Writ of Submission

Sometimes within the Hegemony, a powerful person needs to be arrested. A high level person resisting arrest is a very dangerous situation. On the other hand, a party prepared to arrest a high level person who might resist arrest is also dangerous. Nervous people and hair trigger reactions have, in the past, lead to deaths even when no one was going to resist.

To minimize unnecessary injuries in such situation, the Writ of Submission was developed. The writ is very difficult to obtain, and details vary from city to city. For example, in Kirkata, the writ must be signed by the head of the judiciary from at least three of the four quarters (four of four is preferred) and a non-trivial sum of money is placed in escrow. This money is given to the targets of the writ, should it be determined that there was no probable cause.

The writ is served by multiple people. One person, wearing bright yellow robes, presents the writ and repeatedly shouts “writ of submission”. (Multiple people may fill this role if the suspect’s location is not precisely known and the party will arrive in multiple locations.) The rest of the group, generally invisible and highly buffed, restrain the target.

All those who can hear the cry are required to immediately stop what they are doing and slowly lay down. Any other action is considered a hostile response and grounds for an unrestrained attack on the target. Should the target die, that is considered regrettable but a consequence of his/hir resistance.

There are still occasional accidents, but it is general held that this system works better than what happened before it.


Writ of Submission

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