Custom Magic Items

These items are approved.

Gloves of Elvenkind

Gloves of Reconaissance – The ‘on command’ is a standard action, but not verbal.

Healer’s Gloves

Mask of a Thousand Tomes

Sandals of the lightest step – If used during a charge, the restriction on changing direction still applies.

Soothsayer’s Raiment – It is limited to revelations with a requirement of oracle level of 6 or less. This may use a different base armor, but it only exists for one type of base armor.

This item can be upgraded like other magical armors. The “soothsayer” portions add a fixed 9k to the cost of the armor.

Spellguard Bracers

Tremor Boots

Ring of Foe Focus – Designating an enemy takes a standard action.

These items do not exist

Cockatrice Grit

Elixir of Repression

Fogcutting Lenses

Foresight Quill

Ghost Mask

Jungle Boots

Knowledge Pendant

Rod of Nettles ‘not as written. Maybe as Fort negates the Dex damage.’

Magic weapon and armor special abilities

Magic weapon and armor special abilities from Ultimate Equipment are generally OK, though Troy reserves the right to reject them.

These are specifically approved:

The +1 weapon special qualitites that have a thematically related +2 one with ‘Burst’ in the name may be crafted first as the +1 version, then upgraded to the +2 version. Examples: Flaming → Flaming Burst, Dispelling → Dispelling Burst.

Custom Magic Items

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