Atur is a large city in Karrnath, near the edge of the Hegemony. It is the last city of its size before one reaches the Chaotic Lands. There are often rumors about some chaotic threat to the city, but these rarely have anything behind them. (Or what is behind them is defeated without the public noticing.)

The population of the city was about 40,000 at the start of the campaign. This dropped by half or more during the demonic invasion, as many were killed and many more fled for safer places, and has since been recovering. As of real-time-Apr-2016, it is very roughly 25,000 (everyone has their hands full with matters that don’t involve accurate weekly censuses, so this could be off by several thousand).

Atur is divided into numerous districts. It is in the eastern region of Karrnath, near the Ironroot Mountains. While it lies quite close to Lake Dark, nearly all of its commerce is with the western cities over land routes.

Atur is also known as the City of Night. While it is reasonably active during the day, it is at night that it begins to come alive. Taverns fill up and street performers begin to perform. Entertainment, both high and low, thrives throughout the city.

Atur is ruled by Bailaine as the Lord Mayor. The position is appointed by Kiaus III, the king of Karrnath.

As is common throughout Karrnath, unintelligent undead are a common appearance. They are frequently used as guards or for simple manual labor.

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