. Are we likely to encounter non-demons separately? – n
  13. Are the non-demons alive? – y
  14. Are they creatures we would identify as people? – mostly
  15. Are the non-demons we’re likely to encounter at least as dangerous to us as some of the demons are? – y
  16. Are they significantly more dangerous to us than some of the demons? – y
  17. The non-demons, are they mostly able to use magic? – y
  18. Does at least one of them use divine magic? – y
  19. Does at least one of them use arcane magic? – y
  20. Are there 5 or more of them? – n

How about that Iron Tower (2/11/21)

  1. If we enter the Tower by the door, and go down one level, will that floor have another stairway down? – y
  2. Can we make an extradimensional space (such as mansion) inside the tower? – y
  3. If Victor were carried into one, would he count as in the Tower for purposes of absorbing knowledge or whatever he’s doing? – n
  4. Are all the floors of the Tower the same size? – n
  5. Would we be likely to be found less quickly by going down than by going up? – n
  6. Is it possible to cast Dimensional Lock within the Tower? – y
  7. Does it work as normal? – n
  8. Does it make teleportation more difficult? – y
  9. Does it cover the expected area, from the frame of reference of the caster? – y
  10. The floor one down from the entrance, does that have a room with only one entrance that’s smaller than a Dim Lock and large enough for all of us and a Force Cage? – y
  11. Is Victor likely to snap out of his trance within 5 minutes? – n
  12. 10 minutes? – n
  13. 30 minutes? – n
  14. Will he snap out of it after some time, with no interference from us, other than protecting him from attack? – y
  15. Will we need to fight any opponents more dangerous than what we fought last time? – y
  16. Is it likely that all our opponents in the Tower will be demons? – n
  17. Are all the demons we’re likely to fight there, types that we’re heard of? – y
  18. Are any non-demon opponents likely to be of similar types to things we’d encountered in the city before? – n
  19. Will Victor likely take more than an hour to finish his trance? – n

how can we not get attacked?! (2/4/21)

  1. Would the method used to find us have been possible if we had mindblanked Thomas? – y
  2. Was the method used to find us dependent on our appointments? – n
  3. Is the mansion itself what’s being found? – n
  4. Would the method used to find us have worked if Gilly were on Victor’s plane? – blocked
  5. Did the method used to find us involve spellcasting? – n
  6. Did it involve spell-like abilities similar to this star chart? – n
  7. Did the tracking part, rather than the attacking part, involve a substantial number of people? – n
  8. If we were to stay on Victor’s plane when we’re not having political meetings here, but not engage in other projects elsewhere, would this count as staying here, and leaving the plane only in a tactical sense, for the purposes of being on record as being on this mission? – y
  9. The method used to find us, does it take more than a few minutes? – blocked
  10. Is it one person responsible for finding us? – blocked
  11. Do the various people who are trying to kill us, ask a specific person to find us? – resisted, yes
  12. The various people trying to kill us, are at least 3/4 of the substantially powerful ones only interested in killing us because they are told to? – n
  13. Was the arcane battery brought in in the hope that we would take it? – blocked
  14. Were the people guarding the battery when we took it, under the impression that if we took it, that would be not a big deal? – no, thought it would be a big deal
  15. If we hang out on Victor’s plane when not in meetings (or traveling), is that likely to make our meetings substantially more dangerous? – unclear
  16. remaining questions go toward our next meeting

did we do it yet? (1/28/21)

  1. Have we completed the mission yet? – n
  2. When we go back, if we haven’t done anything to make contact with anyone, is it likely our antagonists will be able to find us within a day? – blocked
  3. Are any of the people we’ve been talking to, aware of having given information to our antagonists which might help find us? – n
  4. Is the lead-lined bag effective in blocking the sphere from divination magics? – blocked
  5. Is the sphere divination blocked? – blocked – y
  6. Was the person of one of us subject to divination without us noticing within the past day? – y
  7. Was our Mansion subject to divination spells in the past day, but before anyone broke into our room? – n
  8. Remaining questions to the two coming interviews.

how do we finish this… (1/21/21)

  1. Have we completed our mission? – n
  2. If we continue our current plan at its current pace (taking into account time spent scheduling ever more busy people), and do nothing else other than defend ourselves, will we likely finish our mission successfully? – y
  3. Would it likely be finished faster and/or more effectively by also taking some other feasible action? – y
  4. Do we have a decent understanding of the current power level of our opposition? – y
  5. Is there a way for us to skip social levels in our talky chain, that doesn’t make us less likely to succeed? – y
  6. Is this by an action we can take, rather than by an action of of the Powerful People can take? – n
  7. Would our opposition need to rebuild their system to accomplish their goal, rather than coming up with alternative solutions, such as using the orb? – y
  8. If we left them alone from now on, aside from defending ourselves, would they be able to do the thing we’re trying to prevent, within a week? – n
  9. Within 2 weeks? – n
  10. Is there a political action we could feasibly take, which would likely help us finish our mission substantially faster, more effectively, and/or more safely, which we are not currently planning to take? – n
  11. A showy public action? – n
  12. A non-combat magical action? – n
  13. A combat action? – y
  14. Would bringing one of the conjurors help our ability to strongly convince the next Powerful Person? – y
  15. Would it be more effective to bring a higher-ranked conjuror? – y
  16. Would our chances of success be materially improved by the argument: PP#1 is convinced and advocating for this? – n

after the trap (12/17/20)

  1. If we only go out to meet with PP#1, and secretly go out to talk to friends, are we likely to be attacked by a powerful group today? – n
  2. Are we likely to be summoned to another trap today? – n
  3. Are they preparing a trap for tomorrow? – unclear
  4. Is the big site likely to remain heavily defended for the next week, assuming the political situation remains similar? – y
  5. Would defeating an Eremite likely advance our cause? – possibly
  6. Is that possibility based on the context of the defeat? – n
  7. Is it based on which particular Eremite is defeated? – n
  8. Powerful Person #1, questions about negotiations

ok there’s an army (12/10/20)

  1. Is the Overseer a serious threat to us if we do battle with it? – y
  2. Are we likely to be attacked by significant force within the next 3 days? – y
  3. Within the next day? – unclear
  4. Is the Overseer likely to be party to that attack? – y
  5. Is the Overseer likely to be the scariest individual attacking us at that time? – y
  6. Is the Overseer likely to be accompanied by people from this city involved in the scheme? – y
  7. Are they likely to be accompanied by any other notable visitors from Hell? – y
  8. Are the attackers likely to be able to find us magically and gain surprise, if we take precautions against this for the next few days? – probably not
  9. Are they likely to be willing to attack us in public? – eventually
  10. Are any of the diplomatic connections we are trying to make, actively on the side of our enemies? – n
  11. Are our enemies likely to be able and willing to attack us in the domains of our diplomatic contacts? – y
  12. If they were to attack us in public, would this likely influence the official stance towards them? – n
  13. Rest of questions go toward diplomatic approaches and personages

almost finished here (11/19/20)

  1. Did Name1 ask Ramiz to do the portal thing after it was rejected? – n
  2. Did Name2? – n
  3. Did any person in the City of Brass believe themselves to ask Ramiz to do the portal project after it was rejected, in a way that this person did not consider an order? – n
  4. Did Council1 ask Ramiz to do this? – blocked
  5. Did Council2? – blocked
  6. Is there anyone who believes they instructed Ramiz to do this? – n
  7. Outline Plan: is plan this Dumb? – n
  8. Would this plan likely get a bunch of the people we’re saving killed or recaptured? – unclear
  9. Doing this in working hours, would it likely end up alerting someone who would change the situation so the plan would not work well? – probably
  10. How about doing it during non-working waking hours? – probably not
  11. Sleeping hours? – probably not
  12. Concerning how fast to start the rumors, is Thomas & our friend’s estimate close to ideal? – y
  13. Concerning how much lead time between rumor-starting and first attack, is Thomas & friend’s estimate close to ideal? – y
  14. Carrying out this plan, during sleeping hours, with these close-to-ideal estimates, is this likely to result in success of our plan, and not many people on our side killed or (re)captured? – y
  15. Assuming we do this this way, are we likely to be retaliated against in significant force, within the next day? – n
  16. Within the next week? – unclear
  17. If we are still in this city when retaliation comes for us, are we likely to be attacked with enough force that we would be likely to lose the combat and/or some of our lives, if we are taken by surprise? – unlikely
  18. Assuming the attack and prisoner-escape part of the plan goes as intended, and the information is spread far and wide including to the magic guild it needs to go to right away, is the situation likely to be stable enough to count as a completed mission, within a week? – y
  19. Within 3 days? – unclear

do we machinate (11/19/20)

  1. Would telling Mebimif about Hassemof’s project likely be helpful to us in our mission? – y
  2. Would telling Ramiz about the project be helpful to us? – blocked (mindblank)
  3. Is part of the information change, telling some of the people we tell that we told other people? – n
  4. Is it most useful to us, to hit the sites after spreading the information rather than before? – n
  5. Do the attack and the info spreading need to happen in fairly quick succession? – n
  6. The group connected by vocation, that we need to tell, is it a Rookery skullduggery type of thing? – n
  7. Is it a group of tradesmen? – n
  8. Adventuring profession guild? – y
  9. Is it a magic-type guild? – y
  10. Is this guild involved in making money off inter-planar stuff? – somewhat
  11. Would hitting 6 locations in the city, and telling this guild and the general populace, be enough to fulfill our mission well and speedily? – y
  12. Would telling the local bards count as telling the populace? – y
  13. If we’re attacking a bunch of sites quickly, if we wait to get the people out until we do all the attacks, will we be too late to save a bunch of people? – unclear
  14. Would sending all the people to someplace in the middle of nowhere on the Prime Material, for a week, keep them safe long enough for them to be safe when we came back here? – probably
  15. Would it be more helpful to us, to tell Mebimif before attacking than after? – y
  16. Would Mebimif be at all interested in the safety of the people we’re intending to save? – y
  17. Would he also be interested in the safety of the people who’ve been moved out of the city and/or off the plane? – y
  18. Will it likely be easier to do something about those moved people after the attacks and information moving? – y
  19. Is the guild in question the most powerful local guild about arcane magic? – y

still trying to thwart (11/12/20)

  1. The informational change, does it involve destroying information? – n
  2. Does it involve spreading information we already have? – partly
  3. Does it involve spreading information we don’t yet have? – y
  4. Does it involve spreading false information? – n
  5. Would interrogating the Azer likely give us information useful to our mission? – y
  6. Is it likely more effective for our mission to attack the big site than the small ones? – n
  7. Is this plot a newer (in this area) group trying to come into power here? – blocked (probably mindblank)
  8. If we move information in the correct way, is sabotaging the sites still necessary to complete our mission? – n
  9. If we move information in the correct way, will also sabotaging the sites help our mission succeed sooner or better? – y
  10. Moving information in the correct way: Is this giving all the information to one person or group? – n
  11. Is it giving all the information to multiple people or groups? – y
  12. Is it making the information widely available to the general populace of the city? – y
  13. Is making it widely available to the general populace sufficient in terms of information-moving? – n
  14. Is it necessary to both make it widely available and call it specifically to someone’s attention? – y
  15. Is the someone one person? – n
  16. Is the someone a section of the government? – n
  17. Is the someone an official non-government group? – y
  18. Is that group a group based on vocation? – y
  19. Is it a merchant group? – n

how to thwart (11/5/20)

  1. If we free a bunch of prisoners, and damage a bunch of runes, and swipe whatever Dust we see, will that thwart the plot, assuming large enough values of ‘bunch’? – n
  2. If we free prisoners, damage runes, swipe Dust, and do the correct One More Thing, would that be enough to thwart the plot? – y
  3. If we only did those things on this plane, would we be able to do enough to thwart the plot? – y
  4. If we free prisoners, and hide them in a location within this city, that we attempt to obfuscate and guard, would that keep them safe, with moderate values of obfuscate and guard? – probably
  5. Would Maral hitting a bunch of runes with his axe do enough damage to qualify in the earlier question? – y
  6. Would bear-Fiona’s claws also work reasonably efficiently for damaging the runes? – n
  7. Would Aramus be able to efficiently damage the runes with his rapier? – y
  8. Would Stone Shape effecitively damage the runes? – y
  9. Would hitting 3 locations be enough locations to thwart the plot? – n
  10. 5 locations? – unclear
  11. Do here locations contain a way to get to the Hell locations? – n
  12. Once we hit one location, are the other locations likely to be forewarned more or less immediately (say, within 10 minutes), assuming that we prevent anyone escaping? – n
  13. Are we more likely to be able to hit multiple locations unexpectedly at some times of day than others? – n
  14. Are the locations likely to be more lightly guarded at some times of day than others? – n
  15. Is the One More Thing we need to do, disrupting a magical connection? – n
  16. Is it disrupting any existing magic? – n
  17. Is it a thing we need to do magically? – n
  18. Is it a physical change? – n
  19. Is it an informational change? – y

must thwart (10/29/20)

  1. Will disrupting some runes significantly disrupt the plan? – n
  2. Does someone come by the rune-site to collect results of the prisoners’ work? – n
  3. Is the rune-site funneling something somewhere else? – n
  4. Is the rune-site building power for something which is supposed to happen there? – not really
  5. Do the different rune-sites feed into a common result (as opposed to creating similar parallel results)? – n
  6. Is it reasonably plausible that we could thwart the plan without direct (face to face) confrontation with the people in charge of the plan? – n
  7. Is there a higher political power than the power carrying out the plan, which would disapprove of the plan? – n
  8. Does thwarting the plan primarily involve disrupting a magical effect? – n
  9. Does it primarily involve disrupting a person or set of people? – y
  10. Would exposing the shell corporation to authority help our mission? – n
  11. Would attacking the rune-site with intent to destroy runes and free prisoners help our mission, assuming it wasn’t Dumb? – n
  12. Is our mission immanently time-sensitive? – n
  13. To thwart the plan, is it necessary to kill the person or people in charge of it? – n
  14. Is it necessary to change the situation so the plan as it is cannot succeed? – n
  15. Would freeing large numbers of prisoners thwart the plan either by itself or in combination with other forms of petty sabotage? – y
  16. Do we actually need face to face time with the perpetrators to thwart the plot, rather than it being the case that we can thwart the plot in another way, but this would almost certainly lead to face to face time when they sought us out? – n
  17. If we merely free a sufficient number of prisoners, would that be enough to thwart the plot? – n
  18. Is thwarting the plot the whole of our mission? – y
  19. If we free a substantial number of prisoners, will they largely be able to be safe in the city, either by hiding, or by just going about their lives? – n

city of brass (10/29/20)

  1. Our contact Gionni, is he intending to betray us? – n
  2. Is there anyone who is on the side opposite from our side, who knows that we’re involved in this? – n
  3. Is the information Gionni is giving us honestly passed on from his sources? – y
  4. Is he reasonably certain to continue dealing with us in good faith while he believes we’re doing the same? – y
  5. Is anything going on that may convince him we’re not, while we believe we are? – n
  6. If we were to accurately learn the location of the prisoner, and infiltrate it invisible and mindblanked, are we likely to go undetected if we don’t mess with anything? – y
  7. If we mess with things subtly, are they likely to be overlooked for a while? – y
  8. Are the runes that the prisoners are helping with, related to our mission? – y
  9. Are we supposed to stop the plan involving the runes? – y
  10. Will stopping the plan likely make us powerful enemies? – y
  11. Are those enemies likely to attempt to track us once we leave? – y
  12. Would they likely fail to track us if we thwart their plan while mindblanked? – unclear
  13. If we stay mindblanked for some time after we leave, is that likely to help us remain untracked? – somewhat
  14. Are the runes in one location? – n
  15. Are the locations all within similar sorts of building? – n
  16. Are they mostly? – y
  17. Is the location the prisoner knows, one of the majority-type? – y
  18. Do we need to find locations other than the one the prisoner knows, to thwart the plan? – n
  19. Do we need a ritual to thwart the plan? – n

what’s the mission (10/1/20)

  1. Person 1 we’ve been directed to, do they actually know a significant chunk of what we need to know? – y
  2. Person 2? – y
  3. will person 1 likely tell us what they know about it if we behave normally? – y
  4. person 2? – y
  5. will person 1 likely do this for what we’d consider a reasonable exchange? – y
  6. person 2? – y
  7. do person 1 and person 2 have some different information from each other? – y
  8. these arrested people, are they mostly alive? – y
  9. are they mostly imprisoned in this city? – y
  10. are they likely to be enslaved soon? – n
  11. is there a plan to use them for a purpose, as distinct from just keeping them imprisoned? – y
  12. does this plan involve changing them physically? – n
  13. does it involve using their labor? – y
  14. is it planned for this labor to occur within the city? – y
  15. will the labor likely be harmful to the prisoners, more than standard physical exertion? – y
  16. is this labor planned to solve a recently occurring problem? – n
  17. is it to solve a long-existing problem? – kind of
  18. is it to create or take advantage of a new opportunity? – n
  19. would this plan benefit a small number of people, beyond the benefit it might have to the city or population? – y

suddenly on the plane of fire (10/1/20)

  1. Is our mission concerning a plane getting closer to this plane? – n
  2. Does it directly concern movement of the planes? – n
  3. is there a group of people in this city who are aware of a problem connected to our mission? – y
  4. Is this group connected to the unusual number of arrests? – y
  5. Are the guards themselves aware of the problem? – n
  6. Would asking around in the rookery be potentially useful to our mission? – y
  7. Would it be sufficiently dangerous that we should be consistently together and long-term-spells-prepped for battle? – n
  8. Is the information we could find in the rookery known fairly generally there? – n
  9. Would asking at the temples be potentially useful? – n
  10. To find info in the rookery, are we looking for someone with (unofficial) authority? – y
  11. Authority over a group doing specifically illegal things? – y
  12. Does this authority figure consider the thing we’re here to change a problem? – n
  13. Would this person likely be willing to talk to us if we asked nicely? – y
  14. Is the thing we’ve been sent to fix, a thing that this person is doing on purpose? – n
  15. Is this person actively happy about the thing we’ve been sent to fix? – n
  16. Are the bosses (at some level) of the guards aware of the specific problem? – n
  17. Is the Sultan aware of the thing we were sent to fix? – blocked
  18. Is there a close advisor to the Sultan who knows about it? – blocked
  19. If we presented ourselves to the upper parts of the government, with explanation, and offered to help, would that likely advance our mission more than it interfered? – n

what will happen in kirkata?

  1. Asking some questions about whether what’s about to happen in Kirkata will affect places other than kitkata, and if so, what places and ho much, with emphasis on possible affects on Atur – on prime material, it’ll mostly just affect kirkata, but it will affect other planes.
  2. The thing that’s likely to happen affecting the Kirkata Glorgirn’s fortunes, is that an event or change targeting Kirkata, rather than using Kirkata but targeting someplace on another plane? – n
  3. Is Kirkata useful because of any physical feature? – y
  4. Is Kirkata useful because of the politics of Kirkata? – y
  5. The physical feature(s) in question, does it or do they include geographical stuff? – sort of
  6. Manmade stuff? – n
  7. The mines? – n
  8. Something in the mountains? – n
  9. The location of Kirkata, apart from terrain features? – y
  10. Does the affect on other planes involve planar connections or weak points? – y

Inside the Iron Tower bubble (9/3/20)

  1. Will removing the demons fix the tower (fix the growing-shrinky thing)? – n
  2. Will fixing the tower fix the plane? – n
  3. Will fixing the plane fix the tower? – y
  4. Are there creatures other than demons in the tower? – sometimes
  5. Once the plane is fixed, will demons still appear here in greater than normal numbers? – n
  6. If we fight and remove demons inside the tower, do they come back (without fixing the other problems)? – y
  7. Do they tend to come back within the hour? – y
  8. Within half an hour? – y
  9. Within 10 minutes? – y
  10. Do we have to be inside the tower to fix the plane? – technically, no
  11. Can we be anywhere in the tower to fix it? – y
  12. Is there a specific spot within the tower which makes it easier or faster? – n
  13. Once we’re in the tower, will we know more about what we need to do to fix the plane? – y
  14. Do we need to be inside the tower to understand what we’d need to do to fix the plane? – n
  15. Once the plane, demons, and tower are all fixed, does the tower retain any non-normal power? – y
  16. If we were to enter the tower with our current knowledge, would we, having entered the tower, know what needed to be done to fix the problems, more or less right away? – y
  17. Would we, having entered the tower with our current resources and capabilities, be able to fix it? – y
  18. Would the fixing take more than 10 minutes? – y
  19. Would the fixing take more than one person? – optionally

After PN fight (9/3/20)

  1. Discounting the effects on specific people we know or care about, do the fae party’s plans as they involve Kirkata align with an outcome for Kirkata that we would agree with? – PN block
  2. If we leave Kirkata entirely unattended by us, for several months, are the fortunes of the Kirkata Glorgirns likely to fall significantly? – y
  3. Would this make them more likely to back Maral’s plan? – y
  4. If we devoted some, but not huge, effort to helping them, could we reasonably likely prevent their fortunes from falling in a way in which our aide was obvious to them to have helped them, without falling afoul of the authorities? – unclear
  5. If we succeeded in doing that, would that make the Glorgirns more likely to back Maral? – y
  6. If we tried that and failed, would that make them less likely to back Maral? – y
  7. Would the backing of the Glorgirns be substantially less useful to Maral if their fortunes in Kirkata had fallen in our absence? – y
  8. If we devoted significant effort to helping the Kirkata Glorgirns, would that substantially increase our chances of success over mere ‘some effort’? – y
  9. Would it be reasonably likely that we’d be able to help the Kirkata Glorgirns while influencing people and events in ways we would find morally positive? – y
  10. Would the Glorgirns likely, with our help, be in a position to give Maral the backing that the Project needs to succeed, along with other help that is already in the plan, in the timeframe of us not deliberately taking other detours before attempting the Iron Tower Project? – probably
  11. Helping the Glorgirns in this way, would it require being around fairly consistently, rather than checking in every few days or week (if we were not allied with the fae)? – unclear
  12. How about if we were allied? – PN block
  13. How about (not allied) if one of the Glorgirns had (directly or indirectly) instructions to and ability to contact us if anything strange happened? – n (not require being around consistently)
  14. Are the fortunes of the Kirkata Glorgirns likely to be primarily affected in this timeframe by shipping and/or paperwork difficulties similar to what we’d seen recently? – n
  15. Are they likely to be substantially affected by political upheaval (out in the open)? – n
  16. By character attacks (convincing Kirkata population that they are bad to deal with)? – n
  17. By shifting of behind-the-scenes political alliances? – somewhat
  18. Of trading alliances within Kirkata? – n
  19. Are their fortunes likely to be significantly affected by events outside of Kirkata (within this timeframe)? – y

Gilly does a star chart

  1. If we use the gloves as bait, will the rider take them to the party directly – yes
  2. Is there a plan along the same lines involving bait that involves we have in hand now that involves approximately the same chance of success and is less risky – no
  3. If we are following him, will we be able to get all the way to the location where he hands off or drops off the gloves – probably
  4. Is the black rider likely to leave more or less immediately to go towards delivering the gloves to the party after we have given him the gloves and explained the situation to his satisfaction – yes
  5. Would one of our research notebooks work as bait for this plan – no (Gilly’s not accepting a significant drop in success)
  6. Should we give the gloves to him and explain …. would he use a dead drop – no
  7. If we do this thing and he is delivering it to them, in his opinion, will he reach the hand-off destination within two hours – yes
  8. Does he think he will deliver the gloves directly and physically – yes
  9. Is the location within which he thinks this will happen within a city – no
  10. Does the rider believe he knows the full size of the disguised party – yes
  11. Does the rider believe this number to be more than 4 – yes
  12. More than 6 – no
  13. Does the rider feel that the disguised party has a deficiency (lacking significantly in melee defense, ranged physical attack, healing magic, offensive arcane magic) -
  14. Does the rider think they have a special skill in enchantment – yes
  15. … illusion – yes
  16. Does the rider think they have more than two significant melee people – yes
  17. …. more than two significant arcane offense – no
  18. Can I convince Syama of the true weight of my devotion – unclear

trying to track the dude? (7/30/20)

  1. once we see his spear, would we be able to use divination magic involving it? – y
  2. Will the hair let us find Celia? – y
  3. Can Celia contact whoever gave her this job? – n
  4. Is whoever gave her the job, or someone they’re working with, likely to contact her soon? – y
  5. Does celia’s chain of contact go through the black rider? – y
  6. if he went from the satyr to the party, would we be able to follow him? – y
  7. If he believed that he had important time-sensitive information which would help them, would he likely go to them right away? – n
  8. If he thought he had a powerful ally in tow, would he go right to them? – sort of
  9. if he though he had an important item, would he go right to them? – sort of
  10. does going sort of right to them involve seeing baba yaga? – n
  11. Does going sort of right to them merely involve a non-direct path? – n
  12. does it involve contacting them for a meeting? – sort of
  13. is one 18th level adventurer a big enough ally? – y
  14. if he took them an ally, would he inform them before seeing them? – y
  15. If he went to them with an ally, would they have when he got to them, the ability to notice mindblanked and invisible people? – blocked
  16. Would sort of going right to them take more than 2 hours? – unclear
  17. is he very good at seeing through tricks? – yes
  18. good enough that thomas would likely have a hard time fooling him? – probably
  19. if he took an ally to them, would he expect additional people other than them to be there when he arrived? – no

next… (7/30/20)

  1. Does the satyr’s contact have ability to sense mindblanked invis people? – n
  2. to see through disguises? – n
  3. Is his work intimidating the satyr in service of Baba Yaga? – n
  4. Does he believe that helping the disguised people would specifically please Baba Yaga? – y
  5. Does he believe that Baba Yaga desires him to be helping them? – y
  6. If we question him and he’s offended about it, will Baba Yaga also be offended about it? – blocked
  7. Was he convinced that Baba Yaga wanted him to do this, by something Baba Yaga said or did that he witnessed directly? – y
  8. Can I stay alive for my normal lifespan without offending Baba Yaga? – blocked
  9. Will the satyr’s contact show up to talk to the satyr while it’s dark? – yes
  10. Dark t the beginning of the day? – yes
  11. In the first 2 hours after midnight? – n
  12. In the next 2 after that? – y
  13. Can this dude be killed by things we can do? – y
  14. If we kill him, are we likely to be targetted for revenge? – y
  15. Is the revenge likely to be fatal to us? – unclear
  16. Will non-fatal harm to this guy also trigger a similar revenge? – n
  17. If we can manage to hold him prisoner for a while, would that trigger a similar level of danger to us? – y
  18. What if we only hold him for a couple days? – unclear
  19. Does he have information about the disguised party, that would be useful to us, that we could likely get from him? – unclear

info gathering (7/23/20)

  1. Is or was the person we’re interested in who will visit the satyr, a cold rider? – n
  2. Is the reason they don’t match anything we can think of, a magical effect? – n
  3. Is it a change to what they were born as? – y
  4. Did the change materially change how they would seem to the satyr? – y
  5. Was this person in Charn when the disguised party was? – n
  6. Does this person routinely meet with a group of people they believe to be disguised? – y
  7. Will they visit the satyr today or tomorrow? – n
  8. 3rd or 4th day? – y
  9. The 3rd? – y
  10. Does the satyr think they’re friendly? – n
  11. Dangerous? – y
  12. Will they visit in the morning? – n
  13. Afternoon? – n
  14. Do they dislike sunlight? – n
  15. Is it the creature’s training that has changed its appearance and essence? – n
  16. Is this creature powerful enough to worry us? – n
  17. Is it powerful enough that it will likely be able to get away if we’re trying to keep it from getting away? – n
  18. Is its training magical? – n
  19. Does it seem dangerous to the satyr because of its race or type? – y

checking in Vulyar (7/23/20)

  1. Was there more than one person in the Vulyar office involved with the scam? – n
  2. Was the person involved a manager? – n
  3. Was it paperwork person A? – n
  4. B? – y
  5. If we figure out the type of creature the contact is, be a super diplomatic satyr who’s been approached, is this a plan likely to get us the useful info we can get from the satyr? – y
  6. Is the satyr’s contact fae? – y
  7. Does it have a special ability that would let it notice a masked charm? – n
  8. Does it have training that would let it notice this? – y
  9. Is it medium-sized – y
  10. Does its race have inherent spell-like abilities? – y
  11. Is it plant-aspected? – n
  12. Does its race have elemental affinities? – n
  13. Does its race have energy affinities? – y
  14. for cold? – y
  15. Does it have more than one? – n
  16. Does it have the cold subtype? – n
  17. Does it have a movement type that humans don’t? – n
  18. Does it have a dimensional movement type (from its race)? – n
  19. Does this particular creature cast spells spontaneously, from its training? – n

chasing satyrs (7/23/20)

  1. Is the satyr who talked to our twigjack in one of the pairs? – n
  2. In the group of 4? – n
  3. Is it the single one with the curlier horns? – y
  4. Is he likely to be reasonably friendly to Gilly and Thomas if they approach him in a friendly, disguised, fashion? – y
  5. Does he know anything that would be useful to us? – y
  6. Is the person who got him to get the twigjacks on that caravan, the only person he helps that way? – y
  7. Is he likely to get a visit from this person he’s helping within the next 3 days? – n
  8. within the next week? – y
  9. This person who visits him, will they likely have an extradimensional way of escaping quickly if they feel threatened? – n
  10. Is he likely to have a way of quickly summoning reinforcements that count? – n
  11. Was he in Charn at that time? – n
  12. Does he frequently disguise himself? – n
  13. Does he knowingly work for, or with, people who do disguise themselves a lot? – blocked
  14. Will he likely have a planned checkin with anyone set for sometime within a day of when he goes to talk to the satyr? – n
  15. Does he usually work in Vulyar? – n
  16. Kirkata? – n
  17. Would it likely be possible to persuade him not to talk about us if we talk to him? – n
  18. Does he have a way of contacting the people who asked him to get this job done? – y
  19. If the satyr meets the person, still charmed and asked not to talk about us, and the charm is masked, would the person likely figure it out anyway? – y

still hunting (7/23/20)

  1. Is the satyr a satyr? – y
  2. Does the satyr work and travel with other fae or fae-adjacent people? – n
  3. Is the satyr in the disguised party? – blocked
  4. Did we learn all the things from talking to the twigjack? – y
  5. Is the twigjack in the disguised party? – blocked
  6. Did we learn the things we could learn from investigating the caravan? – y
  7. Is the satyr likely to talk to the twigjack again within the next week? – n
  8. Is the satyr likely to find out about us from the twigjack? – n
  9. Was the satyr in Charn [at the time we heard the disguised party was]? – n
  10. Is the satyr in an adventuring party? – n
  11. Does the satyr work for or help, knowingly, anyone based in Kirkata? – n
  12. Does the satyr have a way of contacting the person or persons who asked him to get this caravan job done? – not really
  13. Is the satyr likely to be contacted about this job in the next week? – n
  14. Is he more likely to be contacted if the caravan suddenly gets fixed and goes speedily on its way to kirkata? – y
  15. Does the satyr live near kirkata normally? – n
  16. Near the origin city of this caravan? – y
  17. Are there many satyrs around there? – n
  18. Would he likely be contacted by one person? – y
  19. Would that person likely be in disguise while talking to the satyr? – n

Trying to catch a PN

  1. have we got all the useful info from the driver? – n
  2. have we got all the useful info from examining the caravan? – y
  3. is the wheel likely to become more damaged within the next two nights? – y
  4. tonight? – n
  5. tomorrow night? – y
  6. before midnight? – y
  7. within 2 hours of midnight? – y
  8. is the driver actually familiar with any people who are involved in the sabotage? – n
  9. does he know something useful about who would have access to the parts? – n
  10. about when or where the sabotage is likely to happen? – n
  11. has he heard useful strange noises? – y
  12. if gilly is following her plan re:hiding and true seeing, is she likely to remain unnoticed? – y
  13. is she likely to gain useful information? – y
  14. is this plan dumb? – n
  15. is the damage likely to be done by someone coming in alone? – n
  16. are they likely to have more than one backup? – n
  17. do any of the other caravan people also have useful information about the sabotage? – n
  18. is the damage likely to happen within one hour of midnight? – n


  1. questions about which caravan/shipper/merchant people are involved or have useful info

  1. Would Locate Object work on a fragment of the Staff of the Planes which is held by a person? – y
  2. Would it still, held by a PN candidate? – blocked
  3. Would someone be able to locate my Staff while it wasn’t in its fancy container? – y
  4. Did one of the shipments have a substantially more substantial effect than the others? – n
  5. Were all three shipments influenced by the outside source? – y
  6. Were the shipments all influenced for the benefit of the smugglers in exchange for favors, rather than for something the source cared about? – y
  7. Would we likely benefit from investigating any of them? – y
  8. Is there likely useful information in the methods of disruption? – y
  9. Is there likely useful information in the theoretical destination of the shipments? – n
  10. From the origin of the shipments? – n
  11. From who was affected by the shipments? – n
  12. From anything other than the methods? – n
  13. If we can learn about the future favor, would we feel that the favor itself was something we’d want to disrupt? – unclear
  14. Would knowing about the favor likely get us information about the goals of the source? – y
  15. Would it likely get us information that would help us find the source? – sort of
  16. Would the future favor likely be something Gilly’s rogue friends would care about? – y
  17. Is the favor likely to have a substantial effect on Kirkata politics? – y
  18. Is that a substantial reason for this favor? – n
  19. Does the source include a person who, if they weren’t diguised, would be identifiable as a reasonably major political player in Kirkata? – blocked

Trying to pin down disguised party (7/9/20)

  1. Is it likely useful to us to investigate the untaxed and delayed shipments we heard about (cloth, boxes, spices)? – y
  2. Did any of those shipments have a substantial impact an anyone or anything? – y
  3. Did they have a substantial impact on people who aren’t merchants? – y
  4. Did all the substantial positive impact go to the smuggler faction? – y
  5. Did they accomplish this with aid from an outside source? – y
  6. Do they (or at least one of them) know what the outside source wants to gain from helping them? – n
  7. Have the smugglers promised future favors in exchange for the aid? – y
  8. Does the negotiation of aid and favors go always through one particular smuggler? – n
  9. Do the smugglers have an expectation of when the favor will be called in? – y
  10. Is it within the week? – n
  11. Within 2 weeks? – unclear
  12. Do they have an expectation that they will meet with or hear from the source of the aid within the next week? – y
  13. Do they believe the source of the aid is the people they believe are in disguise? – y
  14. Do they expect to meet with or hear from them in the next day? – n
  15. Two days? – n
  16. That elementally person with the staff fragment that we beat up, was that person a PN candidate? – blocked
  17. If we don’t start anything with anyone, are we likely to be attacked in the next week? – n
  18. Is there a reason that we would need to start dealing seriously with the Iron Tower in the next month? – n
  19. The earthy person in the elementally party, do they like poetry? – blocked

Trying to find another PN party (7/2/20)

  1. Are the smugglers just working to increase their power and influence in Kirkata – yes
  2. Do the know anything about PN – no
  3. Are the working with someone associated with a PN candidate – blocked
  4. Is <random> working with a PN candidate – no
  5. Do the smugglers talk directly to a PN candidate – blocked
  6. Do the smugglers talk directly to some in an PN candidate party – blocked
  7. Do the smugglers directly talk to someone that the believe is always in disguise – yes
  8. Do they have direct contact with multiple people in a party that they believe are always in disguise – yes
  9. Do they believe that they know why these people are in disguise – yes
  10. Do they believe that these people are a race that would not be accepted here – no
  11. Do they believe that those people are too well known to risk being identified – yes
  12. Do they believe that these people are specifically well known within Kirkata – no
  13. Do they believe that these people have various other contacts within Kirkata – yes
  14. Do they believe that these people stick to the same disguises within Kirkata – no
  15. These disguised people: if we found them, would they attack us on sight – blocked

Syama while carrying the pillar (6/25/20)

  1. Would there be a problem in leaving setting the pillar until 24 hours from now – blocked
  2. Can I set the pillar accurately by dismissing or dispelling the continuing effect of Miracle without significant harm to myself – n (resisted)
  3. Can I set the pillar by a second cast of Miracle (accurately)- y
  4. The thing the giants could do to set the pillar, is it a thing where they do most of the work? – y
  5. Do the living giants know they can do it, this thing? – y
  6. Is it via the power of some magically infused, imbued item that currently exists – n
  7. Can limited wish be used to communicate (2-way) with the soul of the giant king (name) – n
  8. … miracle … – blocked
  9. Does the giant king (name) have consciousness? – y
  10. Does the giant king (name) have intention towards the non-giant world? – y
  11. If the giants were to obtain all three pillars, would this cause or make much more likely a result that I would think harmful to the world overall? – unclear
  12. To place the pillar accurately using an additional casting of Miracle, will the phrasing/intent ‘I request the miracle of placing the pillar in this spot.’ while concentrating on a marked location, do the trick? – y

Gilly while Syama is carrying the pillar (6/25/20)

  1. We have retrieved the pillar of the rune giants from the negative energy plane and brought it to … Our intention is to detach it and place in a way that does that not harm the people and place it correctly. Is there anything we (the party) can do today that will accomplish this goal (including wildcard stuff) – yes (resisted)
  2. Is there something we could that does not involve a wild card special like limited wish as X, victor’s ring, … – blocked
  3. Would there be a problem in leaving this action until 24 hours from now – blocked
  4. Can Syama will the pillar to be set – no (resisted)
  5. Can Syama command the pillar to be set – blocked
  6. Can Syama set the pillar accurately by dismissing or dispelling the continuing effect of Miracle without significant harm to herself – blocked
  7. Can Syama set the pillar by a second cast of Miracle – blocked
  8. Does the giant king know a means to set the pillar that is available to us today – blocked
  9. Can the giants (all of the giants in the city) do something today to make this all work – yes (resisted)
  10. Is this a casting – blocked
  11. Is it via the power of some magically infused, imbued item that currently exists – blocked
  12. Is this power of the giants currently present in this room – blocked
  13. Does someone currently present know about the thing the giants can do – blocked
  14. Can limited wish be used to communicate (2-way) with the soul of the giant king (name) – blocked
  15. … miracle … – blocked
  16. — Gilly ends the commune

Trying to access the pillar (6/11/20)

  1. If the Nightwaves see a stone wall in the corridor, will they investigate? – y
  2. Would they be able to hear us through 3 feet of stone? – unclear
  3. Do the Nightwaves ever leave their cavern in the outside direction? – rarely
  4. Aside from any behaviour caused by something we might do in the future, will one of them leave the cavern (towards outside) in the next week? – y
  5. In the next day? – n
  6. Two days? – y
  7. If we didn’t interfere, would it be gone at least an hour? – n
  8. Would it go farther than the place where we destroyed the hungerers? – n
  9. Would it go past the narrow hallway just towards the outside from its usual location? – y
  10. If it were gone, when the other noticed a new stone wall, would the other wait for it before dealing with the wall? – n
  11. Will the time the Nightwave leaves the room be in the first 2 hours of the day? – n
  12. Hours 14-16
  13. If we beat the current residents, will they be replaced within the span of time the ritual will take? – n
  14. If we beat one of the current Nightwaves, will the other get reinforcements within the span of time the ritual takes? – unlikely
  15. If we beat one of them, will the other keep trying to get us even if we’re hard to get to? – y
  16. Would it take Nightwave multiple rounds to get through a wall of force? – y
  17. 3 inches of stone? – n
  18. Would the Nightwaves likely notice a new wall of stone in the corridor where they could see it, within 2 rounds? – probably
  19. Do the Nightwaves or Hungerers have an ability to hurt people in the walls? – not fully in the wall
  20. Do they have any dimensional movement ability besides Planeshift? – n

Trying to find a missing pillar (5/28/20)

  1. What plane is the pillar on? -
  2. What plane is the pillar on? -
  3. What plane is the pillar on? -
  4. What plane is the pillar on? – The negative energy plane
  5. Where are the most effective places to do research? -

Not-kraken, here we come (5/21/20)

  1. Is there a god who sent it here with a purpose? – no
  2. Is there a god who would like it sent somewhere else instead of killing it? – no
  3. did it come from dal-quor? -
  4. Some of these questions used for figuring out that was’s Wish, not Limited Wish.

Moving right along… (5/14/20)

  1. Would mirror image fool the not-kraken? – no
  2. does gilly’s plan for Not Being Seen work on this not-kraken? – yes
  3. can the not-kraken call any other creatures to help? – no
  4. does it cause elemental damage (anything resistance/protection spells could help)? – no
  5. does it have significant sonic-based attack? – no
  6. can maral whack it to death? – no
  7. would whacking plus some type of elemental damage kill it? – no
  8. would whacking keep it unconscious while we worked? – yes
  9. Is there a method of killing it that we have reasonable access to? – yes
  10. if we leave the not-kraken not-dead, but fix the sphere problem, will the lake get better? – yes
  11. does killing it involve casting a spell on it? – yes
  12. is it planarly Wrong for the not-kraken to be on this plane? – no
  13. is there a death spell we have that would be effective? – no
  14. is there a spell we have that would do the trick other than limited wish? – no
  15. does the limited wish need to be used specifically to affect the death of the not-kraken? – unclear
  16. would wishing for it to die, when it is in very negative hp, be effective? – yes
  17. if it were left here, would it starve? – no
  18. would it likely cause imbalance in nature in the area, in ways that would be hard for natural forces to correct? – yes

more necro research (4/16/20)

  1. Would it be useful to us in our conflict with the necromancer, to attempt to contact Brant? – n
  2. How about Kak’kli? – blocked
  3. How about Edononen? – n
  4. How about Gulden? – blocked
  5. How about Kaduth? – n
  6. Is Kak’kli in a major city on this plane? – blocked
  7. How about Gulden? – blocked
  8. Does Kibburcity1 have a very high level kobold magic-user, who’s pretty old? – n
  9. How about Kibburcity2? – y
  10. The unusual type of undead in the headquarters: does it have a usual weapon? – n
  11. Does it tend to initiate physical combat? – y
  12. Does its negative level-ness depend on touch? – y
  13. Is it shaped like an animal? – n
  14. Is it bipedal? – y
  15. Does it have spell resistance? – y
  16. Can its spells or spell-like things be interrupted by damage that doesn’t take it down? – unclear
  17. Is it Large or bigger? – y
  18. Does it come in response to the call of an unusual item? – n

more necro! (4/16/20)

  1. Is the soul prison in the Headquarters? – y
  2. When the necromancer took over in kirkata, did the item he had let him control more undead than otherwise? – n
  3. Would breaking the item, have meant he lost whatever he got from the transfer right away? – y
  4. Could it be have been broken with a +5 adamantium waraxe in skilled hands? – y
  5. Is there a huge pile of necromancers in kirkata controlling lots of undead? – n
  6. Are there a bunch of undead in kirkata being controlled by other undead? – n
  7. In the headquarters, is there one important undead-we-were-unfamiliar-with type that we’re likely to run into? -
  8. Is it one of the types we learned about today? – y
  9. Is it a corporeal type? – y
  10. Is it a level-damage or drain type? – y
  11. Can it do spells/spell-like things? – y
  12. Did it used to be a person? – n
  13. Can Maral’s and Aramus’s usual weapons hit it well? – y
  14. Is there one of this type in the headquarters generally? – n
  15. Are there generally a bunch? – n
  16. Is this something likely to be there in response to us? – y
  17. Are we likely to need to fight more than one of them? – y
  18. The power transfer item, was it also used offensively? – y

and more kirkata

  1. If we talk to the bankers in question, are they likely to leak information towards the necromancer? – no
  2. Are the shadows in the financial district likely to find us noteworthy if we only have a few people talk the bankers? – eventually
  3. Are the bankers likely to be able to tell us anything that we would find useful in this contest? – yes
  4. Would our talking to the bankers likely change their actions in a way we’d find useful other than them talking to us? – potentially
  5. If we were to try to make our way through the necropolis to the Necrocave, would we likely encounter, before entering the Necrocave, any types of undead which are unfamiliar to us? – no
  6. Inside the Necrocave, would we likely encounter unfamiliar types of undead? – yes
  7. Are all the types of undead within the Necrocave documented in the library at Wynarn? – yes
  8. Are they all documented within the Undead section of the library? – yes
  9. Is the location of the Necrocave with the Necropolis hidden? – no
  10. Is it obvious? – no
  11. Do the bankers know where it is? – no
  12. Does Find the Path find it? – yes
  13. Does it work with the phrase ‘The Necromancer’s Headquarters’? – yes
  14. The object for his power transfer, is it a thing he would hold in his hand? – yes
  15. If he were holding it in his hand, would it be obvious that that’s what it was? – no
  16. Is it a type of object traditionally associated with magic of some kind? – yes
  17. Is it a thing traditionally associated with necromancy specifically? – yes
  18. Is it a wand? – no

more kirkata

  1. Would removing the Necromancer from the power equation in Kirkata improve Kirkata by our standards? – a little
  2. The Necromancer’s long ago power source, was it an agreement with a creature? – yes
  3. Was it the Nasty in the necropolis-ethereal? – no
  4. Was it an undead? – no
  5. Was it an outsider? – yes
  6. Was it a god? – no
  7. Is that outsider interested in this area now? – no
  8. Are parts of the agreement still in effect? – yes
  9. Do these parts include actions the Necromancer must take? – no
  10. Do they include actions the Necromancer must not take? – no
  11. There still power transfer? – yes
  12. Would blocking connections between planes cut off this transfer? – no
  13. Would interrupting some sort of payment interrupt the transfer? – not in a useful way
  14. Is the transfer dependent on a circumstance that we could change? – yes
  15. Does the circumstance allowing power transfer involve an object? – yes
  16. Is it an object that moves with the Necromancer? – yes
  17. Are any non-Necromancer factions knowingly gaining from the shadows’ watch over the financial district? – no
  18. Are there currently any factions which believe themselves allied with the Necromancer? – yes

still going

  1. Have we been targeted by high-level divination spells not from ourselves in the past… 2 days? – n
  2. In the early days of the Necromancer’s power, was he able to win against the other part of the wizards’ guild due at least in part to a special source of power? – yes
  3. Was that power a soul prison? – no
  4. Does he still have access to that power? – blocked
  5. If we were to find out what this source of power was, and he still had, would knowing what it was likely help us nullify or defend against it? – yes
  6. If one or more of us go to the part of the ethereal plane that overlaps the Necropolis, are we likely to trip alarms or alert guards? – no
  7. Is there anything particularly nasty hanging out now in that part of the ethereal plane? – yes
  8. Is it a thing (or are they things) which would pose a threat to the party as a whole if we were on that plane? – unclear
  9. Are there nasties hanging around in the etheral overlapping the rest of kirkata? – no
  10. Would it be likely to gain us significant information useful to any of our current interests, to scout other parts of Kirkata on the ethereal plane? – no
  11. Are any of the people we asked for information here likely to get back to us tomorrow? – no
  12. The nasty thing or things on the ethereal overlapping the Necropolis, would it or they be Dumb to fight? – no
  13. Would a combat with this creature(s) be likely to alert other parties to our presence? – yes
  14. Do these other parties have ties to Kirkata on the Prime Material? – yes
  15. This ethereal Nasty, are we likely to end up having to fight it if we don’t go scouting on the ethereal? – no
  16. Do these other parties have ties to multiple factions in Kirkata? – no
  17. The other parties in the necropolis area of the ethereal, do they have counterparts in the ethereal areas of the rest of kirkata? – no
  18. The shadows spying on Kirkata, do they also watch the Necropolis? – y

More Necro info (3/12/20)

  1. Is the soul prison within Kirkata? – y
  2. Are shadows generally watching in the same places from day to day? – y
  3. Is the soul prison within the necropolis? – y
  4. are the shadows watching primarily places not controlled by the necromancer? – y
  5. are the shadows watching generally for potential threats to the necromancer? – n
  6. are they watching for specific people or types of people? – y
  7. are they watching for specific actions or types of actions? – y
  8. are they watching for specifics other than people or actions? – n
  9. are we among the people they are watching for? – y
  10. do they recognize us in our current disguises? – n
  11. are the ones watching areas of particular interest watching for actions connected with the areas in question? – sometimes
  12. are there shadows watching the necropolis for the Necromancer? – y
  13. are they likely to report people looking around the necropolis? – y
  14. is the soul prison underground? – y
  15. is it in a religious place? – y
  16. if we destroy it, will the necromancer likely lack the power to keep filling the city with shadows? – blocked
  17. are the shadows more likely to recognize and/or report us if we travel in a certain size group? – y
  18. do the shadows generally have orders other than watching, reporting, and whatever safety or evasion type orders they may have? – n

Gathering Necromancer info (3/5/20)

  1. Is the Necromancer able to move the soul prison on short notice in a way he’s comfortable with? – n
  2. Is he able to move the soul prison on short notice at all? – n
  3. Is the soul prison in a place affiliated with the Necromancer and not generally known? – n
  4. Is it in a place generally known to be affiliated with him? – y
  5. Is its location known to his highest level minions? – y
  6. Is the Necromancer’s Magic Jar-like power the standard Magic Jar? – blocked
  7. Does the Necromancer use living hosts by agreement? – blocked
  8. Does the gem go with him when he walks around in those bodies? – blocked
  9. Attempting to follow the shadows and trace them back to who they report to, is attempting that likely to give the Necromancer more information or an advantage over what he would have if we didn’t try that? – n
  10. Is attempting to trace them back likely to be reasonably possible in a reasonable span of time? – y
  11. If we succeed, is that likely to get us useful information or an advantage? – eventually
  12. Is the Necromancer currently facing another specific threat to his power (other than living in Kirkata generally)? – blocked
  13. Are the shadows deployed to collect information and report back? – generally
  14. Does the Necromancer primarily operate from one base of operations? – blocked
  15. Do the shadows in fact report (whether directly or indirectly) to the Necromancer? – y
  16. Is the soul prison kept in a location near the mines? – n
  17. Do the shadows report back to the general location of the soul prison? – n
  18. If a particular shadow doesn’t report back, will that be noticed and thought odd or interesting? – n

Prepping to attack the Necromancer (2/27/20)

  1. Will contacting the glorgirns about the necromancer likely let the necromancer know we’re coming? – n
  2. Will contacting them be likely to be useful to us in this matter? – unclear
  3. Will contacting kirkata’s rogues likely let the necromancer know we’re coming? – unclear
  4. Will contacting them be likely to be useful to us in this matter? – yes
  5. Will contacting the paladins about the necromancer likely let the necromancer know we’re coming? – n
  6. Will contacting them be likely to be useful to us in this matter? – unlikely
  7. Will contacting aramis’s potentially friendly former patron about the necromancer likely let the necromancer know we’re coming? – n
  8. Will contacting them be likely to be useful to us in this matter? – unclear
  9. Will contacting aramis’s barrister friendish person about the necromancer likely let the necromancer know we’re coming? – n
  10. Will contacting them be likely to be useful to us in this matter? – yes
  11. Does the necromancer know we’re coming? – no
  12. Will the necromancer likely know we’re coming within the next couple of days, due to things we’ve already done? – yes
  13. Within the next day? – unclear
  14. Does the necromancer currently actively want to talk to us? – n
  15. Will the necromancer, on finding that we’re coming, likely make preparations which would put him beyond our reasonable ability to overcome? – n
  16. Will his knowing we’re coming nullify the usefulness of the aforementioned likely useful contacts? – n
  17. If we stay here and don’t bother anyone, are we likely to be attacked in the next week? – n
  18. Is there any substantial chance of taking the necromancer by surprise, between a couple of days from now, and 3 weeks from now? – n

Still planning

  1. If we go to where we last saw the sword, tomorrow morning (in about 30 hours or so), will the sword be there, by itself? – probably
  2. If we go there this evening, will it be there by itself? – yes
  3. If we use the coatl feathers, would the coatls be able to join us by this evening? – yes
  4. Would they significantly increase the chance of this experience going well? – yes
  5. If we call in this favor now, are we significantly likely to significantly decrease our chances of success on a future critical path? – no
  6. is there significant danger to participants in the ritual, if the ritual is carried out this evening, according to our current ritual plans? – no
  7. will the completion of the ritual disrupt magic further within the area? – no
  8. if the ritual goes as planned, will victor be able to planeshift out and create a gate more or less immediately? – yes
  9. Will our starting the ritual cause some effect they may notify other creatures that there’s a big thing going on here? – no
  10. If we take a group to the place, do the ritual to the best of our ability, and come back as soon as we’re reasonably able to, will this either be Dumb, or likely to get our followers killed? – no
  11. If we do this, are we likely to be attacked within the week because of it? – PN block
  12. If we do this, are we likely to leave trackable traces? – no
  13. Last 6 questions toward further refining our ritual details

Still checking the ritual (2/13/2020)

  1. Are people doing the ritual vulnerable to identification by draconic-aligned forces, by virtue of doing the ritual? – n
  2. Would doing the ritual at the sword’s low-magic location have a negative effect on the ritual (including a chance of negative effect)? – n
  3. Is our currently planned ritual structure reasonably close to ideal? – y
  4. Does anyone from the city we just visited have plans against us in the next few days? – n
  5. 14 questions toward ritual details

Modifying the Ritual (1/16/20)

  1. Can the Sword geas more than one person over the course of the ritual? – y
  2. Is it likely to? – y
  3. more than 5 people? – y
  4. Does the geas dissipate when the sword dies? – n
  5. Can the Sword dominate more than one person at a time? – y
  6. Can the sword do more than 10 dominates in 15 minutes? – n
  7. Does the sword have other abilities which could significantly disrupt the ritual? – y
  8. Are those abilities also enchantments? – n
  9. Is there room, close enough to the sword to help with the ritual, for more than 30 people? – y
  10. Is there a reasonable group of people in the vicinity of the mine, which we could recruit to chant for us? – n
  11. Does the night hag ritual work? – y
  12. The theories we’ve come up with about combining the rituals, do they contain what we need to start with? – y
  13. The place in the ritual where it looks like the intelligence leaves the sword, is that where it actually does? – y
  14. Can the sword use its powers once it is detached? – y
  15. If we detach the sword’s intelligence from the sword and leave it hanging around, using the modified ritual, would the magical energy of that intelligence dissipate by the end of the ritual? – n
  16. By the end of an hour? – y
  17. The other disruptive abilities, do they involve conjuration? – n
  18. Is the Deathless familiar with these abilities? – y

Searching for night hags (1/9/20)

  1. Is there a way of approaching the night hags which is likely to lead to a materially better outcome for us (less danger, more info, less cost)? – y
  2. Are they likely to be less inclined to share some pieces of the information we want than other pieces? – n
  3. Are they likely to be straightforward about their bargaining? – n
  4. Is there information which they have which is relevant to our dragon sword destruction and/or the modification of the experience of the deathless which they might not think of as relevant if we just ask how to destroy the sword? – n
  5. The materially better way of approaching the night hags, does it have to do with whether we’re approaching them as equals, or from a higher or lower position? – n
  6. Does it have to do with trading of information? – n
  7. Does it have to do with offering divination? – n
  8. Does it have to do with opposing dragons? – y
  9. Is it directly about opposing the dragons? – n
  10. Is it about getting points with the demons by opposing dragons? – y
  11. If they say they’ve given us what they know about destroying the dragon sword, is it the case that what they’ve given us is likely to actually be everything relevant that they know? – n
  12. Are they likely to be trying to trick or cheat us? – y
  13. Are they less likely to do this if we announce an intention of checking their completeness via excellent divination magic? – n
  14. If we tell them we’re onto them and they’ve cheated us, are they likely to correct the situation? – y
  15. If they then correct the situation, are they likely to correct it completely? – y
  16. If we just follow this trail without delay or messing around, are we likely to be able to follow it to them with reasonably little hassle? – y
  17. Is it at least as effective to be polite to them as any other social approach? – y
  18. Are they comfortable doing business in Common? – y

let’s try this library thing again (12/19/19)

  1. Have we found all the information in this library useful to us for destroying the Dragon Sword? – y
  2. Do the Rakshasa have a habit of tracking and/or mucking with artifacts? – n
  3. Is there likely to be information useful to us for destroying the dragon sword, in the Demon Wastes? – y
  4. Does this information reside with the Keepers of Knowledge which we avoided before? – y
  5. These Keepers, are they in the eastern half of the Demon Wastes? – y
  6. Are they in or near Ashketala? – y
  7. Is the population of Ashketala in general likely to refrain from attacking us on sight? – sometimes
  8. Are there specific circumstances under which we would likely not be attacked (as opposed to, some percentage of the population won’t feel like attacking on any given day)? – y
  9. Do those circumstances involve timing (visit in summer, on weekend, whatever)? – n
  10. Do those circumstances involve convincing some sort of authority? – n
  11. Do they involve changing who we seem to be (either changing only the seeming or my changing who is going)? – y
  12. Would we need to change who is going, to not be attacked? – n
  13. Would hats of disguise be sufficient to not be (generally) attacked? – n
  14. Do we need to appear to be rakshasa (as opposed to, there are several options that could work)? – n
  15. Would appearing to be a collection of people of any of the races common in Ashketala be suffucient? – partly
  16. If we do library research on the matter, are we likely to be able to get a decent idea of what disguises to adopt? – y
  17. Are the Keepers of Knowledge well known to be such within Ashketala? – n
  18. Is the information about how to look for and/or locate the Keepers within Ashketala, in any of the libraries we know? – n

In the Elven library (12/19/19)

  1. Is there information in this library filed under the Deathless which would be useful to figuring out how to destroy the Dragon Sword? – n
  2. Filed under the Dragon Sword? – n
  3. Filed under draconic items? – n
  4. Famous swords? – y
  5. Artifacts in general? – y
  6. Legends? – y
  7. Secret hidden Special books? – n
  8. Breaking magic? – n
  9. Magic in general? – n
  10. Anywhere else in this library? – n
  11. Is there information here useful to destroying the sword that is in a non-public zone? – n
  12. Is there information we’re not yet aware of in our brains from the Tower which would be useful for destroying the sword? – n
  13. Which would be useful for modifying the experience of the Deathless who helps destroy it? – y
  14. Is there also information of this sort in this library (modifying the Deathless’ experience)? – n
  15. In any other libraries we know of? – n
  16. Are any of the filing sections we’re looking for in the lower half of the tiers of branches? – n
  17. Are any in the topmost quarter? – y
  18. Are all in the topmost quarter? – y

Waiting for Deathless to wake (11/14/19)

  1. Is the Deathless likely to wake today? – n
  2. Within the week? – y
  3. Within 3 days? – y
  4. Tomorrow? – n
  5. Did the deathless feel, while awake, that he was Deathless for a particular and specific purpose? – n
  6. When he wakes up, is he likely to feel friendly towards us? – n
  7. Is he likely to feel unfriendly towards us? – n
  8. If we knew what to do with the Pillar on Arganessen when we found it, would we be capable of doing that thing with our current power and resources? – y
  9. Would it be Dumb to try? – n
  10. Is the Pillar out in the open, rather than being hidden? – n
  11. Do the giants know what they would want us to do with it when we found it? – y
  12. Assuming we did research and made cautious plans, would going to Arganessen and looking for the Pillar, likely be Dumb? – n
  13. Is there a useful amount of additional information we could reasonably get by means other than Star Chart, about how to find the Pillar, before going to Arganessen? – y
  14. Is said information in a library? – y
  15. Is there more information, someplace other than in a library (not on Arganessen)? – n
  16. All in one library? – n
  17. is some of it in the Giant’s library? – y
  18. Is some of it in the Wynarn library? – y

  1. bring the blood worm… attacking something the mockery stands for?
  2. is Dol importnt to the kenning other than to identify the mockery – n

stuff, days in atur

  1. the blood worm is the dragon sword – y
  2. is the sleeper of the sword mortal? – n
  3. is it a god? – n
  4. is it an outsider? – n
  5. is it undead? – sort of
  6. is it a being whose purpose is being the sleeper of the sword? – n
  7. does its existance employ necromancy? – y
  8. did it used to be mortal? – y
  9. is it powered by positive energy? – y (oo, it’s a Deathless)
  10. Do we need the sleeper of the sword to bring the blood worm to dol’s brother, in order to destroy the dragon sword? – a sleeper
  11. would a sleeper of the sword know what it meant to bring the blood worm to dol’s brother? – n
  12. will the method for this become much more obvious when we recover the key to the release? – n
  13. is a sleeper of the sword near the ex-port the trade route leads to? – y
  14. to bring the blood worm to dol’s brother. does the sleeper of the sword need to be with the dragon sword? – y
  15. does the sleeper of the sword take an action (or more than one) to bring the blood worm to the mockery? – y
  16. if a sleeper of the sword were with the dragon sword, would they know more about how to bring the blood worm? – n
  17. does bringing the blood worm to the mockery end the existence of the sleeper of the sword? – y
  18. does the key to the release change the outcome for the sleeper? – n
  19. does it make the action more possible, or make the action more effective? – n
  20. is the reason the second kenning is important to destroying the dragon sword, that you need to be able to release, in order to keep hold of your mind long enough to do what you need to do? – n
  21. is bringing the blood worm to the mockery a thing that a deathless might want to do of their own volition if they understood it? – probably not
  22. does the deathless need to kill themself with the sword? – y
  23. does finding the key to the release help us in a fight against someone wielding the dragon sword? – n
  24. if we brought a sleeper of the sword to the sword, without finding the key, would it be possible for the sleeper to destroy the sword, if they knew how? – unclear
  25. is the reason that the key to the release is important to the destruction of the dragon sword separate form its being the key to the release? – n
  26. is the reason that it suppresses, prevents, or removes the domination by the sword? – n
  27. is the ‘release’ offered by the key, suppressing, preventing, or removing the sword’s domination? – n
  28. is it death? – y
  29. does it do something other than killing people dominated by the dragon sword? – y
  30. is it a substance? – n
  31. would be be likely to recognize it if we saw it? – y
  32. does it radiate unusual amounts of magic? – n
  33. does it radiate magic? – y
  34. is it something maral could put in his backpack? – y
  35. is it a creature, living or not? – y
  36. is it a construct? – n
  37. is it a necromantic sort of creature? – y
  38. positive energy? – y
  39. is it a deathless? – y
  40. is it a sleeper of the sword? – potentially
  41. if we find the deathless on the boat, is it likely to attack us on sight? – n
  42. does this deathless have special knowledge of the dragon sword? – sort of
  43. is any deathless a key to the release? – y
  44. can the release involve releasing someone without affecting the sword? – n
  45. does the release happen as a byproduct of the destruction of the sword? – y
  46. is the key active now? – n
  47. conscious? – n
  48. Is the shipwreck within 100 miles of shore? – n
  49. 200? – y

Found the next chamber… (8/22/19) (haziness also gone, it wore off)

  1. Designated point at new chamber (70 feet or so down the corridor): will any non-Gilly person who considers themself part of the Cult of the Dragon Below pass this point in the next week? – n
  2. In the next two weeks? – n
  3. In the next month? – n
  4. Does the extra aura on Gilly confer any resistance to divinations cast on her? – y (resisted, not as strongly as a chamber block but similar to a chamber block and I can get through it the same way)
  5. Does it confer any other benefit? – y (resisted)
  6. Does it resist hostile teleport magic? – y
  7. Any other benefit? – n (resisted)
  8. Are there any members of the Cult of the Dragon Below, who were recently in (general location of a blast sphere, or general location of another blast sphere) who will be in the appropriate section of the Mournlands in the next week? – n
  9. In the next 2 weeks? – n
  10. In the next month? – unclear
  11. Will they be within a mile of (first undefiled chamber location) in the next month? – n
  12. The second undefiled chamber location? – n
  13. Narrow down area in Mournlands

Still looking… (7/18/19)
Narrow down search area. Still hazy.

Looking for next chamber… (7/18/19) (out of chamber, block is gone, haziness persists)

  1. Designated point (70 feet or so down the corridor): will any non-Gilly person who considers themself part of the Cult of the Dragon Below pass this point in the next week? – n
  2. In the next two weeks? – n
  3. In the next month? – n
  4. The sphere chamber in Q’barra, is it in the mountains? – n
  5. Is it east of Haka-tornhak? – y
  6. Is it north of there? – n
  7. Is it within 2 miles of there? – n
  8. 4 miles? – n
  9. 6 miles? – y
  10. Is it more south than east of there? – hazy not actually asking
  11. The location described in the Mournlands, is it to the south of Kalazart? – y
  12. To the east? – y
  13. Is it within 2 miles of there? – n
  14. The sunken boat, is it closer to 2 than to the midpoint of the B2 traderoute? – y
  15. The location in Q-barra, is it accessible from the surface? – n
  16. Is there a set of tunnels with traps in that area? – y
  17. Where the tunnels are close to the surface, are they more than 50 feet down? – n

Found a chamber… (7/18/19) (accidentally did this in the chamber, hence weirdness)

  1. Designated point (70 feet or so down the corridor): will any non-Gilly person who considers themself part of the Cult of the Dragon Below pass this point in the next week? – n
  2. In the next two weeks? – n
  3. In the next month? – blocked
  4. The sphere chamber in Q’barra, is it in the mountains? – blocked
  5. Is it east of Haka-tornhak? – blocked
  6. Is it north of there? – n (resisted)
  7. Is it within 2 miles of there? – blocked
  8. The sphere chamber in the Mournlands, is it to the south of Kalazart? – blocked
  9. To the east? – y (resisted)
  10. Is it within 2 miles of there? – blocked
  11. The sunken boat, is it closer to 2 than to the midpoint of the B2 traderoute? – blocked


  1. Is it the case that there is exactly one tunnel or tunnel complex in (area) containing active magical traps of (appropriate age)? – y
  2. Is there any entrance to this tunnel complex, accessible or not, that can be seen walking up to it on the surface? – n
  3. Are there any local creatures that are aware of this tunnel complex? – n
  4. Is the closest point to the surface within 100 feet of the surface? – y
  5. 50 feet? – n
    Narrow down location of highest point, get some idea how far it is from trap
    (good location, trap location probably within pony range, maybe two pony range)

h4, Looking for an untouched chamber (6/13/19)
Use the trap instead of the chamber to narrow down location, there are other traps around, but we get it narrowed down some.


  1. Are any of the 3 locations that we’ve been one of the three locations identified by terms we don’t know? – n
  2. Is there any giant in the city who might be able to know if asked descriptor 1? – n
  3. Descriptor 2? – y
  4. Descriptor 3? – n
  5. Is there any written material in the giant library which refers to descriptor 1 besides the book that we have in hand? – n
  6. Descriptor 3? – y
  7. The one that is known to a giant, is it known to more than one giant? – n
  8. That giant, are they known to are contacts as a scholar? – y
  9. That giant, are they male? – n
  10. That giant, are they older than guessed median scholar age? – y
  11. The written reference, is it in more than one? – n
  12. Is the written material taken as a whole about the events of the time of the Dal Quor incursion? – n
  13. Is it a book of geographical information? – n
  14. Is it a book of history? – y
  15. Is that book currently located on the lower half of the bookcase it’s in? – n
  16. Is it in the upper quarter of the case it’s in? – y
  17. Is the thing in question a book? – n

And then… (6/13/19)

  1. Is ‘sleeper of the sword’ a person? – y
  2. Does ‘sleeper of the sword’ mean one who solves or ends violence, combat, disagreement, etc? – n
  3. Is the sleeper of the sword a title or office which passes to different people? – n
  4. Does ‘wakeful’ refer to being active (taking actions), rather than being conscious? – y
  5. Is ‘bring the blood worm’ a reference to attacking? – ‘not like you think’
  6. Does ‘bring the blood worm’ involve transporting the dragon sword? – n
  7. Does it involve bringing knowledge, awareness, service, or other intangibles? – n
  8. Does the sleeper of the sword have a name we would recognize? – n
  9. Is the sunken boat on a traderoute between Argonnessen and another continent? – y
  10. Argonnessen and Aerenal? – y
  11. Are both ports involved on our list? – y
  12. Is port A involved? – n
  13. B? – y
  14. 1? – n
  15. 2? – y
  16. Did the B2 traderoute follow the path we believe it did? – y
  17. Is the sunken boat closer to B than 2? – n

What next? (6/6/19)

  1. The person who wrote the kenning about the wakeful sleeper, did they intend the sleeper to mean a diety? – n
  2. Is the sunken boat on a trade route (ancient or current) with Xendrick? – n
  3. Is it on a trade route, ancient or current? – y
  4. Is the bringing of the sword to the Mockery, assuming this works out according to the kenning, still in the future? – y
  5. Does bringing the sword to the Mockery mean using it in a Mockery-aligned way? – n
  6. Is the ‘of the sword’ in ‘wakeful sleeper of the sword’ referring to the Dragon Sword? – n
  7. Is the wakeful sleeper a person (a conscious intelligent mortal being)? – n
  8. Is the sword there referring to an object? – n
  9. Do many of the cultists believe that the thing the cultists believe they are doing requires doing this thing in all of the chambers to accomplish their purpose? – y
  10. Is there a thing we’re capable of doing with the knowledge that we have that we know about which would disrupt actions taken to further the purpose that I would consider detrimental (can we reverse any of this with what we’ve got now)? – n
  11. Are there more than 10 chambers that haven’t been visited recently? – n (resisted)
  12. Are there more than 5? – y (resisted)
  13. The sunken boat, is it on a trade route with Argonsesson? – y
  14. Does ‘of the sword’ mean ‘related to combat’? – sort of
  15. Is the wakeful sleeper a conscious, intelligent being? – y
  16. Is it Pelor? – n
  17. Is it a conscious intelligent object? – n

Another spherical chamber! (6/6/19)

  1. Did the rift we just closed go to Dal Quor? – y
  2. From the first time this year that a person walked through this section of passageway that our mansion door is in, to the time of the most recent magical shockwave, was that less than a week? – y
  3. Was it less than a day? – n
  4. Was it less than 3 days? – n
  5. Do the cultists have a specific chamber they are heading for or have headed for next (or are already at)? – y
  6. Is it on Khorvaire? – n
  7. Xendrick? – n
  8. Argonnessen? – n
  9. Is it on Sarlona, Frostfell, or Aerenal? – n
  10. Is it on some little island? – sort of
  11. is it underwater? – n
  12. The records of chamber locations that the Cultists have, are those records traveling with the Cultists? – n
  13. Are those records at their home base? – n
  14. Are they being held in a location at least sort of accessible to the public? – n
  15. Pharasma’s ‘task that I have forgotten’, is the the thing with the Necromancer? – y
  16. In order to destroy the Dragon Sword, will we need to move it? – n
  17. Is destroying the sword effectively ‘killing’ it? – sort of

There and back again (5/23/19)

  1. Do we have the ‘knowledge of destruction’? – y
  2. Will this knowledge help us to destroy the Dragon Sword? – y
  3. Is the blood worm the sword? – y
  4. Is the wakeful sleeper bringing it to the Mockery, a horrible terrible thing from our perspective? – n
  5. Are all the places the Cult of the Dragon Below is using connected to Dal Quor? – y
  6. Are they all spherical rune chambers? – y (resisted)
  7. Were they created by a people the Rune Giants were fighting? – n
  8. Do these chambers have a connection to the incursion of Dal Quor, historically? – y
  9. Would any of the information in non-Rune Giant libraries that we know, about the Dal Quor incursion, be useful to us in figuring out the locations of more of these chambers? – n
  10. Given the information that these chambers are connected to the Dal Quor incursion, would the Rune Giants be likely to be able to find such information in their library? – y
  11. Do the cultists with the plan believe that their actions are activating links with or aligning this plane with Dal Quor? – n
  12. Did the same (roughly) group of cultists visit the second chamber as the first? – y
  13. Do the cultists have a specific chamber they are heading for or have headed for next (or are already at)? – y
  14. Is it in the West half of this continent? – n
  15. Is it in the East half of this continent? – n
  16. Is it on Xendrick? – y
  17. Is it in the southern half of Xendrick? – y

Still on the Tower (again) (5/9/19)

  1. For the information about the destruction of the Dragon Sword, are we trying to get into Pharasma’s Tower? – y
  2. Can we reasonably get into Pharasma’s Tower from the inside of Desna’s Tower? – y
  3. Does it need to be from a particular room? – n
  4. Does it involve more sleeping? – n
  5. Does it involve a spell or spells? – n
  6. Does it involve a mystical connection to embracing darkness? – y
  7. Is it an internal mental shift rather than an obvious action? – somewhat
  8. Does it involve prayer? – y
  9. If I pray to Pharasma to bring the whole party to her tower, would that likely work? – partly
  10. If each person prayed to Pharasma to take them to her tower, would that likely work? – partly
  11. Is dimensional travel allowed in Pharasma’s Tower? – y
  12. The information, is it written? – n
  13. Is it gained by talking to a person or creature? – n
  14. Is the place where we’d find it a place that looks like it has information? – n
  15. Is it gained by communicating with Pharasma? – y
  16. Does this communication need to be done in a specific part of Pharasma’s Tower? – n
  17. Does this communication need to be fairly efficient in order to not annoy Pharasma? – n

On the Tower (5/2/19)

  1. Is it feasible to get information about the destruction of the Dragon Sword here (whole tower)? – indirectly
  2. Is it feasible to get information about the destruction of that general type of artifact here? – n
  3. If I were to pray by this incense, asking for guidance about this dragon sword, and then go to sleep again, would that likely help me have more useful dreams? – n
  4. To get the information alluded to in the kenning, do we need to go inside the tower? – y
  5. Does one get inside the tower from here by attempting to walk down the stairs? – n
  6. If I pray for guidance in getting into the tower, will that likely help me have useful dreams? – y
  7. Will those dreams help the whole party get into the tower? – y
  8. Is the release a release of the bond between sword and wielder? – n
  9. Is it release of what’s holding the spirit in the sword? – n
  10. Is it release of a person the sword has dominated? – y
  11. is the underwater location a place where people live? – n
  12. is it a recognizable landmark? – n
  13. Is it a sunken object? – y
  14. A ship? – y
  15. Was it once a giant’s ship? – n
  16. Was it in port when it sank? – n
  17. Is the blood worm metephor, referring to an object? – y

Kennings and such (5/2/19)

  1. Is the Dragon Sword the ‘acid sword’ the giants have reference to? – y
  2. Is the Dragon Sword the ‘confusing sword’ the giants have reference to? – n
  3. Are the kennings, if we figure them out correctly, accurate? – y
  4. Are they useful to destroying the Dragon Sword? – y
  5. Is Dol’s brother from the kenning The Mockery? – y
  6. Is the depths of the swan’s road an underwater location? – y
  7. Is the crossroad Pharasma watches over that guiltspur tower place? – y
  8. Is the wakeful sleeper the theoretical person the sword will bond with? – blocked
  9. Is the wakeful sleeper the intelligence of the sword? – n
  10. Is the blood worm a literal monster? – n
  11. Is it a running path of blood of some sort? – n
  12. Is the release a thing we want? – unclear
  13. Would Pharasma object to our gaining the knowledge of destruction? – n
  14. Does that mean the destruction of the sword? – n
  15. Would destroying the sword be to our benefit? – y
  16. Does the knowledge of destruction have active guardians? – n
  17. Is the blood worm a metaphor? – y

What to do with it? (4/4/19)

  1. Is it dangerous to go to the planned meeting with giants? – n
  2. Is it safe for us to tell the giants about this room? – y
  3. If we disrupt these runes, would the cult members feel that that impeded their plans, if they found out? – n
  4. Would disrupting the runes be dangerous? – blocked (but I feel more able to get around it)
  5. Can Maral disrupt the runes with a stone chisel? – n (resisted)
  6. Can we disrupt them with dispelling magic? – y (resisted)
  7. Are the cult members working on doing something similar in another location? – y
  8. Do the cult members intend to destroy or block existing things rather than creating new things? – y
  9. Does the thing they’re trying to disrupt next also involve runes like these? – blocked
  10. Does the not-Kracken-infested zone contain runes like these? – y (resisted)
  11. Were those runes made by the same group of people as these runes? – blocked
  12. Is there information about spherical rune-chambers such as this in any of the libraries we know? – y
  13. The giants’ library? – y
  14. How about any other libraries we know? – n
  15. Did the cultists get this information directly or indirectly from the giants, within the past generation of giants? – n
  16. Is this information that this group of cultists has had for a very long time (generations)? – y
  17. Are the cultists visiting sites in an order they feel is important? – n

We found the room! (4/4/19)

  1. Is it possible with our current abilities, and more than our current knowledge, to reverse or disrupt the effects of the latest shockwave incident? – yes and no
  2. Is the not-Kracken still on this plane? – y
  3. Is it possible for us to close the connection to Dal Quor without coming within reach of the not-Kracken? – n
  4. Is it within our current abilities to close the Dal Quor connection (leaving aside the not-Kracken)? – y
  5. Does Victor need additional information to figure out how (aside from seeing the connection)? – n
  6. Is it within our current ability to close the other planar connection? – y
  7. Is the process the same? – y
  8. Does Victor need additional information to figure out how? – n
  9. Is attempting to close this connection likely to be Dumb? – n
  10. Is it important to know where the connection leads, before attempting to close it? – y
  11. Would attempting to follow the connection likely be Dumb, if we stayed together? – n
  12. Is it possible, with our current abilities, to determine where the connection leads by examining the non-portal? – n
  13. Do the rune modifications contain information about the plane connected to? – n
  14. Can my Staff help me figure out what the connection is connected to? – y
  15. If I attempt to trace the connection and sort of accidentally planeshift to wherever the connection goes, is that likely to be dangerous to me, assuming reasonable magical preparations? – n
  16. If that happens and I stick around for a while trying to figure out where I am, is that likely to be dangerous to me? – unclear
  17. If we close this planar connection, would the cult members feel that that impeded their plans, if they found out? – n

After the trap (3/21/19)

  1. Is it possible for us to teleport directly into the Room? – blocked
  2. If we teleport directly into the Room, will that trigger one or more traps? – no (resisted)
  3. Can we teleport to the end of the tunnel? – blocked
  4. Would this trigger any traps? – blocked
  5. If we passwall from the last place we stood in the tunnel, to 300 feet farther down the tunnel, being sure to keep 10 feet of rock between us and the tunnel as we passwall, will be come out in a place which could trigger a trap? – no
  6. If we do this, and then continue down the tunnel, will be encounter another trap? – no
  7. Will we likely encounter anything else dangerous to us within the tunnel? – no
  8. If, having passed the passwall section, we carve marks into the tunnel to make it recognizable, would be be able to teleport there in the future? – yes
  9. Do any of the cultists who were in this area believe that they helped create or saw created any dangerous traps in this area? – no
  10. Do any of them believe that they are leaving the world changed with each of their large rituals? – yes
  11. Do they believe that the world is being changed in such a way as to wake the Dragon Below? – yes
  12. Do they believe that the changes themselves, (and not the waking of the Dragon) are likely to cause widespread destruction? – no
  13. Do they believe that each change has to do with connection this plane more to another plane? – no
  14. Would the colorful water be fixed by closing a connection between this plan and Dal Quor – yes
  15. If we closed that connection, would any of this group of cultists, if they found out about it, feel that their work had been undone? – yes
  16. Is the not-Kraken still on this plane? – yes
  17. We plan to passwall 300 feet down the tunnel, keep going down it, and explore! Is this Dumb? – blocked

At the second origin (3/14/19)

  1. Is the random plane shift thing the result of the cultists? – n
  2. Do we currently possess the ability to fix the random plane shift thing? – n
  3. Do we currently possess the ability to fix the colorful water? – y
  4. Do these locations have any significance outside of the cultist’s recent presence there? – blocked
  5. Does the creature under the lake pose an immediate threat to the forest around the lake? – n
  6. Is it worthwhile to search beyond the random plane shift thing? – y
  7. Is it worthwhile to search any of other passages in the tunnel system? – n
  8. Do the locations represent a meaningful geometry? – blocked
  9. Is any of the cult (other than Gilly) aware that we visited one or both sites? – n
  10. Is anyone planning to attack us in the next week? – n
  11. Will the elementals find anything before they finish their service? – y
  12. Is Denilam’s proposal made in good faith to Gilly? – y
  13. Does he believe he has the resources to see it through? – y
  14. Would a dimension step from 10 feet in front of to 10 feet behind where Gilly experienced the effect avoid the effect? – y
  15. Are there other magical effects in this tunnels? – y
  16. If we move carefully and look for oddities to the best of our ability, are the effects noticable before we trigger them? – y
  17. Are any of the effects the result of the cultists? – n

Not-Kraken? Other origin? Gah! (2/28/19)

  1. Is there anyone in Dragonroost that we could find who could give us a direction for the recent shockwave? – y
  2. In Quesk? – y
  3. In Reven? – y
  4. Do the relevant people in Quesk and Reven think the shockwave was more to the north of them than to the south? – y
  5. Is there a visible wrongness associated with this shockwave as with the other? – n
  6. is there a magically visible wrongness? – n
  7. Did this shockwave start underground? – blocked
  8. When the members of the Cult of the Dragon Below were in this area, did they stay at least one month? – y
  9. Did they stay in a location or manner such that nearby people were aware that they were staying there? – n
  10. How about the animals? – y
  11. Were they staying above ground? – y
  12. Were they staying in a mountainous area? – y
  13. Were they staying in the Seawall Mountains? – y
  14. Were they staying in the northern third of the Seawall Mountains? – y
  15. Is there currently any mark of their visit visible from 50 feet off? – n
  16. Next week, will the not-Kraken likely still be on our plane? – unclear
  17. Are there super dangerous beings around where the Cult members stayed, which would not normally be expected in the Seawall Mountains? – n

What’s with the hole? (2/28/19)

  1. Is this situation here the wrongness that Fiona sensed? – y
  2. Is it also the thing that the Cult of the Dragon Below people did around here? – y
  3. Is the center of the problem in the spherical chamber under the hole in the lake? – blocked
  4. Are there always, or nearly always, enormous aggressive monsters in or near this chamber? – blocked
  5. Is it always, or nearly always the case that traversing the tunnels under the lake is likely to get us attacked by enormous aggressive monsters? – y
  6. Is this ‘water’ connected to Dal Quor? – y
  7. Is the connection such that if we could see it, we would be likely to be able to figure out what was done? – y
  8. Would we likely see how to undo it? – y
  9. Would undoing it likely be within our capabilities right at the moment? – n
  10. Was Maral attacked by a Kraken? – n
  11. If we were to kill the not-Kraken, would the tunnels likely be safe for us for an hour or so? – y
  12. Would they be safe for at least a day? – unclear
  13. Would buffing ourselves and attempting to kill the not-Kraken be Dumb? – unclear
  14. Is the not-Kraken an intelligent creature? – n
  15. Is it an Animal? – n
  16. Can it do any magic, including spell-like abilities? – y
  17. Do the enormous aggressive monsters take turns? – n

Find that wrongness! (2/14/19)

  1. The place Fiona was sensing wrongness, is that where the first shockwave originated? – blocked
  2. The place Fiona was sensing wrongness, was there a member of the Cult of the Dragon Below with a mile of it, within a week of such and such date? – y
  3. When we get to it, will Fiona be able to sense it as magically interesting, without any particular investigation? – n
  4. Will other people? – n
  5. If Fiona were investigating the area, would she then notice it as magically interesting? – y
  6. Would other people? – y
  7. If we keep going in the same direction tomorrow as we were going today, will we be going toward it? – blocked
  8. Is it within the wood? – blocked
  9. Are we within one hex of the wrongness? – blocked
  10. Is there something noticeably interesting about the site of the wrongness to people who cannot sense magic? – y
  11. Is it likely to strike us as unnatural? – y
  12. When we find the wrongness, is there anything we can do to fix it with the knowledge, abilities, and equipment that we have (like without leaving the area)? – n
  13. If we fix it, will the people who caused it know right away that it has been changed? – n
  14. Will they likely know within a week? – n
  15. If we fix it, will that set back the plans of the group who did it? – sort of
  16. Will studying the wrongness likely given us an understanding, within a day, of what needs to be done to fix it? – y
  17. Is the goal of this group of magic users, something which the Gloves would disapprove of? – n

Find those magic users! (2/14/19)

  1. The group of magic users, do they worship an Evil god? – y
  2. A Lawful god? – n
  3. A Chaotic god? – n
  4. Do they worship Vecna? – n
  5. Nerull? – n
  6. Norgorber? – n
  7. Minor God 1? – n
  8. Minor God 2? – n
  9. Minor God 3? – n
  10. Urgathoa? – n
  11. Maglubiyet? – n
  12. A god I’ve never heard of? – n
  13. Many gods? – n
  14. Are they part of the Cult of the Dragon Below? – y
  15. Is this group, or was this group, based near the site of the first shockwave creation? – n
  16. Of the second? – n
  17. Is this a project of the Cult in general, rather than of this particular group of active participants? – n

And those people making shockwaves… (1/31/19)

  1. If we were to use a combination of teleporting around talking to people about the previous shockwave, divination both about the shockwave and the group creating it, and asking people about groups of powerful magic users, would there be any serious chance of gaining new and helpful information about either the origin of that shockwave or the group creating it? – y
  2. Would asking around among residents of Wynarn, looking for people who might have been traveling at the time, be likely to get us any triangulation for that origin? – y
  3. The group we’re looking for, are they known to the general populace in the area where they created the first shockwave? – yes and no
  4. Are they known to the general populace as a group, but not as a group of magic users? – y
  5. Are they known as a group of magic users to some set of elite? – n
  6. Are they known as a religious group? – y
  7. Are they known as a Chaotic religious group? – n
  8. Are they known to have left the area where they were based at the time of the first shockwave? – y
  9. Did they do the thing that caused the first shockwave within a mile of their known base of operations? – n
  10. Within 5 miles? – n
  11. 20? – n
  12. Are they known as a group to the settlement of people closest to the place where they caused the shockwave? – n
  13. The place where they caused the shockwave, is it known to the settlement closest to it as a special place? – n
  14. Is it magically or planarly aspected in a way which is obvious to a magic-user who is looking for that sort of thing? – y
  15. Is it known as such to the most local magic users? – n
  16. Did the group we’re looking for cause it to be this way? – n
  17. Are they known as a group which worships a specific god? – y

About that magic shockwave… (1/17/19)

  1. Are these shockwaves a direct effect of the realignment of the planes? – n
  2. Was the origin of this recent shockwave within 50 miles of Khorvaire? – blocked
  3. Was the origin of this shockwave the same as the origin of the last one we felt? – blocked
  4. Was the cause the same cause as the last one? – y (not resisted)
  5. Are these shockwaves directly related to the PN contest? – n
  6. Are they a side effect of some intended purpose or effect? – y
  7. If no one new interferes, will the shockwaves likely get stronger? – n
  8. Is the intended purpose or effect a purpose or effect that I would consider detrimental to either us or the world at large? – y
  9. Would teleporting around our hypothetical Cone of Origin asking people what direction the shockwave came from likely get us a decent idea of where to look for the origin? – n
  10. Would finding the origin likely help us find the cause? – y
  11. Is this caused by the actions of an individual? – n
  12. By a group of magic users? – y
  13. Is this group doing whatever causes the shockwaves in specific places because of some aspect of the places? – y
  14. Could we likely get a better idea of the origin by combining directional knowledge with knowledge of local places? – n
  15. Would teleporting around looking for direction likely gain us other useful information about this effect? – n
  16. Was the shockwave Mimo felt in fact coming from the protection? – blocked
  17. Is the group causing this effect a group which is known in the areas they’ve worked in? – yes and no

Ok, what now? (1/17/19)

  1. Would it be Dumb for Victor to talk to the Mournlands Guardians about his plans for fixing the Mournlands? – blocked
  2. Would talking to them about this make it significantly more difficult for him to execute his plans? – blocked
  3. The Good party that we recently heard of, does it contain a PN candidate? – n
  4. Does the party that Gilly travels with contain a PN candidate? – y (not resisted)
  5. Did the party of elemental aspected folk contain a PN candidate? – blocked
  6. The halflings who were asking about us before, do they have a PN candidate in their party, assuming that they are still a party? – blocked
  7. Do they mean us harm (specifically, not just that they would end up having to fight us if we met)? – blocked
  8. The Evil party we just heard about, do they have a PN candidate? – n
  9. Would it be possible for our entire party, including me, to meet the halfling party for parley, without triggering the ‘kill them or die’ scenario? – blocked
  10. Would it be Dumb to try to find out what we could about the halfling party from the people they asked about us? – n
  11. The Pillar which is not on this plane, is it on a plane which was well enough known at one time, to make it onto Lists of Known Planes? – y (resisted)
  12. On such lists, was it listed as inhabited? – blocked
  13. Was it listed as alignment-aligned? – y (resisted) [changed from n (resisted) on 28-May-2020 as errata]
  14. Was it listed as elementally-aligned? – n (resisted)
  15. Was it listed as having interesting magical traits? – y (resisted)
  16. Is it in List A that I know about? – y (resisted)
  17. Is it in List B that I know about? – blocked

Where art thou, Pillars? (1/10/19)

  1. Is there a Pillar in the dragon’s common archive, or one of them if there are multiple archives? – y
  2. Are there multiple dragon common archives? – differently blocked, more difficult – n
  3. The missing Pillar that was not taken by dragons: was it sent away deliberately? – n
  4. Was it moved by its own nature and/or the nature of the magics it was used for? – blocked
  5. Was its current location chosen by any sentient being or force? – blocked
  6. Is the current Xorn’s search pattern likely to lead it to gizdium within its allotted time? – n
  7. Would a search pattern starting from the northern edge of the range be more likely effective within the allotted time? – y
  8. Do the Xen’drick giants have the knowledge and ability to move a Pillar back where it belongs, if they are with the Pillar? – unclear
  9. Does moving a missing Pillar back to its previous location need to be done with specific magic? – y
  10. Does it need to be done with Rune Magic? – blocked
  11. Do the Xen’drick giants have planeshift abilities? – y
  12. Does any non-dragon person on this plane know the location of the Pillar that neither dragons nor giants have? – n

Now what? (1/10/19)

  1. Would tracing the history of the dragons during and just after the Dragon/Giant war be likely to lead us in a useful research direction which might likely hint at the locations of the Pillars? – n
  2. Would it likely lead to hints of one location? – y
  3. Is the Pillar not often visited by dragons often visited by some other people (where visiting is going within 5 miles, often is daily, and other creature doesn’t have to be the same people each day)? – n
  4. How about weekly? – y
  5. Are the people who tend to visit, aware of what they are visiting? – n
  6. In any given year, does anyone deliberately visit? – n
  7. Is there a settlement of people within 50 miles? – n
  8. Is it on a settled plane? – n
  9. Was the plane settled at the time the Pillar arrived? – blocked
  10. Were the locations chosen deliberately by a dragon or dragons? – n
  11. Would one or two Pillars likely help in finding the third? – blocked
  12. Is the gizdium in Aundair relatively easily reachable from any system or network of underground ways? – n
  13. Is it mostly in the eastern half of the Starpeaks? – y
  14. Is it mostly in the southern half? – n
  15. Is the area inside the northeastern quadrant of the Starpeaks likely to be dangerous to a solo roaming Xorn? – n
  16. Were the dragons in fact responsible for the missingness of the Pillars? – partly
  17. Were they completely responsible for the missingness of one Pillar? – y

Looking for a thread to pull… (1/3/19)

  1. If we stay here, and don’t poke anything, are we likely to get into a dangerous-to-us combat within the next week? – n
  2. The missing Pillars, are they together? – slip through block – n
  3. is one of them in Arganesson? – block holds
  4. The Item in Arganesson, is that a Pillar? – block holds
  5. Are the two Pillars on the same plane? – blocked – n
  6. Do any dragons know the locations of both Pillars? – y
  7. Are there any dragons who are, among dragons, not especially well known or respected, who know both locations? – n
  8. Are there any dragons, a significant part of whose life work is monitoring a Pillar? – n
  9. Are there any dragons who regularly monitor the Item? – n
  10. Is there a Pillar on a non-Prime plane? – blocked – y
  11. Is that plane an Outside plane? – blocked
  12. Is that plane an Elemental plane? – blocked – n
  13. Is that plane a Transitive plane? – blocked – n
  14. Is it another type of plane I haven’t asked about? – blocked – y
  15. On any given day, is it more likely than not, that there will be at least one dragon passing within 5 miles of each Pillar? – blocked – n
  16. Of one Pillar? – blocked – y
  17. Is there any information likely to be findable with the starting knowledge we have, in any of the libraries we’re familiar with, about what happened to the Pillars? – n

Ok, how about those giants… (12/20/18)

  1. If we were to destroy the Dragon Sword, would it have any repercussions beyond the current PN contest which we would deem significantly problematic? – n
  2. Would it likely gain us dangerous-to-us enemies who are not already our enemies? – n
  3. Would the designated library giant be annoyed by a non-giant using rune magic? – n
  4. Plan: Gilly sends a dream to the designated library giant, giving them detailed information about the sword, and proposing an alliance based on them giving us the info we need to destroy the sword, and us destroying it, thereby making it impossible for the dragons to acquire this powerful deadly dragon-related artifact, then Gilly follows up with a Farcasting asking for a peaceful meeting. Would this plan be Dumb? – n
  5. Would this plan, assuming successful casting, likely get us a meeting and/or information? – y
  6. Gizdium.

Where are those Keepers (12/6/18)

  1. Are the Keepers the mixed group by the lake of fire? – n
  2. Are they the Rakshasas? – n
  3. Knowing that we’re looking for such a group of Keepers of Knowledge, would these elves likely be able to point us to other elves who would know the Keepers we’re looking for? -
  4. clarifying question
  5. other clarifying question – the Rakshasas can point us to the Keepers of Knowledge
  6. Are these elves likely to be able to give us useful information about approaching the Rakshasas? – y
  7. If the Rakshasas are feeling helpful, and we ask for experts on ancient artifacts, will they likely identify the Keepers we are looking for? – y
  8. Is this a thing that the general population of Rakshasas would know? – n
  9. If we asked to talk to their Wise and Knowledgeable people, would they identify the person or people who would know of the Keepers we are looking for? – y
  10. Would it likely help us in our quest to extract information from the Rakshasa, to ask these wizard elves to tell us all they know about Rakshasa? – y
  11. Gizdium. 7 questions.

Where is that Dragon Sword (12/6/18)

  1. Are the Keepers of Knowledge Humanoid? – n
  2. Monstrous Humanoid? – n
  3. Are the Rakshasas likely to catch up with us in the next 2 weeks? – n
  4. Do the Keepers of Knowledge fluently speak a language that at least one member of our party speaks? – y
  5. Would the relevant Elves be likely to give us useful information about approaching the Keepers in addition to information about finding them? – y
  6. Would said Elves likely know who we are looking for, based on our calling them ‘Keepers of Knowledge’ and knowing that they live in the Demon Wastes? – sort of
  7. Is there more than one group that might reasonably be thought of this way by the Elves? – y
  8. Would each of these groups be able to direct us to the people who have information about destroying the Dragon Sword? – n
  9. Would these groups be able to direct us to each other? – y
  10. Do the Elves have an idea of which Keepers keep what sorts of information? – n
  11. Are we looking for the Keepers closest to the border? – n
  12. Are we looking for the smallest group of Keepers? – n
  13. The largest? – y
  14. Where are these Elves anyway (4 questions) -

Dragon Sword (11/29/18)

  1. Is the Dragon Sword likely to be found in the next month, if we do nothing about it? – blocked
  2. Is there still information we do not yet have about how to destroy the Dragon Sword, in the library in Wynarn? – n
  3. Do the giants on Xen’drick have such information? – y
  4. The ‘somewhere else’ where there is such information, south of the Hegemony: is it in the land of the gnomes? – n
  5. The land of the halflings? – n
  6. Is there any such information in Q’Barra? – n
  7. Is there information we do not already have, on destroying the Dragon Sword, in a place on this plane which is not Xen’drick? – y
  8. Is there such information in a place we know about (not know that it information is there, but know that this specific place exists)? – y
  9. Is there such information in a place we have been? – n
  10. On this continent? – y
  11. In the Shadow Marches? – n
  12. In the Demon Wastes? – y
  13. Any others on this continent? – n
  14. Is the location of this knowledge in the Demon Wastes affiliated in some way with the Keepers of Knowledge of whom we are already aware? – y
  15. Are they (at least largely) the same race? – n
  16. Do the elves who know about the Keepers of Knowledge, also know about the Keepers of Destructoknowledge? – n
  17. Do the Keepers know of them? – y

Star Chart

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