Positive Energy Plane

Konyotin gives the party information about Jyoti tales of previous attempts to interfere with the plane.

The Tale of Rovogug

During the age of demons, followers of Rovogug attempted to establish a series of temples on the positive energy plane. Some claim that this was to allow Rovogug a presence on the plane. Others that it was to predispose the immature souls to be followers of Rovogug. One version says that it would allow the Rough Beast to awaken and escape from the Dead Vault. Two stories claim that this is when Xotani became Rovogug’s herald. Two claim this is when Xotani was killed.

The giant’s tale indicates that Rovogug’s current herald, whose name is lost to time, died during the fighting. Xotani stepped up to fill his absence, and was able to reverse the impending disaster for Rovogug’s forces and winning that battle.

After Xotani became Rovagug’s Herald in the battle, the war went enough that the followers of Rovagug put some effort into building the temple. Significant progress was made, including an altar that should have formed a connection to Rovagug’s home. This connection did not form.

Opposition led by Zon-Kuthon and Desna followers.

The followers of Rovogug attempted to build a crystal city with major temple.

The Tale of the Traveler

During the age of monsters, followers of the traveler attempted to a crystal temple on the positive energy plane. Suspecting that this was a deception, major opposition did not arise initially, while efforts were focused on determining what the true thrust was. Eventually, a consensus was reached that this was the main thrust, at which point nearly every other deity joined forces to assault the construction. Paladins of Heironious fought alongside red dragons (and their powers were not revoked). The temple was eventually destroyed, although certain groups to this day still suspect that it was a distraction and the true thrust, which was never detected, was successful.

It is widely believed that the intent was to predispose souls towards the Traveler, although there was some evidence that they intent might have been to allow the Traveler access to the plane.

Two manasaputras appeared unsolicited to aid the forces fighting the traveler. Their advice was critical, even though they did not directly enter any of the battles.

Other info

Creation’s Forge is the source of immature souls.

Jyoti Creation Myth

This comes from the jyoti wizard. There are many variants of the myth, but this is the one the wizards think is closest to the truth.

Originally, the danava were intended to be the foundation on which the universe ran. However, they turned out to be too literal in their interpretation of the rules and were “removed”. After that, there was no form or structure on the Positive Energy plane. Erastil, Desna and Nerull brought the jyoti to the positive energy plane and showed them how to nurture the immature souls. They charged the jyoti with nurturing the souls for eternity.

Creation’s forge

Souls are created here and “flow” out in all directions. However, they eventually end up moving toward the jyoti cities.

Prophecies of Mark

Mark was an insane manasaputra who lived long ago. He uttered prophecies that are known to be true. There is a manu that they find Fildolungen, who tells the party.

  • When the darkest morning, a duel shall bring forth the age of life and support the return of pure heroes.
  • On wolves howl, the sword is broken and will cause peasants to take up arms and behold the return of original titans.
  • After milk turns to dust, two friends witness the beginning and cause the return of original titans.
  • Come green mist rises, two friends are bathed in light and activate the rise of lawlessness.
  • On tenebrous day, titans gather and cause that which cannot be
  • While fire burns green, the Keepers of the Shore battle and witness the return of original titans.
  • At the other end of the world, the three shall join with the one.
  • When the green lightning flickers, a broken promise shall mark the time of monsters and witness the return of the resistance.
  • As argent eve, a refusal shall bring forth the age of reason and history will be rewritten.

Previous Prophecies

  1. Come foxes weep, a broken promise shall mark the end age of science and the end of wealth.
  2. As the moon turns blue, the Protectors of the Stones challenge one another and cause the return of the Way.
  3. On the mountains move, two wise men grasp hands and activate the rise of green singers.

The kobold king of the Eldeen Imperium supported the work of of his alchemists and sorcerers, who were trying to create improved golems that were more powerful and self sufficient. It was rumored that he made significant progress and was creating an army of intelligent golems. A small but powerful group of catfolk and kitsune opposed this. On the night of the full moon, the army began to move out, lead by two mountain golems. The catfolk and the kitsune began a ritual opposing this. As the catfolk and kitsune nature mages formed a circle, they raised a thick hemisphere of water over the army, acting as a reservoir to hold the accumulating power. When the power was released, it had several effects.

  • It disrupted the functioning of the mountain golems, causing them to attack each other
  • Catfolk in the area where imbued with nature magic, which they used to attack the massed forces of the golem army. This power persisted in some who became the Greensingers sect of druids, a small, little known sect that still exists.
  • Unbeknownst to the kitsune mage, much of the power from the final surge drew on the racial power of the kitsune. Nearly all kitsune (including those in the ritual) were transformed into plain foxes. The race became nearly extinct and only small numbers exist to this day.
  • It is said that the catfolk mage knew this would happen, but felt that it would be worth the sacrifice to stop the golems.
  • The technology and the infrastructure behind the golem army was destroyed and the knowledge lost. The Imperium became a vast wilderness.

Positive Energy Plane

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