All characters may select two traits.. Cohorts do not get any.

The following additional feats are allowed.

Advanced Weapon Material Mastery
This is allowed. The Adamantine benefit reduces DR/- by 10 and overcomes other DR completely. Other material effects still need to be reviewed.

Dragonmark Feats
The dragonmark feats from the Eberron Campaign Setting are allowed. If you take such a feat, the location of the dragonmark on your body is up to you, but your character sheet must indicate where it is.

Dual Skill Focus [General]
You have improved yourself in multiple skills.
Benefit: Select two related skills. You a +2 bonus on both skills. If you have 10 ranks in either or both skills, the bonus for the corresponding skill(s) increases to +4
Special: This feat stacks with Skill Focus.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. You must select different skills each time. It does not stack with other feats that grant +2 to two skills, like Alertness.
Special: The definition of “related” is up to the GM, but most pairs will be approved. Unusual pairs (Climb and Knowledge: Arcana) will require a convincing explanation and/or backstory to indicate why they are related.

Item Creation Feats
See Experience and Wealth for more details about crafting items. If you spend less than 8 hours per day on an item, you only need to cast the spells once per 8 hours of work, not once a day. This mostly applies if you are crafting while travelling.

The following additional feats are disallowed:

Planar Wild Shape
Steadfast Personality
Wild Speech

The following feat does not exist:

Consecrate Spell

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